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Week 4 Strength of Materials Notes

by: Alyssa Notetaker

Week 4 Strength of Materials Notes ENGR 2530

Marketplace > Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute > ENGR 2530 > Week 4 Strength of Materials Notes
Alyssa Notetaker
GPA 3.665
Strengths of Materials
Professor A. Shahsavari

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About this Document

Strengths of Materials
Professor A. Shahsavari
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alyssa Notetaker on Monday September 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGR 2530 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute taught by Professor A. Shahsavari in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 17 views.


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Date Created: 09/28/15
I at 7 w 1 39 q I r r quot Lm i i 39I L39 Jar ma H1 W 9an 5 V 7 L T 42 J quot u I I 3 warin quota 1 11 gr 1U a g H IUIEJI 4U whit in half FED p 514 gr 1 LEE 39 39 f nquot E v 1 If 19131 3911 7411 0quot fr J 1 w a 39 7 I i r 39 r39 6 39 39 E 39N T quot 3 quot E 3 dw r m39ar 0 a1 1 C er If 7 39 39 J 19W 41 3r u rm a 3 r cffiifnr a n Ail0416 0 mm 03 ha lovtt310rf a39rm appath 413 uf Shm wrungV m ngr M mwa mHnw 1me eweh L msgvi w om f mam podv wd WHr d 1 u L AT S Lit LID x k 351 C V0332 fdiom Ejp mdf stmf quot 39 1 pimdm dig r mc C um Sammy Gd39fq wank F dnmme Warm M39p K 9 j j I XW mn Q 39 y 39 I A T L 39 i 1 i i i l I 1 I a T I I g 1 I l I I E 1 39 39o I L 51 rjge 9H 1 are w a 7 x L 5 39 t w 7 t i n w 39l i 1 39 1 u 39 1 39f 3 a a 1 1 A w l r I 3 1 7 9 i 7 i 1 I 3 I E 39I e 4 E 1 J L L Ix u39 u f t r I E f i I a i L z i 39 l H y H i u H a f 1 quot i quotk i r quotI E 1 u quotquotquotl quot1 quot5 r L E i i a q u i l 39 g 39 I j u ll E I I I E n 1 I i I39 l i I a i 39 r quot 1 l39quot F u 139l39 a 1 r I l 1 1 1 1 I I 39 1L 1 1 39 l J 13 3 7 L 7 IL T7 77 r i 4 7 r T qr 1 111 r r I m 7 M r J EJJ39 23 u I if diff ge I 39 quot5 l hrquot Cu Q V Vi T WI Y d 1993i aijru r quotmax 2 N39m Emmi Emah a T int 331i P E x n39 lf I 7 r a i 7 l WK i 39 1 GIIHBM1n 1 dm nf mzl ZIMQMaoWwH quot2 0 O M00 L100 T 39E UD 9 meam ppm6 drft gt L7 if 21 L Emmi J CNN EL 2 SB 311 l 7 r3 ding 1H mm digit 11 mm WILLLITITTTTTITTTTY39 I l w3 L 1LDWfrf 15m L I quot w 1 J h C wi I L j 11 b Cmm I 211 Mpg ii I I Ii f I x q quot1 51 L H h 39 3 1 I L w a ak h 539 at r w rI394 1 all r 14 Ei fHEiqg ES5 4 mini Z T i9 m0gtampq 11K 2MP01 ww M quot n 014 1 1 amij 5h0 Ci m5 H J Wr 7 l J E a I quoti j gin gu39thi quot2 Ir n K I a 3 71 39Niiiquot 391 J t 7 I39 7 i 7 I ED 1 quot ME 39 J E bf f w imp 5 d0 39 1 pm s F MUV R39rjrg 15 cm 7 02quot YHFT I s a I 3 WJUZZZl x 0 T F lr rDFT u 5 0 ii 15 TTquot MPquot if LRPWWWWBRRPPEEI anmwm N 7 L 3 3 Shall EF TEL 3 T1 TRIPm quot 0quot TL BU 7 mm 1 Amp Mum n S 7 7 2 39 95 r x X Cm 39 Til i v 1WD 2 EF quot MM I dirmun 3 h 2 lh 9 grpprppnp r y lg 139 l J a Lm 1 4 a MA aw I liv I H r 4 TV EMQEB Q EWO f moNmw 3 L r Wquot L203 quot1005 mm f I L Wxi r e 39 ai39 339 It RPq ohww m E lomb Ran5 69 21 mm T 1 Ohm 161 NW 3939 39 I933 a lanai WWquot Urqm quotr hat a n bf iiq IEW f 73 bNm OfZS j Iquot it UW lh thaw 0quot W C hor Sum 01 5 60 WCW r W39C UII M5 j 5 La Ifl39i39qr39 m manorqu Wad 5 OT 5 ka cm 3 it s er a cam q 53 xfi 39 Us Dim J i 395 3 an d 2 1 1 2 l L iffy 1 F It I I F 1 mg I I 7 ll 1 V I r I 1 w a I 39K gt RU F j ri 3 L f i d quoti A Q x 39 a 7 P M J 1 an r A I M R 1 1 q I r 1 39v JHIJurl i v I l Ed Y 1 I 39 grim Tl 91 W m m r 4 1 39 IIIV m E I l I 14 I J 1 39 L 5 w i l I WJ t hfwew g 259 r g quot an a f aw 92211 ag I got 9 ng i 35m Tm M79 w TELL 1 TED Eco mmmmmvnnnnvl 3P liij 39 a E 1 391 i f a M lwm Wm WK WW WM ii 39439031 w3 75gt JEJJLooma m m ELM WWUW HEW m manzw Ra 2 f f if a I xl ii 7 3 I ZIJA H ym H W on xwirg v01 1 EXf IkaE r5 i a 15 M 7 Mg mu F hx rd TW 1 a an 7 7 3 quotVquot Mam Kw m I T E L TUE J ih 039 Y 39 33915 5 Oak pf 4 E aquot MIN 1 quoti 9 H y L thquot M DL 39 Maw Uquotnan39mc r rfr39 WW Sham 13 111 m5 2 F1 LLB 2M1 D 3 T iquot I I H39in T E f b mwa ELL um 1 2 WW I m E 312 rwii m L YMUJ roLo GLFJZF th j j i if 39 L L kE WW II P l R 3quot 1 l39 l39 l l I JJJ JRM H c Q7951 i39 p s I L JunQM qf r Jimw wm 1r 39 i ha a 391 if I i 139 I I I a n 15M 3 033m 1 3cm 2 O 39 quot V f w fajJtc o SWUWW W Qh f Truman TH Lac BL L ITEZLLJEM ijTh39 Lat ICE PM I j P I T 1 9 1M i J l Km N m AH N 39v39H WW Mix SW A i W H CHEW HF Tn 113 L M Pa 1 i g 39F g I J I A Ir quota j 1 F PE39 I h J lquot 391 quot I 1 A 391 IVE 39 7 13 Jrquot Wm 39 E W H 1 I 39139 T a Er E 3 EL 2quotquot 4 U c n m I I W5 W4 w k f l l l l t k MLI39 39


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