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Chapter 4 - Whose Fault Is It?

by: KUMIKO Notetaker

Chapter 4 - Whose Fault Is It? G107

Marketplace > Republic Polytechnic > Social Science > G107 > Chapter 4 Whose Fault Is It
KUMIKO Notetaker
Effective Communication
Walter Lim

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About this Document

Hi guys! Hopefully my detailed note of lesson 4 is helpful for you!
Effective Communication
Walter Lim
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by KUMIKO Notetaker on Tuesday September 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to G107 at Republic Polytechnic taught by Walter Lim in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see Effective Communication in Social Science at Republic Polytechnic.


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Date Created: 09/29/15
ghapter 4 thie Fault Is It Noises 1 Physical Noise 0 It is interference in our environment 0 Can take place in the form of visual and spoken communication 0 For examples environment visual auditory factory kinaesthetic and taste like overly dim or bright lights spam and popup ads extreme temperatures and crowded conditions 2 Physiological Noise 0 A kind of distraction May be permanent or temporary For examples hunger fatigue headaches medication health age gender drunkenness giddy unwell pregnant and other internal factors 3 Psychological Noise Refers to views and values or a state of mind that affects how we communicate and interpret others Usually incorrect expectations or closemindedness Also refers to prejudice towards a certain group of people or an organization 0 For examples stereotypical views usually negative biases and preconceived notions 4 Semantic Noise Exists when words themselves are not mutually understood lnterferes with the interpretation of the message due to ambiguity in words phrases or symbols used in the transmission of the message 0 For examples jargons unnecessarily technical language words phrases symbols accents cultural in uence colloquial expressions slang and different languages Strategies to manage noise 0 Use the right or appropriate communication channel direct or indirect As often as possible speak facetoface Choose the right timing Use language that ts the audience Be speci c Be patient Be a responsible communication Understand others see things differently to you Get feedback from the receiver Have integrity and honesty in your communication Make it easy for others to listen to you Practice Questions 1 Identify the following questions by using the four type of noises a It was that black guy from the movie you and I saw yesterday b A student suffering from a migraine c Sally did not eat her breakfast or at least a snack before her class d quotOKquot symbol 39 39no h k Senior citizens or elderly who have trouble hearing will not be able to effectively hear someone who speaks in a normal tone and volume of vonce A classmate who talks loudly and distracts others around him A poster yer that is overcrowded with images and text This person is a slacker A colour blind person who has trouble identifying colours in a poster If you are preoccupied with a problem you may be inattentive at a team meeting The phrase quotbarking up the wrong treequot 2 Your friend from the New Zealand visits you in RP and orders a quot at whitequot at the North Canteen drink stall To his surprise the Englishspeaking drink stall attendant did not understand him a b Identify the type of noise that has occurred List the most appropriate action that your friend could have taken to ensure that his drink order was understood Learning Outcomes 1 Identify the different noises in communication 2 Explain how quotnoisequot or communication barriers affects communication 3 Explain how noise can be reduced in order to facilitate a speci c communication Need answers Feel free to drop me an email 15043445 myrpedusg


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