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Sept 22 and 24

by: Lane christopher

Sept 22 and 24 POLI 316 001

Lane christopher
GPA 3.36
Comparative Politics
Dr. Lanz

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About this Document

Comparative Politics
Dr. Lanz
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lane christopher on Tuesday September 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLI 316 001 at University of South Carolina taught by Dr. Lanz in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 56 views. For similar materials see Comparative Politics in Political Science at University of South Carolina.


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Date Created: 09/29/15
Sept22 Lecture Nine British Politics 1 British Party System 1 Responsible Party Govt 2 Party is the center of Politics 1 more so than the individual that is the head of the party 2 This is the case for all parliamentary system 2 The Executive Government 1 PM plus the Cabinet is the government 2 Shadow Government 1 opposition party the leader and the key figures that would be the cabinet 3 Head of State and Chief of State 1 Head of State represents the people Crown 2 Chief of State Prime Minster 4 Cabinet Advisors plus heads of depts 3 Legislature Judiciary Parliament 1 Upper House House of Lords some famous people sometimes 1 they review and delay legislation 2 Lower House House of Commons 1 more power here 3 No confidence vote vote of no confidence 1 in the house of commons the party has the power to call a no confidence vote 2 done to discipline the government 3 New election so they can elect a new prime minister 4 PM can call early elections 1 5 year terms normally no limits 5 Speaker of The House 6 iron lady Margaret thatcher 4 Future Trends 1 what is the fate of the crown and house of lords 1 always a movement to oust the royalty 2 economic reform 1 English industry has become the loser since WW2 2 heavily in debt 3 London is still the center of the world in banking 4 Should britain join the EU 5 Immigration 6 Educa on Sept24 1 Britain and France 1 Differences 1 France is much more ideological than practical 2 France had more abrupt change and violent 1 no more kings and queens 2 france has had five different republics 3 Role of the intellectual is greater in politics and society in France 4 French exceptionalism 1 they believe they are the model of revolution 2 s Me 2 E nman es 1 relative stability over time since internal wars 1 model democracies 2 World Powers 2 Rise of France 1 9th 19th century they were the leading power of Europe 2 French Revolution 17891799 3 Ancient Regime 1 clergy and aristocracy then they turned into bourgeoisie 2 peasants then turned into the proletariat 4 Reign of Terror 1 Robes Pierre 2 Targeted clergyaristocratspeasants 1 peasants are resistant to change 5 Napoleon emerges afterwards and becomes Emperor 1 Napoleonic Wars 17991815 2 takes revolution to all of Europe 3 took idea of secularism and liberalism to Europe by warfare 4 succeeded most in Germany 1 would lead to the Confederation of the Rhine 5 created and promoted nationalism 6 secularism democracy 3 The French State 1 HBKMcmWngeandcompbx 2 very central lost of bureaucracy 3 Absolutism 1 aristocrats relied on the crown for protection 1 mostly from the Germans 2 Catholic Church allied itself with crown in response to Reformation 4 French lnteectuals 1 Enlightenment 1 Voltaire 2 Rousseau 3 to overcome the Dark Agesquot 4 intellectuals can reshape society 5 range from right to left comes from French Revolution 2 Romanticism response to Enlightenment 1 early 19th century 3 Existentialism postmodernism 1 20th century


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