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Notes 1

by: Harley Dinetz

Notes 1 NSD

Harley Dinetz
Medical Nutrition Therapy
Jane Uzcategui

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About this Document

Medical Nutrition Therapy
Jane Uzcategui
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Harley Dinetz on Tuesday September 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to NSD at Syracuse University taught by Jane Uzcategui in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 25 views.


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Date Created: 09/29/15
The United States Health Care 09012015 Obesity 0 An obese child has 80 percent chance of becoming an obese adult 0 Diabetes the leading cause of kidney failure Gestational diabetes n It can create high birth weight Kidney failure Stroke Hype engon Amputation 0 Heart disease The different types of registered dieticians A public health RD to look at program planning such as school lunches to reduce obesity 0 A corporate wellness RD To create good nutrition habits and screening for health risks that are happening in a preventative measure 0 A bariatric RD They work with physicians for medical management of obesity 0 A maternal and child health RD To reduce childhood obesity 0 A certi ed diabetes educator To help patients manage medications and blood levels 0 They teach patients how to carbohydrate count especially in children to have a long healthy life 0 A rehab RD To help learn how diet problems after amputation o A nutrition support dietician to help children and infants in the intensive care unit 0000 The nutrition support clinicians A feeding tube into the nose down the stomach into the small intestine A more permanent feeding tube can be placed in the esophagus or a gastrostomy which is directly into the stomach and it could also be directly into the intestine 0 Parental nutrition When the gastrointestinal tract doesn t work so it is direct IV treatment of direct nutrients into the blood stream 0 A high rate of infection Specialized diets O Celiac Disease The factors affecting provision of medical nutrition therapy 0 Money The registered dieticians are being paid as much as there supposed to be 0 Professional standards and expectations 0 State laws and regulations 0 Evidence based practice guidelines The nutrition care process 0 Screening and referral Apply nutrition care process 0 O O 0 Nutrition assessment Nutrition diagnosis Nutrition intervention Nutrition monitoring and evaluation The economics of the United States medical care 0 Health insurance before the Affordable Care Act 0 O O 0 It was generally provided by employers with employee contribution Medicare elderly Medicaid poor SCHIP Children To have well child checks Military The uninsured Now people who don t have employee sponsored health insurance or Medicare are supposed to purchase insurance from providers The network companies 0 126 dollars a month for an individual 0 400 dollars a month for a family 0 2540 dollar copay at doctor appointment The reimbursement for medical nutrition therapy The largest payer for medial nutrition therapy services is Medicare The limited medical nutrition therapy services are reimbursable under Medicare Part B insurance Medical diagnosis lCD9 Code for which medical nutrition therapy will be paid for by Medicare 250 Diabetes mellitus 5853 Chronic kidney diagnosis stage 3 5854 chronic kidney diagnosis stage 4 5855 Chronic kidney diagnosis post kidney transplant and the dialysis medical nutrition therapy series are covered under a different category of Medicare The billing codes are the CPT codes that are billing codes for Medicare and Medicaid 0 97802 Initial assessment and intervention 0 97803 The assessment and plan of treatment 0000 The steps to becoming a Medicare Provider To obtain a national provider identi cation number Apply and become national provider identi cation Requirements to become a Medicare provider Credentials Must bill Medicare using ICD10 and CPT codes Must have a HIPPA policy Many required elements of medical record documentation 0 Must bill using current approached forms 0 Need referring medical doctors medical provider number 0 The limit for billing 12 months The code of ethics for the profession of dietetics o Fundamental principles to conduct ourselves with honesty integrity and fairness support and promote high standards of professional practice 0 The dietician withdraws from practice when unable to ful ll professional duties and responsibilities to clients and others 0 The dietician recognizes and exercises professional judgment within the limits of his and her quali cations and collaborates with others seeks counsel and makes referral an appropriate 0 The dietician protects patient con dentiality o The dietician is alert to the occurrence of real or potential con ict of interest and take appropriate action 0 The dietician permits use of his and her name for certifying that services have been rendered only if they have provided or supervised the provision of services 0 The dietician demonstrates respect for the values rights knowledge skills of colleagues and other professionals The registered dietician standards of practice 0 Nutrition assessment 0 Nutrition diagnosis 0 Nutrition intervention 0 Nutrition monitoring and evaluation The state laws of practice Licensure it de nes and protects a scope of practice 0 The only people who can do dietetics and licensed registered dietician 0 Certi cation protects a title 0 The only people who call themselves certi ed are those ho have completed the requirements for the certi cation Other health professionals interdisciplinary teams Medical doctor and osteopathic oloctor Nurse Pharmacist Occupational therapist Speech language pathologist Social worker


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