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History of Architecture 2-week 5

by: Kayla Schmidt

History of Architecture 2-week 5 ARCH - 20112 - 001

Marketplace > Kent State University > Architecture > ARCH - 20112 - 001 > History of Architecture 2 week 5
Kayla Schmidt
GPA 3.6
Elwin C. Robison (P)

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About this Document

History of Architecture 2-week 5
Elwin C. Robison (P)
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kayla Schmidt on Tuesday September 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARCH - 20112 - 001 at Kent State University taught by Elwin C. Robison (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see HISTORY OF ARCHITECTURE II in Architecture at Kent State University.

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Date Created: 09/29/15
Kayla Schmidt History of Architecture 2 9 29 15 4 portions for the exam 0 Sketch 0 Short answer 0 Essay 0 Gothic 0 Multiple choice Medieval Houses and Castles Caernarvon Castle Wales 12831327 Maison du Jaques Coeur Bourges 144253 Caernarvon Castle Wales 1283 1327 Isak I I W A Town 39 Town wan Wall TOWN N s e lllll lllllllllllllNllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll l lllllllllllllllllllll 1 no I zz4 Wm 1 a E 395 J I V a v I I H llllilllun lllilllllllllllllmlw I 6 Watchtower E Postem I WELL 2 Well 7 Cistern Tower B Queen39s F Site of DEWbridge 3 Prison 8 Black C Postern never built 4 Granary 9 Chamberlain D Site of Watergate 5 North East 10 Queen39s never built 0 Towe rs at i nte rsecti on of the wall 0 Ce nte rke epplace of refuge 0 Tall walls for protection 0 Stepped parapetfor bows and arrows to be launched from Maison du Jaques Coeur Bourges 144253 SOURCE Fapnl by Paulo JuanWan ND Kayla Schmidt 0 Jaques Coermerchant classtransformed Europe 0 Gothic style 0 Residentialenvironment o Exception big windows with glass in them Westminster Hall London 0 Masonry walls 1037 o Hammerbeam trusses 1393 by Hugh Herland 0 English element 0 Decorative purposes not really structural Kayla Schmidt 0 quotA Hammerbeam roof is a decorative open timber roof truss typical of English Gothic architecture and has been called quotthe most spectacular endeavor ofthe English Medieval carpenterquot 0 Meeting hall 0 Rafte r quotone of several internal beams exte ndingfrom the eaves to the peak ofa roof and constituting its framework 0 Horizontal plane relevant to the slope pearlen San Geminiano Italy 0 Florence Italy 0 Tower Houses 13th and 14th century 0 Defensive towers o 22 towers in Florence Bastides Towns in Europe 0 The wars crusades and inquisition which suppressed the so called Albige nsian Heresy slaughtered thousands o Bastide townfrom old French built town Monpazier 1284 0 Rural locations 0 Residential communities 0 Grid system Kayla Schmidt Piazza del Campo Siena Italy o Townhall located in the center 0 Symbol is the tower 0 Shallow slope topography Doges Palace Venice 130924 kudgklb 0 Gothic Style 0 Sits in Mud flaps in a bay 0 Defensible o Lightweight construction Ca d Oro Venice c 1430 Kayla Schmidt 44 m 0 Grand Canalrealestate o Can tget lightand air in building 0 Buildinglotislongand thin 0 Ground floorthen 1st flooropposite of US 0 Facade openedto create window area 0 quotThe Golden House 0 Long thin rooms 0 Normally building is smashed up against one another 0 Arielview ofVenice O o 0 Merchant access Renaissance o Fillipo Brunelleschi 0 13771446 0 SMaria del Fiore 1417 o Ospedale degli nnocenti 1419 Kayla Schmidt 0 San Lorenzo 1421 o ClickerquizzwhatdidBrunelleschi detail 0 Answer One point perspective SMaria del Fiore 1417 Hibii j quot 39 I mm 395 N quot31 139quot l K y 1quot new N39 quot39 u39 Hawmini naerm o Innerdome and outer dome 0 Created building and then create dome 1471 s date of construction I Kayla Schmidt A grid of interlocking stones hugs the dome like the hoop of a barrel The crossbeams form a line on the facade Inside a wood ring is visible More stone rings may be hidden higher up Level 4 To reach the lantern modem visitors climb stairs between the landings at these levels


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