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Chapter 4: Sport in the Global Marketplace

by: Holly Ciampaglio

Chapter 4: Sport in the Global Marketplace SPTE 201 001

Marketplace > University of South Carolina > Physical Education > SPTE 201 001 > Chapter 4 Sport in the Global Marketplace
Holly Ciampaglio
Introduction to Sport and Entertainment Management

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About this Document

These notes include a combination of lecture and textbook notes.
Introduction to Sport and Entertainment Management
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Holly Ciampaglio on Tuesday September 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPTE 201 001 at University of South Carolina taught by in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Sport and Entertainment Management in Physical Education at University of South Carolina.

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Date Created: 09/29/15
Chapter 4 Sport in the Global Marketplace International Games Hurling Ireland 0 Cricket Great Britian Gaelic Football Ireland Handball European Countries Sepak Takraw Southeast Asia 0 Rugby US Worldwide Sport Organizations IOC FIFA FIBA Rugby World Cup 0 Cricket World Cup 0 NBA NHL MLB NFL o global interconnections and interdependence positive and negative outcomes 0 import by nonamericans of products images practices technologies and behavior that are closely associated with Americans 0 Media entities play a vital role in disseminating sport nationally and internationally News Corporation One of the most aggressive media properties across the globe Reaches 3 quarters of the world population across 6 continents quotSport generates unparalleled viewer loyalty in all markets across the globequot Rupert Murdoch Basic Theories in Globalization Debate 0 quotGlobalization is an empirical condition of the modern worldquot John Tomlinson 0 Global Sport Managerworking in foreign market requires understanding of differences to make decisions that are pro table and ethical Basic Theoretical Frameworks Global Homogenization countires cultures etc are similar or in the process of becoming similar gt Nikes gt McDonalds gt Starbucks Global Heterogenization attempt to be different not less gt Geographic tie to teams gt Rejection of other cultures Global Hybridity elements of both the same and different McDonaldization gt Calculability emphasizes the quantitative aspects of products and services over their quality gt Predictability assurance that products and services will be the same over time in any location gt Control both customers and workers controlled by systems of rational management gt Efficiency an optimum method to get from one point to another 0 characterized by information technologies and networked offices rather than coal or steam power o related to commodi cation involving the inscribing of meaning to a particular product 0 attaching symbolic meaning and brand identity via marketing and branding Global Sportrelated OrganizationsCareers Amateur AthleticsGoverning Bodies Olympic recognized sport federationspositions in coordination management and promotion of Olympic competition and development around the world Collegiate Athletic Directors and AssistantsManagers of equipment facilities fundraising etc NonGovernmental Organizations related to some Olympic organizations Government Sanctioned Sport Commissions Ex Institution of quotThe White House Of ce of Olympic Paralympic and Youth Sportquot Convention and Visitor39s Bureaus leadership positions in sales and marketing event managers tourism promotion Youth Sport Organizations High School Sport Administration Corporate ManagementMarketing Corporate Sponsorship positions dealing with partnership marketing brand management and development with large corporations Adverting Marketing Every country where sport exists there is a need for advertisingmarketing for leagues teams sponsors products and services Professional Services support in the form of nancial legal and info technology services to maintain pro table operations Sport Media Electronic Digital Media development of websites online communications and new media to reach target consumers Broadcast Print Workers involved in the production of sport information products FacilitiesEvents ArenaStadium Management maintenance of the facility and event operations to a professional company EventFacility Development Creating managing and promoting events to maximize pro t and customer satisfaction 0 Sporting GoodsConsumer Products Product Promotion Distribution management positions dealing with contractual saes Product MarketingAdvertising marketingadvertising for individual products brands or retail outlets


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