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World Regions Geog 102 Week 6 Lecture Notes

by: Devonee Shearer

World Regions Geog 102 Week 6 Lecture Notes 102

Marketplace > West Virginia University > Geography > 102 > World Regions Geog 102 Week 6 Lecture Notes
Devonee Shearer
GPA 3.95
World Regions
Bradley Richard Wilson (P)

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About this Document

Day 9/22 - watched a movie on 9/29 Happy Studying! Hope they help!
World Regions
Bradley Richard Wilson (P)
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Devonee Shearer on Tuesday September 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 102 at West Virginia University taught by Bradley Richard Wilson (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 148 views. For similar materials see World Regions in Geography at West Virginia University.

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Date Created: 09/29/15
World Regions Lecture Notes92215 Chapter 4 Europe Oct 7Panel Review 0 Values of the Super national governments 0 Oil spills o Treaties NATO UN etc o Protecting the environment Topics 0 The European Union Current Geographic Issues 0 Important transitions in Europe resulting from 0 Fall of Soviet Union 0 Rise of European Union The EU A Rising Superpower Post WWII o Desire for econ and social integration 0 Free flow of goods and people Counterbalance to US 0 Creditor to US 0 Trading Partner 0 Long term potential Steps in Creating the EU 0 European Economic Community EEC 1958 0 Belgium Luxembourg Netherlands France Italy and W Germany 0 Eliminated tariffs mutual trade and cooperation 0 New members joined thru 1990s 0 1992 EEC gt European Union quotEUquot 0 More than and economic policy EU 0 Non Members 0 Switzerland Norway 0 Neutral role Candidate Countries 0 Albania Iceland Montenegro Serbia Turkey former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia EU Membership 0 Standards for EU Membership 0 Political stability amp democratically elected govt 0 Constitution in accordance with EU standards 0 Functioning EU Governing Institutions 0 European Parliament 0 Represents and is elected by EU citizens o seats pop size 0 Council of the EU 0 Represents the gov39ts of the individual member countries 0 Includes range of appointed members Acts with parliament to create legislation 0 European Commission 0 Represent the interests of the Union as a whole 0 Each EU member state gets one commissioner 0 Like Executive branch Economic Integration and a common currency 0 Joined European national economies into a common market Bene t from quotEconomies of Scalequot 0 Average cost of producing something fails a the volume of its output increases 0 Promote commerce Reduces con ict 0 Creating currency creates economic growth and stability 0 Protection Economies of Scale 0 Larger Market amp Larger pro ts 0 The EU economy Common Currency 0 Of cial Currency Euro 0 Used by 19 EU countries 0 greater voice in EU econ policies 0 Not used by UK Denmark and Sweden 0 GDP is 30000 dollars lower than US 0 One of the preferred currencies of international trade and nance Immigration and Migration Needs and Fears 1995 Schengen Agreement 0 Free movement of people and goods across border Facilitated trade employment tourism and migration EU 0 Migration from poor eastern European countries to richer western European countries Territorial border Tring to reduce restriction between the European countries Increased flow of people crossing borders Debate of why people are leaving their home countries If they arrive to EU states they have a right to request asylum rights came into effect during WWII States are concerned on how to provide assistance to the migrating people Greece and Italy are burdened because they are countries of entry for migrants Reading the Media People wouldn39t be coming if they didn39t have to It39s a desperate situation they aren39t trying to take advantage of our economy Music makes us feel sympathy Crisis is urgency Identity crisis gt not so much securing borders trying to preserve the difference between quotyou and mequot International Rights Apply to be a refugee o 10 years 0 Illegal Asylum Seeker 0 Legally obligated to have a hearing in which a person can become a refugee if selected in favor of the person 0 Legal


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