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week 5 notes py 365

by: Helen Hardin

week 5 notes py 365 PY 365

Helen Hardin
GPA 2.8
Psychology of Aging
Forrest Scogin

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About this Document

these are the notes from week 5 in py 365
Psychology of Aging
Forrest Scogin
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Helen Hardin on Tuesday September 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PY 365 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Forrest Scogin in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Psychology of Aging in Psychlogy at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 09/29/15
PY 365 Forrest Scogin WEEK 5 NOTES Longevity Health and Functioning Longevity Average 0 Average life expectancy 0 Increasing 0 Maximum 0 Maximum life span 0 Oldest age to which a species lives 0 120 years for humans 0 Active 0 Living to a healthy old age independently O Dependent 0 After losing independence 0 Life expectancy at birth 0 Years you Will most likely live from birth 0 Life expectancy at a specific age 0 Additional years you can live from certain age 0 Oldest person ever lived 0 Jeanne Calment 122 years born in 1875 France 0 Genetic and environmental factors affect longevity O Strongest length of parents life 0 Health behaviors lifestyle toxins ses I Health behaviors smoking weight sleep diet exercise screening medication adherence 0 Sex differences 0 Women and men 7 years Health and Illness Health 0 State of complete physical mental and social wellbeing Illness 0 Presence of a physical or mental disease or impairment Acute diseases 0 Colds u food poisoning Chronic diseases 0 Last at least 3 months 0 Diabetes osteoarthritis 0 Leading causes of death 0 Hearth disease 0 Cancer Stress and coping 0 Physiological state 0 Prolonged exposure results in damaging of the sympathetic nervous system 0 Cortisol 0 Effects on health 0 Stress lowers the immune s system ability to fight off viral infections 0 Increases risk of atherosclerosis arteries Which leads to strokes and heart attacks 0 Systemic in ammation 0 Handling stress is a balancing act Stressor 0 Agent condition or other stimulus that causes stress 0 Appraisal I Coping 0 Dealing With stress 0 Problemfocused I Making a plan and taking action 0 Emotionfocused I Expressing anger I Stressful events 0 HolmesRahe life stress inventory I Life events scale I EX death of spouse death of family member retirement I Coping strategies 0 Past experiences 0 Religiousspiritual coping Functional health limitations 0 Activities of Daily Living ADLs 0 Basic selfcare 0 Daily function tasks 0 Bathing eating walking 0 Instrumental Activities of Daily Living IADLs O Require cognitive competence O Paying bills taking medications shopping planning 0 Medication use 0 Polypharmacy I Use of multiple medications at one time I Dangerous I Difficult With older adults I Multiple doctors complicate this Caused of limitations 0 Cerebrovascular disease Arthritis Smoking Drinking Inactivity Depression Social isolation Poor health OOOOOOO Person environment interactions Models of personenvironment interactions Kurt LeWin conceptualized personenvironment interactions BfPE Behavior B is a function of both person P and environment E Applied to older adults Competence and environmental press model 0 Competence 0 Environmental press I Physical interpersonal social demands put on people 0 Adaptation O The less competent the more impact from the environment Housing longterm care People over 65 most likely live in the community not in institutions Most want to stay home Aging in place Problems because houses aren t built for older people Recent decline in nursing home residence Communicating With older adults 0 Do not I Patronize I Infantilize I Use inappropriate use of first name I Use terms of endearment I Assume impairment I Cajole to demand compliance


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