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Class 7 Lecture Notes (Modernization Theory)

by: Lauren Notetaker

Class 7 Lecture Notes (Modernization Theory) POLC 2300

Marketplace > Tulane University > Political Science > POLC 2300 > Class 7 Lecture Notes Modernization Theory
Lauren Notetaker
Introduction to Comparative Politics
Professor Mark Vail

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About this Document

Here are my notes from class 7. They discuss post-war prosperity and the modernization theory. Hope this helps!
Introduction to Comparative Politics
Professor Mark Vail
Class Notes
modernization theory, modernization, post-war, WWII, europe, u.s.
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lauren Notetaker on Tuesday September 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLC 2300 at Tulane University taught by Professor Mark Vail in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 85 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Comparative Politics in Political Science at Tulane University.


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Date Created: 09/29/15
Class 7 Lecture Notes 4 PostWar American Optimism and Birth of New Paradigm All good things go together US optimism gt success in WWII progress worldwide gt opennesspossibility USSR contrast to US CapitalismDemocracy seen as optimal future A Geopolitical Sources killed FascismNazism America thought they rescued Europe kind of true gt gave American s con dence notion of invincibility gt American Dominance Cold War containment US responsible for preventing the spread of Communism USSR seen as antimodel Economic Sources annual economic growth increases unemployment low US as a bene ciary gt seen as source of European prosperity gt not actually true Marshall Plan gave Europe aid gt helped but not cause of growth 1917 18 and 1945 America seen as saving Europe Europe changes to free markets and democracy in uenced by America Capitalism and democracy go together gt all good things go together not always though 11 PostWar Prosperity and PoliticalEconomic Development Rejection of Marxism idea of exploitation and class con ict however postwar prosperity proved otherwise capitalism seen as opportunityprosperity new conception gt get richer mentality if destroyed postwar Europe could do it then Latin America Africa and outer underdeveloped countries can also do it universal solution to problems American Democracy and Capitalism Birth of Modernization Theory Alliance for Progress USAID US aid for international development 111 Modernization Theory 39 theory applied to third world countries underdeveloped developing premise progress is inevitable gt progressmodemization led to looking like US 39 advanced certain politicaleconomic social ideas for change A Staged Conception of History 39 argued that modernization and progress occurs through stages kind of similar to Marx 39 stages lead to prosperity unlike Marx s thoughts of negativity B Dichotomous View of Change 39 countries either are backwards or modern gt categories 39 ex urban V rural developed V undeveloped 39 good BUT can put country into wrong category ex Nazi Germany 39 creates stark and misleading categories C Notion of Inevitable Progress 39 rationally not bound by restrictions capable of selfimprovement and rationality will eventually realize desirability of modern institutions and move towards modernity 39 postwar optimism D Interconnectedness of All Aspects of Change 39 social political an economic mutually reinforcing 39 liberal democracy and capitalism got together there is a lot of evidence to prove modernization theory was correct IV Limitations to Modernization Theory 39 some countries advanced in one way but not the other ex Nazi Germany advanced economically but not socially 1 No Mechanism of Change why do countries change 2 No explanation of Institutional Differences Democracy but no parliament 3 No explanation of Different RateProcess of Change 4 Empirical Counterexamples tradition and modernity can mutually exist Definitions 1 Containment policy preventing the spread of Communism in Europe 2 Marshall Plan US funding to countries in Europe after WWII 3 Modernization Theory used to explain process of modernization within society 4 USAID provide assistance for development around the world 5 Alliance for Progress aimed to establish economic cooperation between America and Latin America


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