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Ch. 2 Challenges of Managers

by: Ashlie Meckley

Ch. 2 Challenges of Managers Mana 3318

Ashlie Meckley
Management Organizational Behavior
Janice Baldwin

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About this Document

Class notes and book notes with book definitions.
Management Organizational Behavior
Janice Baldwin
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashlie Meckley on Tuesday September 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Mana 3318 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Janice Baldwin in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see Management Organizational Behavior in Business, management at University of Texas at Arlington.


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Date Created: 09/29/15
Ch 2 Challenges of Managers Lecture Dates September 9th to September 14th 0 Four Challenges of Managers 0 Globalization a Company sells its product or service outside its borders b Manufactures products outside national borders Changes in borders leads for want of boundless markets every nation can buy from all nations ibarriers are Cuba amp North Korea Cuture and religious differences Level of income Mutinationa Organization Operate in more than 1 country TransnationalOrganization Def organization in which the global viewpoint supersedes national issues a Managers make decisions on world perspective b Wants to be in every nation Chanoe in Global Market Place Opening of Chinese market Creation of the EU European Union Estabishment of NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement APEC Asia Paci c Economic Community Def Guanxi Chinese practice of building networks for social exchange Hofstede s Dimensions Individualism Collectivism Def people belong to loose social Def individuals belong to tightly knit frameworks and their primary social frameworks and depend concern is for themselves and their strongly on extended families or families clans lnterest family personal Group welfare harmony loyalty and responsibility freedom unity High Power Distance Low Power Distance 0 8055 has more power Def Power Distance degree to which 39Tites carry status culture accepts unequal distribution No fraternizing with lower employees of power lnequaity dimensioned Empoyees and supervisors communicate W W Concerned with security Def Uncertainty Avoidance degree to 39AV0id COH iC E which a culture tolerates ambiguity Consensus on everything and uncertainty Japan Risk More tolerant of differences Masculinity conservative Femininity Liberal Def assertiveness and materialism Def relationships and concern for are valued others are valued Assertive and decisive Relationships quality life High performance amp achievement environment Longterm Orientation Shortterm Orientation Def Time Orientation culture values 3 to 12 months are oriented toward the future or lsh times 7ish 630ish towards the past and present 510 years US is moving gt Def Expatriate Manager works in country other than home country Manaoino a diverse workforce Def Diversity all forms of difference among individuals including culture gender age ability religion personality social status and sexual orientation Change in ethnicity in workforce Gender Equal pay law Now women still 70 as much as men Def Glass Ceilino transparent barrier that keeps women from rising above a certain level in organizations Age Ability or Disability 0 Ethics Consequential Theory Def Consequences as result of behavior Right and wrong determined from consequences 0 Rule Based Theorv Def Character of the act itself rather than its effect Morality from rule doc Character Theory Def Character of individual and intent and virtues instead of character of act itself or its consequences Oroanizationallustice Dueproce55 know charge and can appeal Def Distributive lustice fairness of outcome that individual receives in an organization 0 Def Procedural lustice fairness handled in house to tell their side of the story Def WhistleBlower employee who informs authorities of the wrongdoings of her or his company or coworkers Def Social Resoonsibilitv obligation of an organization to behave ethically in its social environment Technoloov Def intellectual and mechanical processes used by an organization to transform inputs into products or services that meet its goals lncrease employee skills not just match Problem to Company Expensive changing rapidly Ex internet Def exoert svstem computer based application that uses a representation of human expertise in a specialized eld of knowledge to solve problems Def robotics use of robots in organizations Problems to Employees New tech less jobs Not enough training and not keeping employees involved lob Desion Telecommuting o Electronically transmitted work from home 0 Pros employees like 0 Cons Not work all hours supposed too 0 Satellite Of ces 0 Smaller offices out of bigger ones so they are closer to employees 0 Cons business cost up more managers 0 Virtual Of ces o only existing on web no physical address 0 controversial due to legality Wiki leaks personal information Cant serve the web legal documents Lawyers want geographical physical location open and staffed during business hours for all businesses Def Reinvention creative application of new technology


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