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Ch 4 Attitudes, Emotions, and Ethics

by: Ashlie Meckley

Ch 4 Attitudes, Emotions, and Ethics Mana 3318

Marketplace > University of Texas at Arlington > Business, management > Mana 3318 > Ch 4 Attitudes Emotions and Ethics
Ashlie Meckley
Management Organizational Behavior
Janice Baldwin

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About this Document

Class notes and book notes including book definitions.
Management Organizational Behavior
Janice Baldwin
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashlie Meckley on Tuesday September 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Mana 3318 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Janice Baldwin in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Management Organizational Behavior in Business, management at University of Texas at Arlington.


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Date Created: 09/29/15
Ch 4 Attitudes Emotions and Ethics Lecture Dates September 16th to 21st Attitudes 0 Def Psychological tendency by evaluating with degree of favor or disfavor 0 Environment 0 Bad attitudes effect work 0 ABC Model Affect measured by psychological indicators Def emotional aspects Behavior Intent Measured by observation lntentions Certain way to behave around people Coonition 0 Measured by attitude scales Perception of beliefs 0 Coonitive Dissonance Def Tension when experiences con ict between attitudes and behaviors o Formed Direct Experiences 0 Ex kid touching hot stove Social Learning 0 Def Learning from others 0 Ex immediate family peers religious groups culture 0Greatest in uence parents and teachers 0 WorkAttitudes I lob Satisfaction 0 Def Positive emotional state from ones appraisal of one s job or experience Organizational Citizenship Behavior OCB 0 Def behavior that is above and beyond the call of duty Workplace Deviance Behavior 0 Def voluntary counterproductive behavior that violates organizational norms and causes some degree of harm to organizational functioning Organizational Commitment 0 Def strength of an individual39s identi cation with an organization 0 How loyal is the employ to the company 0 Affective Commitment 0 Def Desire to remain with company 0 Work hard and embrace goals o Continuance Commitment 0 Def Staying with company cause they can39t afford toeave o Normative Commitment 0 Def Perceived obligation because company treats you well Persuasion o Expertise trustworthiness attractiveness o Emotions 0 Def mental state that includes ndividuallOrganizational Model feelings psychological changes 0f Ethical BEhaViOquot and the inclination to act Individual In uences o 20 or 30 years old newest are in Value systems C h a pte r knows of control aolhlavelllllanlSlm O NOt easy to measure Cognitive moral devellolplmelnt Ethica 0 Change more than attitudes Behavior D f Emotional Contaciow Organizational Influences 0 e 39 Codes of COll Idtht dynamic process through which Norms Modelling the emotIons Of one person are Rewards am punishments transferred to another either nu consciously or unconsciously through nonverbal channels 0 Ethics 0 Def Ethical Behavior acting in ways consistent with one39s personal values and the commonly held values of the organization and society 0 4 Maior In uences w 0 Def enduring beliefs that a speci c mode of conduct or end state of existence is personally or socially preferable to an opposite or converse mode of conduct or end state of existence 0 deeper then attitudes 0 used to evaluate others ofrom families and religious philosophies 0 Instrumental 0 Def Values shape the acceptable behaviors to achieve goal 0 Terminal 0 Def values that in uence goals themselves 2 Locus of Control 0 Internal accept responsibility and can change 0 External blame others or fate not my fault little effort to change or correct 3 Machiavellianism 0 Def personality characteristic involving one39s willingness to do whatever it takes to get one s own way 0 Goals 1 Power 2 Keep Power Principles designed to get and keep power 1 Do whatever it take to get my goal even selling my soul Ends justify the means 2 Better to be feared then loved 2 Cognitive Moral Development Def process of moving through stages of maturity with regard to making ethical decisions Psychological theory Premoral kids Reward punishment self interest Conventional emerging adults Expectations of other people and society Principled Universal values and personal ethical principles


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