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Hess's Law and Calculating Heats of Reaction

by: Dana Stamo

Hess's Law and Calculating Heats of Reaction 1211

Marketplace > University of Colorado > Engineering and Tech > 1211 > Hess s Law and Calculating Heats of Reaction
Dana Stamo
GPA 3.9
General Chemistry for Engineers
No professor available

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About this Document

Book notes for our Monday lecture
General Chemistry for Engineers
No professor available
One Day of Notes
hess's law heats of reactions general chemistry janet degrazzia engineering engineers thermochemistry
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This 2 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Dana Stamo on Sunday October 5, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to 1211 at University of Colorado taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 175 views. For similar materials see General Chemistry for Engineers in Engineering and Tech at University of Colorado.


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Date Created: 10/05/14
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