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Week 5 Notes

by: Emma Keith

Week 5 Notes Physics 1114

Emma Keith
Physics for Non-Science Majors
Professor Howard Baer

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About this Document

These notes cover week five's lectures! There are only two days (9/21 and 9/23) because the Friday of that week (9/25) was Exam #1.
Physics for Non-Science Majors
Professor Howard Baer
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emma Keith on Tuesday September 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Physics 1114 at University of Oklahoma taught by Professor Howard Baer in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see Physics for Non-Science Majors in Science at University of Oklahoma.


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Date Created: 09/29/15
39 Lccru re Notes Uniform Cir cut a r motion emeosurc e in radians 300quot quot 2L7 2 513139b 39 V 39 quot AS 21139 r V Aiquot 9quotA v At At 391 Centripe to Accclcrqh onaccelgzrati on rowar ds 16 M circles center dCcclemtiOn centripetal rec A quot Vi I 5o M A A ov x o as vlquotquot Hquot s O nquot39 w5 30h My nAmkovt u c as Iquot q V 1quot AV 7 V3 V1 V AV VAB u pu Aoosan whato 5 w x n r M 7 Real urcApplica on ex mcaronmcc TriocK theels onmad static Fri ch on keeps res rom39n 9 u Eor th 13 atthe universesnentcr Plonefs move on arFFerent Shells 39 1quot Fixed stars bufplonctsmovc on o dfPFCrtnt Spheres Epicy cleThcorg a v e a frictional fnrcc keeps 90er1ch foward Stars are on crgsmm39nc shells Forming abut earth 912115 can t Copernicus ma45 39 Hell occntn39c Sgsfem actually a theorvof An smrchos ofSamos tCOMfcanSysrem examm ed by Tycho Brenabunt on Observatory to map out pathImoh On of planefs Fou nd accurate data Johannes Keplcr rhcon39zcd abourfhc platonic solid spacing of the planets came up wa39fh 3 laws of plancmrg m o on I 0 o C I 4quot quot I I IIquot A I 1 II i o LOII39OIGI I 39 l I quotO IIO I l I II I I I O39 I 1 390 I 0 II I It I I P I I I 39 I Ib b I I V IIol l D39I39 I Q IIO IOO III z 39la IW II IIIOI to III1 II YI IQCI A IIquot II 00 I I I ll I Il l II I I III II II I 0 IOII QII i I I O I I I IIIII 0 i I I I I III0 I l 1 O 00 I I I I I I I I 01 II I I O I IIII39 IIIquot 4 8 I I 1 1 1 l4IIIQ O I all IIO IIIII IIquot III I III3901 IIIquot IIIIIDULI I39IOJI IIII39 quotI III ll IO39IIIOI39II39I39 OIIII I IuhI IICI IIA Ol39 l9039 I 1 I IIIII 391 II 39 III 1 f I II il I IIli DCquot II 0 0 0 iiu0l i t l itquot i ItIIII g39 allf39IIiIlI J 3 I1 31I50 quotIli39l o ilui Iiili39iu AI 0 I dI 5 quotI IOquotIII I Iiic 1 J EI 0 II39t I l IICI II 1quot 0 IIIIIItI I I II 0 I it 1 quotx 21 3 Ai I IIIII39 it gi I I 0 l I 1 g D I39 ln l quotOii II OQIOtO C l ifi39i39l I I II O39 III 4 l39i n l quotI Itlquot ll 01 ii39IlI I Ii l I fquot39 I I I II I 399 II I I l I ll 1 I 39 ll Pb I D D39tti39l IIIquot 1 i 39 Ir at i II I tquot I IzziIi i 39 II I I I39IOO quotI I OI III I 39 I39 1 l l 11 I I I O Dl 0quot I u nil i II 39 I I quotIquottkvl39i o O I II I I I U I l I I 4 si tiquotoquot III quotI ii 1tl ll P ii 1439 l I39ll 39 ill 0Illii ll 01 I I s 30 I j quot lquotquotiquoti III I 1quot L ID Il I I lln i i tib zlc I OIIIOIUIII l I Lmvu 735mg yeast 32 1 quot gi II 3L II t I l i 0 l lquotI1Iilli oi ll39ll 39I f39 W I 1 1 11quot Ill 1 i111 1 J I 1 m3lt m DltH ad I i 1 t 1 I I l I II litil s 4 1 I 11 tcltkz 3311I 1213 32 c I I I I I 221 15 Inij L oil n In H chumu mam a L I l lI C quoti dlI IIIilvquot it I CI I 0 IIII I I III 039 I I I39I Io I OIIIJ J39 Ii O I I I 0 itg Illllll l39f 039 1 II II I I39Ii 1 1114I I I39Illl ic b1 0 lIll Il DI 0 quot GilIII IIIII II IIIIID Iquot CIIIII39 IUQIIquot I I III IIIQ IUII Iquot I if 0 444391 I 1 1 I11 s l i i ioltil IAquot39 39 Iitzquot quot I39I gl n 3quot IIII I 1 I III Iliaig o Ilv 1 111 14 iii 1 10 D t I 0quot 395 J it Iquot i b3it 1 quot I39 II tb Ir 0 I s il t 39l l II II Ici39oo I I i I 0 Qlta I I ll 4quot14 1 I39ll 39l39 1 1 f In 4 I lig i 01quot I39i 11 3 I l1 u l 39 C O 0quot II l il v 6 039 39 K I I II39I I39 IquotI 9quot l 39s I 4 14 l iil liquot lf39IlOi quot la39o I 391 quot I JII I tquotllllquot tit Q 39I I IIQ IIIIIYII39O39I It39ll 639 IIIII 39III 00 I I 0 0 39I i I IdI1 I I I I I I 39039quot n U I f 4 I If 1 Ewmzmwhfbu ibmbftv mtwnn muano 0 mete mgtltj 1 140 I l iiii 1IIilIt 4 t OI a l 9 IIII 39I O39I3IIIII I lio I i I I39Il l 3 IIIQI Iliil39l 4l III I V Dwubooo Wuocga ULOL vcotwcou u M L Am IIIIIOI Ill i OIIIII II 3911 39 i it LII OI no 1 1 i 39 I In 1 09 VII 39 C Ii it l oi Ii quot 1 i itquot il quot nil 0quot I II 39I I39I39Qquot I I II 0 I C I 1quot IOIIIII39 I 1 O I I Ill 39139 030 LorBLOu Cm 3 LUBOB z1 ig mgrptgtmpmewggtn is 1 ii onh 6300 6 WOMLO 0300 30 1003 II IIII I III IVquot It t ll igi iti bIolni IDIOT IquotIquotl 111 I I39 Iquot I 1 n01 J I 0 Ill n J39W Ii OOIII quotO Il39g III I O 39 I JO I0O I39III A II III IIOKI 1II I I0 II O l tn V O I I II I CI A I C lquot 395 UIiu 39D 39 I I I Io I 0 1 2 I 2quot I quotl e 2siii t55 gtL0u up uuu I 50m mu3uo OI I xf v rl ll 1 titI Olllllquotl I ll it 011 I39IICII39III39 map 020 no cam I o u3wuauoua o 0 uuogw cuad 304 m mloaux 0 II II I I I0 I 1 I t 39 399 III III1 I quot IIII It I A I I I Ill III IIIEII UCI D I Id Iquot I 0 I II II 1 I I i O b I II l I 5 tg l39l I I II1O I 0 1 iiII IIII IQC liquot olquotl I I I I I I39IIJ I I iquot lllllvg 0quotquot0Iquot 39I quot OquotquotI 1 39 Ibl395o39l I CI II II III I I I I Q A II 0 la I I I I39ll I I I II 239 IOI39I39Itllll3939 I 0 II 1 I 51 I DOIIIIIIIV39O It I 1 I I III I l IlI II39IIIIII II III I 1 I I II I n I Im t O I gt I 0 I I t I L I I I 0 I I I 39 II I 39 I39 90 I p AI I I 39IIOI 1 I Iquot o39I39IIIIIIov39 0 0 I39I39Ill VII I Iquoto I39I O IIOI 39l3931 I II Iin39ti39 l5 390 III I IIOII I I OI III li III 4 0 III I I I 0039 quotI C 39IO 0I l I IIIquotI II I 39 III 1 39 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1 IO Al I 4 Oi 39t39l 1 i quot39il a 1 J0Illlquotquotlul l t39 nl 0 ai39 0ccolas 4 0 I I 14IIIA 10quotI IO O I 3 39 Alol blo 39139 O t SIII I I 39Jlll lr I il i li39 lquoti vquot i izz ii lquot39 iu i I I39lOIl I quot quot DIIDJI bl II I yiquot I i l O i I l 391 l I A Q II I Jllquot I l39quot II I I Ac o l t li r l I 1 A l 0 39 I la 1 i O il nzi gv l39l I I1 gi lu 391 5 I i 0 quot I39l 1 1quot 0 399 l 61 C I I 1 A Q x I l I39 Ill 3900 I CI I quot I I S 0 II l a I Ionii llr39l loi llll i quotllli 39 ii 11 Al tnll39 la ilil D I l39ll 110 0 lil 0 nquot ll0fl 039lIOI I9 1 a I quotIIIII 6 0 bio I 11 9 1 A I I I I quotigdigk 5quot 14 11 4 13quot iiiilr v luo 0 a I Slon v0a Q 0 39n Ilowot l39v II 0quotOI39VII II 0 O 190 I In39nll liwl 39la I l39o39 D oloc lll4 39139 0 l wgt0cc e 20 008 9t 08 oEtoanm lv A f39 O quot I o quot 0 Iquot x c lut39 ab 4quot I39 I u 4 1 l o IIO 1 II 4 L l 1 I 7 IOI l l 1 g39 391 quotII39quot J O39t 3 C I r1154 0 920330 ncgwcm n PE C noEGExoa i as 21ddu andfdgwagdda dd W399 Hmgt8d1mgt JQLO O 0 v I I t quot iquot e iquot 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 4 I 1 1 quotg39m I D 4 14 quotPzi sll oto 3 lquot ll39lquotlaf I39 1 I ll i Il 1nl lu 3 IIIquot 139 0 39039 I 0 1 E2 oxhampo I 39 Il ii i 1 I iii s a Ia39nl39llnl l39quot C u quota l i lzijl39quota i 39l 04 I Ivo lir OI390nol C lli l l r cl y 11 A OOl39lll39litli J 10quot Icu It 0 039 l0 0 ll i I I v1 x I j mm 1 E 1 I1 1 III II a O 0 lch0 0 I 0 0quot l I Iv t t Iii I 1quot I I I Q 0112 I I 1 C I i f o39 It I Ii 1quot I a 39 F iii iII ll IIII39 l1 1 ll 1 II I 39 I iquot l ii ol39 ilu II I ol 39 In I n II III nll 1 o l I u t a 1 I I39 391 quot 39J till l in I llll 0 0 39 ul l a r ob39 r i l ltl v Q l y v a 1 l ld iquot iquot t 1quotquot tgil ri 4 I OIII lil39a oo l totli l 0 39 lzl II 1II l it quotIOll 0 139 l 9 quotu 00quot I Cquot O I 0 k I I ll I a m ik lo rlii i III 39 I r39IIl I io39 Iquotulquot nlllldl t4l od t f ig 4 ll 1 l lu i I quot 01 39 i l lnt39u O quot quot i I l v ll 139 39 u F iii in l quot i11 39 39 w 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h 0quot Dt 1quot 390 I I CO 1 A a V o I r 39 v 39 0 O n A a 0quot I Iquot I I O l c 39 O 9 ccotLoUg ac 2L 2 3o 30 co i PESoFoBT 1


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