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Dutch Baroque (09/28)

by: Helena Cathey

Dutch Baroque (09/28) ARHS 1020

Marketplace > Tulane University > Art History > ARHS 1020 > Dutch Baroque 09 28
Helena Cathey
GPA 4.0
Art History Survey II: Renaissance to Present
Delia Solomons

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About this Document

Monday's notes on the Baroque period in Holland.
Art History Survey II: Renaissance to Present
Delia Solomons
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Helena Cathey on Tuesday September 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARHS 1020 at Tulane University taught by Delia Solomons in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see Art History Survey II: Renaissance to Present in Art History at Tulane University.


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Date Created: 09/29/15
Velazquez Las Meninas 1656 cont 0 How is it painted I naturalistic but abstract I princess s face is perfectly shadowed naturalistic I owers and details on sleeve are bold thick brushstrokes quotraw paintquot abstract I by showing both styles draws attention to the intellectual and skilled act of painting 0 How does he set out to raise the status of painting I intellectual and manual skill I rst painting where painter includes himself with living monarchs quotin with the cool kidsquot I artist shown larger than king and queen 0 how does the painting show the king and queen of spain as the center of the world I products from the new world all the world is coming to the king and queen of spain 0 very conceptual piece all about raising status of painting all about viewing and being viewed princess not conceptual center Dutch Barogue 16001700 Two important things to know about Holland at the time 1 Land of Protestant Reformation ie no Pope o restrained bare Churches vs the opulent interiors of Catholic churches 2 Land without absolute monarch ie no royalty This elevates the 1 The lnformal Portrait Rembrandt 2 The Still Life Claesz 3 The Genre Scene everyday scene Vermeer Hals not assigned 0 The jolly Drinker o informal portrait snapshot in time of a subject who isn t prepared 0 raw brushstrokes instantaneous feel 0 somewhere between portrait and genre scene 0 Banquet of the Of cers of the St George Civic Guard 1616 0 group portraits are typically awkwarddifficult but Hals succeeded Rembrandt The Company of Captain Frans Banning Cocq Night Watch 1642 0 known above all else for his subtlety o in uence from Caravaggio 0 master of group portraits SelfPortrait c 1634 not assigned 0 painted more selfportraits than any other artist at that point 0 turns it into a valid form of study 0 work has been compared to Leonardo sfumato quotscuf ed style not crisp or clear not clear edges comp w Mona Lisa 0 Artist in His Studio c 1628 0 artist nervous daunted by career he s chosen 0 SelfPortait ca 16591660 ASSIGNED o quotultimate artistquot in his studio and in artist s garb o in 50 s was interested in aged faces experience of the world the soul time passing thick brushstrokes 0 made after wife passed away after declaration of bankruptcy gt sousearching o oose brushstrokes subtle handling of paint 0 background bare except for two circes mark of perfect handling if you could draw a perfect circe freehand Hundred Guilder Print ca 1649 o bought back from auction for hundred guiders 0 after printmaking revolution used prints to pull himself out of nancial ruin Sti Lifes by Van Heem and Clara Peeters dutch famous for still ifes exotic creatures and foods from all over the world 0 comp w bodagon tradition things fade etc Pieter Claesz Vanitas Still Life 1630 s ASSIGNED o quotvanitasquot vanity of life earthly pursuits are all in vain will mean nothing in the end 0 subject I watch time ticking away skull reminder of death nut cracked up fragility glass precariously set on table violin distracts you beautiful music to lift your spirits pen writing help you gain knowledge of the world intellectual pursuits 0 draws you into the beauty but it s all in vain o paints his own re ection in mirrored ball shows the artist in his studio I his acthis life is all eeting 0 making things permanent through painting con icts with the idea that everything is eeting Vermeer A Maid Asleep 165657 0 domestic interior one woman no clear story typical of Vermeer o gorgeous textiles dad was a silk craftsman o idle maid falling asleep was a tradition in dutch paintings something wealthy liked making fun of o everything s disheveled o lovely subtle light source Young Woman With a Water Pitcher 1662 o restrained palette harmonies of blue yellow ochre o subtle morals basin represents purity Of cer and Laughing Girl 165560 0 risque woman alone with large shadowy gure 0 subtle openended story Girl With the Pear Earring 166065 0 famous for being a portrait where she s clearly not elite but not being made fun of o pearl is larger than pearls actually come Allegory of the Art of Painting 16701675 ASSIGNED 0 major statement on painting itself comp with Las Meninas o Vermeer at canvas paints everyday girl dressed up as Clio muse of history 0 pulls back the curtains shows all the artist s tricks through his skill he ll turn the girl into Clio o curtain I viewer can peek in and catch the moment I vermeer showing off his skill amp trickery I beautiful textile I captures the world gives information like art of painting itself I vermeer competes with the map I holland is the center of the world 0 statement piece for vermeer never sold it has original title 0 plaster cast has been thrown away because painting wins and is the most important craft 0 celebration of painting


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