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CHEM 109A - Bruice, 10/6/14, Lecture 2

by: Aria Ghasemizadeh

CHEM 109A - Bruice, 10/6/14, Lecture 2 CHEM 109A

Marketplace > Chemistry > CHEM 109A > CHEM 109A Bruice 10 6 14 Lecture 2
Aria Ghasemizadeh
GPA 3.98
Organic Chemistry
No professor available

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About this Document

These notes are integrated with a full audio recording of lecture. Just click on any part of the lecture notes and the audio corresponding to that information will be played back. Note: You must...
Organic Chemistry
No professor available
One Day of Notes
Chem, chem 109A, 109, 109A, Organic Chemistry, organic, Chemistry, Bruice, UCSB
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This 3 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Aria Ghasemizadeh on Monday October 6, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to CHEM 109A at a university taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 171 views.


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Date Created: 10/06/14
10Qkt Chem MA kl CO 4 0 V74 1J5 01 Ff 7 yq Q1 AV 6 m rkm 39 V 39 g4 4 L47 c amp39kL yu2 r4 oq gtomg C70ypj 3 Cr if V A JUWLJJ 61 gt lt n j kJI u 4 l Vlx n M M7 MI I 0Mi mg 75quotm j AOAOI 7 quotC0Viokn Ormf I 0 L73 P O 73 DD 0 Wow n7 1 LL L ltva mi caqmp JJU j 4 LJ V yyaw gt 3qm 3 7 ClIS m 7 FPm 2 J 50 7WQ UJgtoL momgmt 395 O 27L 7 Z 0769 q 5 m 5gta544g 0 4 FL 4 Hg q7L J PD 7 o7 c We3 quot VQc f5 rA0O7LKQ1 xQ 5 Dzvg 7 iw KDVWWJ FM WQ L274 J39LV Ar 0 If 3 r 1 0 J E V39 C 3 V J R I 2 II v 1Q VC y7t7Zquot 83 MA m am one pa f NA Kw1 Lnmlc L KZ IT7 H gm gulf frl 39Qh I AwoJ 0 lt m lvm 4LI V V V C0nc n5Vol VM7 t4Vg I39KJ A j7 Oh Q M 7La Rg51 an My 5DqQ MMfg an 3 C mogf Q quotIO Lg 73 J VgtC k 074quot 7 71yz KJ TM MarQ JD Ow J46 quot mlDry X Wyo r Q 0 I V10 J 2132 O oqrt 2 l J Q 39 zV4 fLgf g 7L V54 oP OH Ba Lbr gs J I x f J 39 F3 Hmor Cfoxm4 vfvp 3 lt MQW D 0D P 79Vf V IIVC I J b A 7 CtnrJjg LxCHQ ID orwml M5 9 1 5 quot Ubq VVI V 7 J 0 w AV K 1051 JL1 MC P0 lt I J 1 u I I BQNJ M In 75 f DMv1LZ FOVM Camp57 4 WQV gap 97 ow ah7L47 OVo39C1 61 0552bgvl Pcg 7759 Hao QM393anzJL4 Or clt39 M E 4 mod b341 9 712g 47 m c arb 7 lt45 0135 CJH 1 6 77t0rCP O Q h 0V9 JqK 740gtquotm V 2 22 f EnAg ha AyqAwv m in Nokavgr 7L0 740 9f knm VLV6k 7 L g P In m orA r 0 m mofa lt74 Q Dam 0 D 7 7 I4 v 0 0 lI Q 540 7 9 7V 239r O 9C 39OK70V 1 3925 7 gt amp17ZO V6 AV97 oond Cf2a3 oz kO D pz 3135 OWQV01D quotForm3 0131dmq Lm 1 1L0 1NIr l U y 7L39v Q lt On 7 bM 29 3 1 rgt39 93 7 5f3i v Qy Q rFrg2 P op5 qL I pf loom QQ0 g oQ gtv Sh1m Un C 39 Q M J J I


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