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Sep 21-28 notes - COMM 2713

by: John Notetaker

Sep 21-28 notes - COMM 2713 COMM 2713 - 001

John Notetaker
GPA 3.34
Communication Theory
Jill A Edy

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About this Document

These are the notes for COMM 2713 days SEP 21-28, but focus almost entirely on the 28th because the other days were discussion days.
Communication Theory
Jill A Edy
Class Notes
Comm, Edy
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by John Notetaker on Tuesday September 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 2713 - 001 at University of Oklahoma taught by Jill A Edy in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Communication Theory in Journalism and Mass Communications at University of Oklahoma.

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Date Created: 09/29/15
COMM 2713 SEP 21 2015 Prof Edy MON 0 Group work over 0 Iyengar s Television News and Citizen s Explanations of National Affairs I Examples of postpositive research COMM 2713 SEP 23 2015 Prof Edy WED 0 Group work over 0 Tuchman s article D2L COMM 2713 SEP 25 2015 Prof Edy FRI 0 Group work over 0 Bennett Artile D2L COMM 2713 SEP 28 2015 Prof Edy MON 0 General Info We will begin going over perception O This is basically moving in theory from micro to macro Edy lecture I Perception Basics Schema Theory a Theories of Perception i In order to perceive we have to simplify 1 It is too much to try and notice everything simplify 2 We have a need to impose order on the world 3 We tend to make social situations predictable uncertainty reduction theory 4 We have a need for control control gives a sense of order ii Simplification Categorizing experience 1 We have boxes for everything we understand things by how they work iii Perception requires Interpretation 1 People interpret and categorize us a We tend to place labels on peopleplaces iv Reality is socially constructed 1 It is shaped by the categories we use to interpret it 2 Example You must be 48in s tall in order to ride a roller coaster a This affects how we view the social world v Perception 3 key questions 1 What is it a You can lose stuff very easy this way i Ex Remote control treated as tabletop object 2 How does it relate to its surroundings a Situation dictates b EX A bear in the tundra is scarier than a bear in the zoo 3 How does it relate to me a We are profoundly selfcentered b We ask do I need to take account of this Or not People tend to commit to the choices they make we choose one category to examine at a time 0 EX Seeing a duck vs a rabbit in a picture 1 Schema Theory a Cognitive structure that helps us organize ideas in our head b Key kinds of schema 3 kinds i Prototype the ideal Answers the question what is it 1 EX The characteristics of a mom ii Stereotype prediction about behavior Answers what will it do 1 What people are likely to doought to do 2 We use stereotypes because they work if they didn t work then we wouldn t use them a They only become useless when we refuse to let them go in the face of contradiction 3 We extend group characteristics to the individual and vice versa iii Scripts predictions about patterns of behavior 1 EX Eating out we have a mental prediction about how the night is suppose to go 2 Punctuation The order of perceiving different events this matters


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