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Week 5 Lecture notes - History 1302

by: De'arricka Bryant

Week 5 Lecture notes - History 1302 History 1302

Marketplace > University of Texas at El Paso > History > History 1302 > Week 5 Lecture notes History 1302
De'arricka Bryant
History of U.S. Since 1865
Richard Clyde Foust

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About this Document

Hey guys , This is Week 5 lecture notes. Next posting will be Week 6 Lecture Notes/ MidTerm Study Guide
History of U.S. Since 1865
Richard Clyde Foust
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by De'arricka Bryant on Tuesday September 29, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to History 1302 at University of Texas at El Paso taught by Richard Clyde Foust in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 73 views. For similar materials see History of U.S. Since 1865 in History at University of Texas at El Paso.


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Date Created: 09/29/15
Lecture Progressivism and the First World War Week 4 lD s Modern Empires America s New imperialism Social Darwinism Pt 2 War of 1898 Philippine American War Progressivism was a response to the excesses of 19th century capitalism Progressives desired social justice honest government more effective regulations of business and a revived commitment to Public service And they believed that expanding the scope of government would ensure the progress of US society and the welfare of its citizens Progressive Era The Progressives where a group of people looking for more government involvement in lives and the industries Progressive Era Reform Pt 1 Catalyzed by muckraking journalist progressives sought to improve the private and public lives of Americans in variety of ways For example the 18th amendment s prohibition of alcohol sought to improve the moral fabric of society while the quest for female voting rights culminated with the 19th Amendment which granted women the right to vote Progressive Era Reform Pt 11 Other progressive measures were designed to conserve the environment tighten regulations on suspect business practices and preserve health and safety of American Citizens To provide a stable base of federal income a graduated income tax became law in the 16th Amendment And political machines were weakened by the Passage of the 17th Amendment which allowed citizens to directly elect representatives to the US Senate 16th Amendment Authorizes graduated income taxes 17th Amendment The election of senators now done by people instead of the state Big Progressive Theodore Roosevelt Meat Inspection Acts worked to prevent misbranded meat and meat products from being sold as food and to ensure that meat and meat products are slaughtered and processed under sanitary conditions Food and Drug Acts required that active ingredients be placed on the label of a drug s packaging and that the drugs didn t fall below purity levels est by the US Elkins Acts Punishes companies who don t offer competitive rates Populist Against big businesses What was the difference between Populist and Progressives Populist were more of the working class while The progressives were more of the wealthy giving them more of an in uence and the ability to get more done The Great War A result of imperial ambitions and entangling alliances WW1 caught most people by surprise Lulled by a century of European peace many observers had come to regard armed con ict armed con ict as a relic of the past rendered unthinkable by human progress Yet the Great War shattered this illusion and laid the foundation for both World War II and the Cold War The US was involved before we were truly even involved by providing money to England After Lusitania we of cially joined the war Which ended up being the last siX months League of Nations Wilson believed that fundamental aws in international relations had created an unhealthy climate that led to World War 1 Thus his fourteen points outlined his progressive vision for a safer world including the creation of a league of nations that would serve as a forum against allowing future con icts to escalate Yet the League met with stiff opposition at home by those who viewed it as a supranational entity that would limit American Power Woodrow Wilson s 14 Points is a blueprint for world peace that was to be used for peace negotiations after World War I elucidated in a January 8 1918 speech on war aims and peace terms by US President Woodrow Wilson


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