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Mandala Notes

by: Cassidy Schap

Mandala Notes RTF 365

Cassidy Schap
GPA 3.78
New Media Literacy
Kathleen Tyner

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About this Document

Mandala project for Tyner
New Media Literacy
Kathleen Tyner
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cassidy Schap on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RTF 365 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Kathleen Tyner in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see New Media Literacy in Film at University of Texas at Austin.


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Date Created: 09/30/15
Aesthetics Memum Deggn Structure Customization Sound Color Symbolism Artifact Format Interactivity Representation Genre Deggn Tools The Intellect Gestural Orality Alphabetic Analog Digital Pervasive Narratives Discourse Genre ConvenUons Structure Cognition Affection Representation Characters Text Bruce Springsteen 5 quotI39m On Analysis Respons e Audience Access Psychological Uses Demographics Receonn Context Social Cultural Historical Political Economi c Distribution Websites Albums Radio YouTu be Records Legality Cassidy Schap Discussion of the Video for Bruce Springsteen s quotI m On Firequot 1985 In this paper I will use a multiliteracy mandala to facilitate my critical analysis of Bruce Springsteen s quotI m On Firequot music video The media artifact is in this case a music video recorded to accompany Springsteen s anthem in digital format streaming from the video hosting site YouTube The song while recorded in 1982 was released on February 6 1985 preceding Springsteen s 1985 album quotBorn in the USAquot released on June 4th The music video began airing in April receiving considerable air time on MTV before going on to win the MTV Music Video Award for Best Male Video Components At the center of the mandala is the actual artifact being studied in this case Bruce Springsteen s quotI m on Firequot music video The mandala is divided in to the three components of the text s overall makeup The rst segment is the Text itself which contains the sub categories of Artifact Narratives and Aesthetics Next is the Response segment containing Audience Context and Distribution The nal segment Analysis contains only one topic Tools My overall discussion will de ne and contextualize these seven subcategories both on their own and as respective parts of their larger segments Text Artifact As the rst element of the Text segment the Artifact is the central subject of the discussion In other words it s the source text Our Artifact is the music video for quotI m on Firequot and relevant topics of inquiry include format interactivity representation genre and design The format is digital video which is relatively recent compared to the technology available at the time of the video s release It s interesting to look at the representation and design of the video because they very clearly re ect the era in which it was made Comparing that to how things are now gives us a good idea of how much things have changed Aesthetics The Aesthetics of the video include things like medium design structure sound color and symbolism Essentially the aesthetic decisions determine the vibe or look of the video These are the visual choices that determine what the text looks like on the surface There s an unquestionably old fashioned nostalgic feel to the video With soft lighting mechanic shop set locations and dated fashion it calls back to an era where things were simpler and a man could woo a beautiful woman with his hard work and skills Narrative Deeper than Aesthetics the Narrative of the text is interwoven and inextricable It is the discourse genre conventions structure cognition representation and characters within the text Springsteen s quotI m on Firequot video has two main characters the mechanic who is singing and the distractingly pretty but aloof and clearly married woman he sings to It tells the age old story of the lower class man with a erce desire for a woman from a higher social class In other words she s out of his league This follows a fairly common convention of love stories and it reiterates many familiar themes of life and love lHResponse Audience The Audience involves not just the people who consume the text but also their access psychological uses demographics and reception quotI m On Firequot was released in 1985 and the primary place people would have seen the video was on MTV Now access has changed markedly as people can access the video on YouTube meaning that anyone with an internet connection is a potential audience member Whether they become an Audience member often depends on what demographic they fall into Springsteen s songs are often written to appeal to the bluecollar working class families of the 805 Now that demographic has aged into a new demographic one that has kids of their own who like me also become fans Distribution Distribution often has a lot of effect on the Audience Originally Springsteen s video aired on a popular music television channel so any person with a television could tune in Now with MTV s days as a music service rapidly coming to an end Springsteen s video is arguably most visible online Streaming sites like YouTube and downloadable versions on iTunes allow for what could be seen as the broadest distribution possible However this calls into question the issue of copyright legality and royalties Where Springsteen and his label would previously have made X amount of dollars for each airing of the video on TV the revenue systems on YouTube are much different While there may be more people than ever watching videos the increase in revenue is not always linear Context The Context of the text is multifaceted from the social and cultural contexts to the historical political and economic contexts For this song I think the social and the political contexts offer the most signi cance to the song In the 805 labor unions and blue collar workers were ghting for rights and trying to ensure they got fair pay and the lead male in the video perfectly exempli es this aesthetic The woman represents the unattainable the beautiful the wealthy all of the things that exempli es that quotAmerican Dreamquot lll Analysis Tools Last but certainly not least we come to the Tools that people can use to understand and think critically about the text Using the intellect we can gather the base facts the man is a mechanic the woman is married he wants her she s unattainable But on a deeper level the video shows something that we re all aware of at least to some degree The movement between them is rife with tension and our knowledge of human interaction makes this easier to interpret MiniTask 1 The Multiliteracy Mandala RTF 365 Due September 10 2015 15 The Multiliteracy Mandala asks you to think critically about the attributes of literacy within the context of production This assignment asks you to deconstruct a media text by either using Professor Tyner s mandala or by constructing an original design using the attributes that you decide are central to communication analysis and production There are no limits to your choice of text for analysis It can be as broad eg science fiction chick icks or as narrow eg World of Warcraft a photograph as you choose We will discuss the attributes for the mandala in lecture All resources and handouts are located in the Assignment folder in Blackboard The assignment has two tasks 1 a visual analysis and 2 a written essay that details your analysis Step 1 Create a Visual Design Element for Your Analysis You can choose to use Professor Tyner s Multiliteracy Mandala or you can create a visual design of your own that displays the universe of literacy Here are your choices Choice 1 Deconstruct a Text Using Professor T yner s Mandala Using the basic elements of the original mandala to structure your analysis If you choose to use the original mandala design you can download a blank version from the Assignment folder in Blackboard Don t forget to sign your mandala You can use the topics as headings for your essay 0R Choice 2 Create Your Own Multiliteracy Mandala or Other Visual Design Draft your own visual display for your concept of literacy Perhaps you want to discard the mandala design and use a design of your choice even if it is not a mandala design You may want to change the design or addsubtract attributes from the original mandala For example you could put the attributes in your own words You could change the design or colors Perhaps you would also want to change the order of the pathways that you see in the original mandala Or you could discard the mandala format and come up with a design on your own 2 Create a Written Analysis of a Text Complete a 45 page doublespaced paper analyzing the text of your choice If you use Prof Tyner s mandala you may want to use the original categories to structure your analysis If you choose to use your own visual design use your own attributes to structure your essay 3 Submit a copy of your original visual design and written analysis on Canvas by 1230pm on September 10 Late fees apply 5 points Mandala Layout Audience 0 Access Psychological Uses Demographics Receonn Context 0 Social Cultural Historical Political Economic Narratives Discourse Genre Conventions Structure Semiotics Semantics Cognition o Affection Representation Characters Distribution 0 Websites 0 Albums 0 Radio YouTube Records Legality Aesthetics 0 Medium 0 Design 0 Structure Customization Sound 0 Color Symbolism Tools 0 The Intellect Gestural Orality Alphabetic Analog 0 Digital 0 Pervasive Artifact 0 Format 0 Sound print still images moving images Interactivity Representation Genre 0 Design


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