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by: Sara Will

9/21 and 9/30 STHM NOTES ON SOCIAL JUSTICE HRM 1101-402

Marketplace > Temple University > Public Relations > HRM 1101-402 > 9 21 and 9 30 STHM NOTES ON SOCIAL JUSTICE
Sara Will
GPA 3.3
Leadership and organizational management
Rush, Jameel U.

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About this Document

Leadership and organizational management
Rush, Jameel U.
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sara Will on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HRM 1101-402 at Temple University taught by Rush, Jameel U. in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see Leadership and organizational management in Public Relations at Temple University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
STHM 92115 SOCIAL JUSTICE sara will 0 examples of social justice 1first football player of NBA told he was gay 2 Sherpas in Nepal die on mount everest while climbing mad they are not treated well after their people died and went on strike 3 Marriott corporate and global company and it attracts diverse foreign LGBT travelers large corporations take interest in diversity 0 social justice 0 definition I justice in terms of distribution of wealth opportunities and privileges within a society I fair and proper administration of laws conforming to natural law that all persons irrespective of ethnic origin gender possessions race religion etc are to be treated equally and without prejudice I distribution of advantages and disadvantages within a society 0 class definition of social justice 0 thoughts based off of prejudice thoughtsequality in distribution of all genderraceethnicitysex o examples said in class that hit on social justice issues I greece great leader society 0 issue gt no one wants to follow it all and listen to the theoriesmythsrules 0 issue gt underclass and slaves other people are to make sure that they are workingleisure is extended to only certain people I industrial revolution who got leisure gt no green space before playground revolution they went to the bar only men were allowed to gender over another gender YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK gt REMOVAL OF NATIVE AMERICANS 1872 WILDERNESS WHERE man himself is a visitor who does not remain Native Americans used area for variety of leisure activities no compatible with maerican perspective on leisure driven off land to create wilderness we can go in and look but cannot stay and camp scared away tourists since cannot stay SOCIAL JUSTICE 0 people can t stay and enjoy leisure o native americans lived here living their lives and leisure within this area prior to being established as National Park CENTRAL PARK 18501853 c 1825 only 300 people lived in there 0 free black people 0 immigrants village included schoolchurchother things local newspapers published derogatory stories to create justification for removal and destruction of village 0 village was leveled in 1857 leisure of some trumped lives of others 1936 large sporting events olympics in berlin germany o natzi germany olympics 0 social justice issue 0 jesse owens wins 4 olympic gold medals o jewish people part of german team for olympics 0 jewish people removed from team 0 if won they would39ve been ridiculed because being jewish LEISURE SEEN AS PRIVILEGE o LEISURE IS NOT DISTRIBUTED EQUALLY o seen as reward for those people with ability and means to take part in leisure o certain forms of leisure have historically been pursued by certain racesgenderssocial groups discrimination constraints visible in sports 0 jackie robinson1st black baseball player 0 michael sam o jen weltercoaching internship with arizona cardinal first woman nat l football league 0 plethora women s sports and clubs 0 becoming part of corporate policy as well great thing to be apart of o marriott hotels global diversity and discrimination policy corporate policy 0 packages just for diverse people 0 based on principle of inclusion 0 services provide mechanism for all reaches of life 93015 social justice continued 0 CASE STUDIES 0 grand canyon skywalk O cancun hualapai reservation 3 hours from las vegas 1 million acres in northwestern arizona has 2100 members and 50 employment tried using gambling as attraction but failed skywalk increased leisure interested and price to recreate on land leisure accounts for 70 of revenue on reservation real social justice issue gt people not happy in form of making money off grand canyon ruining landscape and it is a tourist trap park rangers don t like itthey don t thin HUALAPAI tribe should have access trying to remove deficiencies in power relations popular destination in mexico visited by over 46 million a year 3 billion a year seen as model of tourism 500000 locals live outside of dirty city in poverty 0 high rates of crime and drug 0 5 a week for local 0 selective in picking employees 0 rate of living too high for works city develope too quick GOOD views of social iustice Provides a means for certain subpOpulations to gain admittance into mainstream societv Olvmpics puts an end to international disagreements for a short period of time Tourism and Hospitality women makeup 50 with regional numbers reaching almost 70 lnclusion and valuing all people regardless of their differences Seen in sport a lot but also in other areas of the leisure industries Helps increase diversitv and the celebration of people and their differences lncreases pluralism and maintains cultural differences Cultural attractions and sporting events 0 positive parts of leisure and social justice O O violet palmer first female referee maior Sport in us historv sarah thomas first female in nfl 0 negative parts of leisure O O 0 women choose not to solo hike out of fear not statistically supported causes discrimination constraints why do some participate in some and some don39t I 1 structural economic architectural and accessibility I 2 intrapersonal constraints personal psychological attributes I 3 intrapersonal constraints barrier from social interaction 0 right or privilege O 0000 do we have right to leisure or do you have to earn it right or wrong to charge entrance fee to parks women not allowed to play golf at augusta issues relating to leisure as privilege leisure as privilege is distributed unequally to those who earn and have time for it leisure as a right means all people should have equal access to leisure opportunities and it is a given right


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