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Weekly Notes 9/21-9/30

by: Haley Ratterman

Weekly Notes 9/21-9/30 COMM 145

Haley Ratterman
Fund Speaking/Communication
Gary Hughes

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About this Document

Notes on doing library research, using internet tools, types of websites, evaluating research materials, supporting materials, interviewing for information, organization, developing main points, ou...
Fund Speaking/Communication
Gary Hughes
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Haley Ratterman on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 145 at Western Kentucky University taught by Gary Hughes in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Fund Speaking/Communication in Foreign Language at Western Kentucky University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
I a PM srm 9w mamrah Plan D magees meantu Knowledge M59 7 46 I IbW J 7 391 Manx sz MM INWIW5 Mke me now9 on govtr resz 00m mo mm Reseamh onum mama TOPC4 0PLM1000WKW 0M 39 nom cam mM ber am rm Locwfwh acheWU Periodecu databases mime and mm gwgpedql omea dammges ONIW and Him 0W5 90wa omimoMIzm Vi foff ce ma Ham s r K Aov6rnmm1 docammg 011W Ham 2nd oor a gigp H k m6 0 701 W chNeg commons 39 RCfWHCe humWm Ask Ms M craven5 commons F p ML or i W p j EVGMarmg Research mmer mug awrhonfj alummm P g vobjec v j w WWmg woveme Qpedcu Que r tong Apom mm e f Mammals WWW we of we have i messed 19 the Minor orspongOfid Menmrd P are The gotUm mammang appropncm re mm W9 0 orher mmmm39wn me pnm resumeg CHE J 9 S mateW W WHMU inWVtcwm fa r m PO W 4 on 3d rl quotj pgopw 0 WTGVWN Map sh Comma ware w W WWWquot MW mWWW who ew Wch of WPPong j MCWIWE A A Aamm vQQ Q L t ah a Camera1 OrganzaHon mTI39Qd Action e 39 boom mam PO m rE Lmnqmglor l DWOP Hoe Mam 907mg r MOW 0 epea o ptWPOSPJTW6915 W39me WW manpomm V be spedWm 39 we vmd language show FEWVOch creOvre pou ml i srrmrm I mef nwmw 0 WW WIN9 OUMMM9 301M QPee39Ch omwn anmmeg 0 ovummnfij nWWL fg 5ubordl dto WWW Wm Coold1 an 1 o poim H h rm l f C ik gm MmeUrnth 0mm 1 W 399pr TO WAUWTWC O gum gamma 0 a ngt f TotHm 1 y d 7 j 0 n W W W n P0 W3 f 1 quot quot939 PM WWW 9 mgamw Jth Wmdumon 0F 30er 9peooh O m r Jrhe aAtchww 1ch rm 39rOPW MOHVM atM lCnce r0 Maren 39mouge ropm rum01m Qgcwurjh Wasn39th 10rem9 H44 mmn poers Udgqm zmg mmmswn ehow 3W we mehmg we eweOn matlt6 30W Jrh gs dew reVlfAv MOM POINTS end W th a memorable Jmot19W 39 n39fu mmi 5 S I 3 owhm QWQUA apnnomee m mmmm s gubordmckHo n gt Coordma on g 9 am 1 m 9m 0 quotlgmrlr WW 4 premmharj GMT 6 Expand 0 01 full wame MW indenee 0 a Wmmnmwm rd dLL i lmo 9 p Pewn4 Mon at More cmg 39 cards x 4 615 lt tan 5 Hwyw f d C I 3 32 01ka J n T pmgenm ohm mas Mdfmqls and eqw tpment M90 999 hamj use 0 enme Hue grqu Wh3 Use The2m 39 39 SW8 HYYW 3am mwm acmw suppo moan Po m r9 weum or emphoigua mw m POWWS quotmProm 1an l Pmqu ona a ld showquot SenP as a need be plannao and admed quot nor mommam Hm 9P 0UltW 100K prohesgoh any pram1E0 be PM medI 90153 0 pnepCUWMse and rmn9pm I be dammme up n0 Jr75ij Cometm only one deaz pndg 0P Pregmmmmw Hide Teal owe 01 6 39 modem phWOQrCtphe and prime 39 dramhgg 9ltefchee 0110 diagmmb ragga Md armP449 gum Presmmr mn w mag SPM d vlgwwis 0mg WWW 30 I 9 WW tong enough For EV WjOH nformm ton e V 3 MW ear Simpm 5 WW 9 wan as Mr mm myemmwkumu NW6 HEW a A 4 A Aglmmmmmmmmnnsl A 4 a xiquot 5quot V WM m WT m min u I do 10 Milk 390 your dlgplaged Db og 0 H QUUWCI 1h Hon 0P 30W mamayea Objeag g39mec ce mgmg pregemmmmq ma 3 gmerhads 01c ppegemow lom pomem prOJeCfcd Viatwig Handovu 3 OOmPMngenemed Pmeemmlmou mcb DonJr omma n 4 3 M98 CPPIOPIWh Pom 9176 40 pow F01 rengr CMSSI OOY quot T10 99 man 26 DonJr 9M 00 mach on a 9mm M98 We webMM m enhi nw 30M PW fNWUH ymorlce using mm We room when ow will be 964 H119 quotm 9 0000 N POW Poquot m n


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