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Gibb's Free Energy, Gas Laws NOTES

by: Dana Stamo

Gibb's Free Energy, Gas Laws NOTES 1211

Marketplace > University of Colorado > Engineering and Tech > 1211 > Gibb s Free Energy Gas Laws NOTES
Dana Stamo
GPA 3.9
General Chemistry for Engineers
No professor available

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About this Document

Here are the notes following our tentative schedule for Class #19, covering sections 8.12-8.13 and 9.1 to 9.4.
General Chemistry for Engineers
No professor available
One Day of Notes
gibb's free energy gas laws ideal gas law chemistry janet degrazzia
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This 4 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Dana Stamo on Tuesday October 7, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to 1211 at University of Colorado taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 237 views. For similar materials see General Chemistry for Engineers in Engineering and Tech at University of Colorado.


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Date Created: 10/07/14
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