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Week 5 Notes

by: Marci Daugherty

Week 5 Notes HIST 4410

Marci Daugherty
GPA 3.8
Ancient Greece
Ian Mladjov

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About this Document

Notes covering Ancient Greek government structures particularly in Athens.
Ancient Greece
Ian Mladjov
Class Notes
Ancient Greece History
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marci Daugherty on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 4410 at Bowling Green State University taught by Ian Mladjov in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see Ancient Greece in History at Bowling Green State University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
21 September 2015 Hist 4400 Notes Pun the Day A small boy swallowed some coins He went to the hospital amp when the mom asked the doctor for an update the doctor said no change yetquot Basileus king prince unkingly qualities yes he has fancy hat bigger image overseeing economic exchange Aristotle 3 basic forms of ruling the rule of one monarchy vs tyrannts the rule of a few aristocracy vs oligarchy the rule of the many polity republic vs democracy amognst these 2 other branches proper amp perverted proper think of everyone perverted think of only themselves EarlyTyrants Temenidai ofArgos Pheidon ofArgos 668 Basileustyrannos unlike basileus tyrant has unlimited power basileus can become a tyrant Kypselidai of Corinth Kypselos 657 627 denied power behalf Bakkhiadai was popular amongst the citizens Periandro 627 583 not popular like his father Tyrants aren t neither good nor bad short lasting though Orthagoridai of Sikyon Kleisthenes c 570 Peisstratidai of Athens Pessstratos 560 527 Hippias 527 510 mean tyrannical bc of murder of his brothers Hipparkhos c 514 So close they can taste the power but isn t given anyusually becomes tyrant 21 September 2015 brother Hoplites Armor helmet culnass grieves shield hopios where name comes from comes from middle class upper class may fight as well not as many For agility armor doesn t cover all of body Phalanx in battle Athenian Government Order Excutives 9 Arkhons law givers eponymos basileus polemarkhos in charge of military thesmotetai 6 Council must be an Arkhons Areiopagos Assembly Ekklesia 23 September 2015 Hist 4400 Notes Pun of the Day Have you ever tried to eat a clock It s so very time consuming Tyrants unconstituational monarchs whether good or bad led to rise in middle class formed into phalanx military started sense in city pride architectural advancements destroyed later on for the building of new amp bigger buildings statues sign of family pride amp wealth Archaic kouros amp korai art style Pottery Athenian Black amp red figure pottery black earlier women are still portrayed as light skinned vs dark skinned men red light skinned women vs dark skinned men disappear both can sometimes be seen together one does not completely overtake the other Athens Acropolis the castle of the cityquot If attacked this is well fortified Agora open space surrounded by buildings Constitutional Structures 3 groups of inhabitants Citizens Athenians 30000 biggest population excludes women children etc small portion of large population didn t want just anyone to be a citizen easier to reach consensus in government Resident Aliens Metoikoi never actually citizens can t hold office or vote just live in area amp may be protected by laws 23 September 2015 Slaves Douloi all Greek citystate had this Government Oligarchic Athens Eupatridai blue bloods noble ones monopolize much of the government Demos the people mob Doesn t matter how rich popoular or powerful you are if you don t have the right bloo you can t rule Assembly Ekklesia assembly of the entire citizenship used for voting possible not probable Actual Historical Developments Athens hardly founds colonies Pressure at home Social reforms Kylon 631 tyrant Megakles amp the Alkmeonidai kill supporters of Kylon Draken 620 wrote severe legislation death penalty used loosly Solon Seisakintheia 594 shaking off of budens cancelation of debts no Athenian could lose citizenship because of debt no Athenian could use citizenship for borrowing creates 2 councils Boule of 400 members 100 mem From each of the 4 tribes making up the citystate sitting in office for 1 year terms redefines social classes originally based on birth now based on wealth 4 classes Pentakosiomedimnoi 23 September 2015 4 bushels of grain produced Hippeis poorer than previous one mentioned but rich enough for horses Zeugitai midclass farmers Thetai laborers too poor to own land pick up random jobs Strange to our point of view but it is progressive theoretica11y hardwork riches increased gov position


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