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Foundational Ideas

by: Tyler Murphy

Foundational Ideas amh 2097

Tyler Murphy
American History race and ethnicity
R. Soash

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About this Document

Race, Nationality, and ethnicity notes
American History race and ethnicity
R. Soash
Class Notes
amh2097, race, ethnicity, race in us
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tyler Murphy on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to amh 2097 at Florida State University taught by R. Soash in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see American History race and ethnicity in History at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 09/30/15
Foundational Ideas AMH 82715 gt A way of grouping people together based off the gt country where they were born or have citizenship a way of classifying groups of people who have something in common culturally ex Language religion food and traditions a way of classifying groups of people on the basis of real or imagined physical characteristics seen as innate xed inherent existing from birth Problematic Classi cations Nationaity it doesn t always re ect the way in which a group self iden es Ex 1 Subjects of the AH empire 2 Kurds in Turkey Iraq and Iran Ethnicity it doesn t always provide an indication about the location from which the person emigrated Ex Jewish immigrants Pre1948 Problems with the concept of race 1 it was invented carl Linnaeus 1735 Four races European American African and Asian Based his conceptions of race off of the idea of the 4 bodily humors and the 4 personalities which he equated with groups of people 2 Never any scienti c consensus on the number of races Other authorities Johann Blumenbach late 17005 5 races Jean Armand De Quatrefages early 18005 3 races Joseph Deniker late 18005 over 20 races Dictionary of Races early 19005 hundreds of entries 3 Racial Color Schemes Linnaeus and Blumenbach rst scientists to equate race with color Issues What do you do with quotin between peoplesquot like those from the Middle East Racial color isn t a particularly accurate representation of a persons actual skin tone 4 Using racial divisions people took unquanti able subjective traits ones that vary from individual to individual and presented them as xed biological truths applicable to entire groups of people Beauty Intelligence Energy Levels Cunning Ex Blumenbach and human beauty 5 The biological aspect of race used to justify racial hierarchies Racial and Ethic Hierarchies a system of strati cation based on the belief that different groups are superior or inferior to others Even bigger inconsistency Race is supposedly xed or innate yet whenever the order of the groups on the racial hierarchy changed so too did the portrayals of their physical characteristics 6 is a very rough approximation based on miniscule physical differences Racial Stereotypes Oversimplified images or ideas regarding the characteristics of entire groups of people negative stereotypes why bad positive stereotypes also problematic why


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