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Native Americans

by: Tyler Murphy

Native Americans amh 2097

Tyler Murphy
American History race and ethnicity
R. Soash

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About this Document

American History race and ethnicity
R. Soash
Class Notes
native peoples, Native Americans, amh 2097, noble
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tyler Murphy on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to amh 2097 at Florida State University taught by R. Soash in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 67 views. For similar materials see American History race and ethnicity in History at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 09/30/15
912015 Native Peoples quotWe were enslaved and colonized as American Indiansquot 1500012000 BCE Large nomadic wandering tribes of people from northern and eastern Asian crossed the Bering Strait Groups moved down the coast to different parts of Us and south America late 14005 Columbus 1492 landed in Cuba and made way around for search for faster route to Asia rather than going around Africa early 15005 Spain first to establish long term presence in new world Cortez conquered Tenochtitlanmodern day Mexico city by conquering 200 plus years of control in Latin America and southeastern us Early 16005 British established permanent presence in new world in James town Native population pre Columbus 1020 mil native people in Americas spread of viruses across an area where no similar diseases have occured before ex Small pox kalmura typhis ebonic plague no strong immunity because 1 as they crossed the land bridge they tended to leave sick and dying behind 2 Few domesticated animals compared to Europeans population decline Cortez went to conquer Tenochtitlan roughly 300 mil inhabitants repulsed small pox hit and Cortez was able to come and conquer with only handful of men killed 34 black feet tribe Stereotypes 1 Inferior Race quotRedquot Origins Southeastern groupscherokee and creek lndians referred to themelves Red Soil Linaeus 4 personality traitsirritabe and grouchy Why did European colonists embrace it took seriously idea of color race is innate unchanging Color associations Lawmaking Noble Savage Origins European philosophers had theory that colonies in Us were biblical forests viewed people living there as noble Characteristics nobility piety goodness Examples lgnoble Savage Origins individuals who struggle with wilderness on a daily basis 0 Much less positive view of those who reside on that land 4 The Ecological Indian 0 More recent version of the noble savage stereotype Refers to environmentalist Ecologists vs conservationists Pleistocene Extinctions mammoths giant armadillo hunted to extinction The Hohokam50000 indivs living in harsh enviro of the Arizona desert o Altering the Enviro built largest canal system to irrigate farm land 0 Their downfall came from canals so much water was brought in with numerous minerals that they created mineral and vitamin deposits that disturbed the ecological balance Buffalo Clich they used every part of the animal applied only to some tribes Head smashed in buffalo jump 0 Methods create a stampede where all buffalo fall of the cliff o Origins indian boy wandered down into area and witnessed buffalo piling up so many failing that they squished him into the wall and smashed his head 0 Individual Tastes prefer female over male because hides were easier to work with Fire 0 Natives used re to burn land and drive out animals Pocahantas Colors of the Wind 0 Subvert stereotypes superhuman runs as fast as the deer picks up a bear cub and didn t get mawled Embrace Stereotypes


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