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Sept 28 class notes

by: Alyson Forman

Sept 28 class notes CRS 333

Alyson Forman
Small Group Communication
M. Lopoo

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About this Document

Prof. Loopoo's sept. 28 in class notes
Small Group Communication
M. Lopoo
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alyson Forman on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CRS 333 at Syracuse University taught by M. Lopoo in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see Small Group Communication in Journalism and Mass Communications at Syracuse University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
Norms and Roles Norms are broad rules that designate appropriate behavior for all group members while roles stipulate specific behaviors that are expected for individual group members Understanding the Influence of Roles Role Reversal technique used to initiate an understanding of role status importance prestige or power Role Conflict torn between playing 2 roles student vs employee TVIoes of Roles Formal position that is assigned usually accompanied by titles Informal emerges from group transaction and emphasizes functions not positions 3 diff types of informal roles Task Roles extract max productivity Maintenance Roles gain and maintain cohesiveness Disruptive Roles focus attention on the individual Task Roles InitiatorContributor suggests or proposes to the group new ideas She offers a novel point of view concerning problems procedures goals or solutions Information Seeker asks for clarification of suggestions made in terms of their factual adequacy for authoritative information and facts pertinent to the problem being discussed OpinionSeeker asks primarily for a clarification of values pertinent to what the group is undertaking or values involved in various suggestions that have been made Information Giver offers facts or generalizations which are quotauthoritativequot or relates hisher own experience pertinent to the group problem ClarifierElaborator spells out suggestions in terms of examples or developed meanings offers a rationale for suggestions previously made and tries to deduce how an idea or suggestion would work out if adopted primarily upon relevant facts or information Coordinator shows or clarifies the relationships among various ideas and suggestions tries to pull ideas and suggestions together or tries to coordinate the activities of various members of subgroups SecretarvRecorder writes down suggestions makes a record of group decisions or writes down the product of discussion The recorder fills the role of quotgroup memoryquot Facilitator guide or discussion leader Provides leadership without taking the reigns Devil s Advocate Ensures that all arguments have been heard and looks for holes in the group s decisionmaking process in case there is something overlooked Maintenance Roles SupporterEncourager provides praise and encouragement HarmonizerTension Reliever reduces tension through humorsmoothing GatekeeperExpediter controls flow of info promotes balanced participation Feeling Expresser monitorsexpresses feelings of group members Disruptive Roles Stagehog monopolizes conversation Isolate deserts the group aloof and uninvolved Clown interferes with serious discussions by jokinghorsing around Blocker exhibits uncooperative adversarial negative influence on group FighterController tries to dominate group competitive abusive Zealot sermonizes on pet causes and ideas Cynic predicts failure finds fault focuses on negatives displays sour outlook Role Fixation Role Fixation acting out a specific role and that role alone no matter what the situation might require Most likely candidates leader information giver feeling expresser tension reliever Role Emergence Roles each member will play have not been designated in advance but emerge from transactions Group Endorsement group must accept a bid for your desired role Role Specialization when you settle in your role but are not limited to assuming others


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