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Historic Site Administration Week 3 Lecture Notes

by: Downing Notetaker

Historic Site Administration Week 3 Lecture Notes HP 420

Marketplace > Southeast Missouri State University > HP 420 > Historic Site Administration Week 3 Lecture Notes
Downing Notetaker
Historic Site Administration
Dr. Joel P. Rhodes

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About this Document

Detailed week 3 notes. Week 2 notes were lost due to a technical glitch.
Historic Site Administration
Dr. Joel P. Rhodes
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Downing Notetaker on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HP 420 at Southeast Missouri State University taught by Dr. Joel P. Rhodes in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
9815 Mission Statements Preservation and maintenance are good buzzwords to apply in mission statements We maintain preserve and interpret stuff as well as educate Determine a period of significance Determine the Who What Where When Why and How A good mission statement is concise Expose yourself to more mission statements It is your chief tool In SWOT match up strengths and opportunities Try to match weaknesses with in the decision category and determine what can be done and what cant be done Use strengths to defend your weaknesses Come up with about 4 or 5 goals Example 1 Create a comprehensive Development Plan to secure adequate funding 2 Pursue and develop relationships with a variety of cultural educational and heritage partners 3 Develop special events at the place that attract excite and intrigue people 4 Create a Heritage Education Plan for the place that is connected to state of Missouri curriculum guidelines and that incorporate issues of scope and sequence to allow for repeat visits 5 Create an Interpretive Plan and Interpretive Training Manual to guide to the interpretation of major themes at the place Every dollar you spend should be traceable back to your goals All hours and expenditures should be directly linked the mission statement Most of your input is going to come from your board and director Staff is very valuable in the shortrange planning Assign a coordinator to each one of the goals A goal must be quantifiable you have to be able to measure it can include numbers Has to have a very specific timetable with regular meetings Implementation is the fourth step If planning in the first three stages has been smooth implementation should be no problem Teamwork is essential Must be fast on your feet and be able to react fast Check your progress regularly Talk with your team regularly make sure staff know that they will not be punished if they are overscheduled or overbudget Last Step is Evaluation step 5 Planning should be a cyclical process not a linear one 91015 Interpretive Programming The British believe philosophically that sites speak for themselves Americans believe that sites speak for themselves in a language that most people don39t get Interpretation is both a process and a product it is both a program and an activity Colonial Willamsburg is the flagship for living history sites in US Enos Mills was the first person to use the word quotinterpretationquot in site context Tilden39s book is still considered the standard in HP Interpreters are the middlemen Tildens principles 1 impart on your visitors a sense of place all interpretation has to be geared to the life experience to the visitors themselves 2 You have to have a memorable ending a good resolution must balance education with entertainment 3 Interpretation requires a certain personality Better suits extroverts 4 You are seeking to provoke your visitor aim to change their minds People don39t want to see history with all the warts They want to see clean history It can be difficult to interpret sexuality in history History is perspectivistic History is experienced differently by different people depending on race religion or sex 6 Children39s programming should not be dumbed down Present differently


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