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Historic Site Administration Week 4 Lecture Notes

by: Downing Notetaker

Historic Site Administration Week 4 Lecture Notes HP 420

Marketplace > Southeast Missouri State University > HP 420 > Historic Site Administration Week 4 Lecture Notes
Downing Notetaker
Historic Site Administration
Dr. Joel P. Rhodes

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About this Document

Historic Site Administration
Dr. Joel P. Rhodes
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Downing Notetaker on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HP 420 at Southeast Missouri State University taught by Dr. Joel P. Rhodes in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
91515 7 Every place has a history Interpreters must bring it alive Updating Tilden with Larry Beck and Ted Cable 39s quotInterpretation for the 21st Century Fifteen Guiding Principles for Interpreting Nature and Culture Remember that the AASLH is a great place to look for jobs and preservation workshops of different kinds Check the reference section in the library We really only remember about 20 of what we hear 30 of what we see 50 of what we see and hear together is typically what people remember People remember almost 70 of what they say and do so get people talking Actively encourage them interact especially if they are kids Craft demonstrations engage all of people39s senses best method The more engaged you get the more attention you39ll get 8 Technology must be incorporated with foresight and care Orientations videos at the beginning of tours are very helpful About 10 minutes is all you want with a video Motion detector within site that plays music or videos 9 Interpreters must concern themselves with quantity and quality Focused and well researched is preferable to longwinded and meandering 10 Continue to develop communication techniques 11 Interpretive writing label copy should address what readers want to know with the authority of wisdom and humility When you write a label copy you can39t seem condescending 12 Interpretive programs must be capable of attracting support financial volunteer political and administrative Interpretation has to be able to attract support and visitors 13 Instill an appreciation for and future commitment to resource preservation You want to convert long term soldiers in the preservation army 14 Promote the optimal experience by integrating programming and facility design 15 Passion for the resource and the visitor It helps if you have people on staff that are passionate about the sitesubject Thou shalt not be boring National Park Service quotInterpretive Equationquot KrKa AT IO Kr knowledge of resource drawing connections between the tangible elements of the site artifacts structures environment and the intangible ideas associated with those resources Ka knowledge of audience AT appropriate technology IO interpretive opportunity creating favorable interpretive environment and opportunities where interpretation can take place even when visitors resist or avoid it Signifier Signified Sign 91715 Interpretive Programming Three spheres What the historic site offers What the visitor wants know you audience connect the artifact to the visitor Good to understand your visitor demographics Communication strategies Essential Historic Site Plans and Reports Historic structure report is essential for two reasons If any treatment must be done an Historic structures report is necessary It also helps guide the maintenance of the building It is very research intensive Usually done in an interdisciplinary profession Acknowledge the historic context Historic Structures Report A History of the structures 1 construction remodeling demolition 2 use function design aesthetics meaning symbolism 3 historical context local regional national B RecommendationsObjectives Social History Report Weed out some of the myths Historic Landscaping Report Landscaping is where the site sits The geology and geography of the site is importance Furnishing Plan Document the evidence of roomspace use and furnishing interior appearance and inventory over time as complete and detailed as your research will make possible Guides the furnishings installations and provides permanent record of object placement in the historic site this will be the manual for any reconstruction rehabilitation reinterpretation Content Thematic Interpretation


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