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by: Eleazar Batz


Eleazar Batz
GPA 3.72

Douglas Harper

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About this Document

Douglas Harper
Class Notes
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This 28 page Class Notes was uploaded by Eleazar Batz on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 480 at Western Kentucky University taught by Douglas Harper in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see /class/216680/phys-480-western-kentucky-university in Physics 2 at Western Kentucky University.




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Date Created: 09/30/15
Doug Harper WKU Physics Physical Constants and Conversion Factors uan 1 m 0 a ue 0 er t39 Sy b l V l CGS SI th Avagadro s number NA 6022quot1023 mol391 Boltzmann constant k3 1381 1039 ergK 103923 JK k3 8617 10395 eVK kBT at 300 K N 140 eV Ideal gas constant RNAkB 8314 107 ergK mol JK mol Plank s constant 11 6626 1039Z7erg sec 103934 J sec h 4136 103915 eV sec 3 1127 1054 103927 erg sec 103934 J sec 5 h27r 6583 1039 eV sec Proton charge e 1602 103919 C e 4803 103910 esu ke 2 1440 eV A Speed oflight 0 2997925 1010 cmsec 108 msec 1018 Asec o 30 cmnsec Permittivity of free space 50 1 1074739rc2885quot103912 CZNm2 Permeability of free space ut7 1 4739 X 10397 Ampereturnsm he 12400 eV A Atomic mass unit amu 1661 103924 g 103927 kg amu 9315 MeVcz Electron rest mass mg 9110 103928 g 103931 kg mg 0511 MeVcz Electron charge to mass ratio emz 5273 1017 statcoulg emz 1759 1011 Ckg Gravitational constant G 6672 10398 dy cmZg2 103911N mZkg2 Neutron rest mass mquot 1675 103924 g 103927 kg m 9396 Mevcz Proton rest mass mp 1673 103924 g 103927 kg mp 9383 Mevcz mpmz 18361 Bohr radius on i 2m2e 2 5292 10399 cm 1039 m 10391A Bohr velocity v0 e 20 2188 108 cmsec 106 msec 1016 Asec Classical electron radius r2 e 2mzc 2 2818 1039 cm 103915 m Compton wavelength AZ hmzc 2426 103910 cm 103912 m 10392 A Fine structure constant or e 2C 1370361 Rydberg constant Ry mze 427 2 2180 103911 erg 103918 J Ry 1361 eV Ry mze 0473 3c 109737 cm 1 Bohr magneton ub e2mzc 9274 103921 erggauss 103924 VIquot or ampm2 Electron mag moment uz 1001 ul7 9283 103921 erggauss 103924 VIquot or ampm2 Nuclear magneton un e2mpc 505 103924 erggauss 103927 VIquot or ampm2 Proton mag moment up 2 793 un 1411 103923 erggauss 1026 JI or ampm2 electron volt eV 1602 103912 erg 103919 J eVc 2 1783 103933 g 103936 kg eVc 2 1074 10399 amu eVkB 1161 104K eVh 2418 1014 Hz Atmospheric pressure atm 1013 105 Pa atm 760 Torr atm 147 lbsinz Z 4 OPEVOV FUVS A An opwaivr A Aemhci 52y 46 carat Mom 4 5a A a maw hwrw wta me 4524 Wir nm a 144 QMMW mi H 939gt m was San539 spur gt I mo Wlnen 1 ad on 9 km 01m n gwi H 4ww5r rrd 1quot lab ama l hu bra lt A lt5 OWEN Era mpquot lt If 39 Un t Disco41 il gtl gt I Par1 7 Opwm zwr Mm Wm rwImrf W 9quot 5170 1 7 jag Lfmvm 7omeM7 um 3 w 4 v M 39 Lap0039s MW W 92 W 9 I amp M w u M n4 4 231 8 ypp pr 39 mt D Berg Lars A A L pg 339 BA ro commaFakve man an AI We wlncr Hg Mquot wmn por 39539 0M asson39a F39w H we D 0M5 MT on W vms4 zm kj H m a new We Mwm 0 ad we A MM 9 39 lt d l A 4 gt gt RA 0 number In efn 39rrl l v Lama98 39 lt W A V gt 4quot Pepin5141 kMAE eyfechdw39xom Value 29 z g armor A Wm gs3 0 Mk 39 gtlt l 5 Ah af rmfor Le H at an W5 aspe l gtltIII1Vgt 4444514 6 r Lgt number 6 Hgtgtltw wwsgms Nb M ammlw Ma 4quot Idagt We 433m 9N4 Ma NIth aw IOVECHQW W701 N39W39i W Mum39raf w em39mquot Zy ii I 2a Wm H VWHI39k lI AJJ39oimL 0v CDVUIUjMLe clevmw by 0L 1 a av 53min r mt a walexc number A M complek wrjugadc 0439 1quot 7 rewvse order I f re mt LDD J winH39s if 4 31L 0m OPem br A drilch b3 A4 A lt IA ldgtgt QMMW To 41 LHM Hermfkam Angowr va 0M vaecsmn quot4 s w r 3v T 5 comka my 134w ndg vtLPluce gt by HM mmgfmr i g b Ems 3 k mplwe open ovs 3905 MW aa ju Exmu los uj dam M29 quot lt0 4 I 2 030443 21 I n W opev ov Me we a 7qu 0 4 H39erwu39J SW Arm Jr A A A or lt IAI gt cbIA Wgt Aw opequuv n Slcfm39Hmmn 0V m4p hw1mam 3 B ltWIEI gt lt BWgt Pro K eL n m O Pemharg A Hm WWI 393 5 1 FrojrzfBr av Prqj39dx39mn armmer l J A 9 A g F39 V4 gru H 0er He Irme am I nd pm Be 44 31 g and B we Proj linln opemlnvs W 21th h y h e Hm PNLIMH y 1 Pnjj f ln39Jh g rD39LOf A Pm A E 911w Frajrrtnrg gm z quot1 A A A gt55 B 7 2x 239 ln L ovmrvuA39t w NH r f i M p aBA th As I I A A n W 0W VET AXEM5 AER A 39 A 30 5 quota A DPF N TOE 39 I 59 Cowme Aquot I I I 94 LA h a TIM wwwww 01 4Wquot 0 mums A 9 i a eumimi a 8 viiM My quot 101010 A A A I IL rrl 397 I E r U 1 L 0T WIVVI MLLKJ JIL Exawlg A quot I mm in X Lb 9 0mm We X P05quot l quot awnW 142 Aquot J 1 0 MA we xw ww4 DI W PX 7 m3 Evulua C 2 R1 41 9 Use warm 6 l 41 394 BIT I 9x L I 9mm Maia Lanna 1 HA WK 50 sIme A Lk iyl WU we ch 2 G lx IM E A y A 9 d I a u 2 Ll39hcw39xs r l h gt I P2 J M i Uwevm39mij Qdm39x39aw 2 W 591quot n l 4 ClowstAw vd0 Helmhm 9 st A g B 4 a WWWyamquot 4 A V LE EXPEV4QJKbH Vol d4 7 1W1 Vquot 397 l v ltLH39BM7 7 gr751479 mm 11 b WIquot gt We ko 4 we UNLEP I AU Tleg M Mmgg MM 105 439quot M h w b h M x M 0 Q8 lt gt k mm M 0PM w eve OWN A 35 w z 511 New Hr we 2136 DP WWS A A AA A ltgt Mg f39s lt gt 0W3 435 5quot Eddum 7 39 A quot 9 owe LMn Q gar get Con 2457 WQW d64039Y5 Im Parkamg 5nnr 39 x I We SEE LIlAzJL A1 1 Hefge laev c UNeHaMj 3 N7yp Fumdw ows 0 032144428 A of w i A 1 5 v LA be a erf l n I 9 J may MArA we mun ar MwJ in a Tnglov Sam I V quotV HA 4 Wm wlwvc a m MM gnarl CM MMAPP A w A Ag 6 21 La m WC yx 1 NA 0 MW Twinquot mmbm 5 hut4 9 o w39oq 30 AFA1o In 0 A 39 FWWW J of F0 10 An LLBM 2m ADI 39 ydquot r 2quot IE A TL We15 0wquot 0 05 er A J w 4PJ39wz39 b A4 A quot quot i J 4 J A A A A j MELmm Mm H M UNAquot 995713910 39339 do43 diaanmy A V V 4 I A mm Of ml39uquot J S UMHWQT39 w E ivwise IS 921M 7 39r v rpm 1 Uzv 50 5 quot A A W 00 17 Ei MV XIU S WWI E6 wwrfovs COMSI A39Q V m bPem39i Ov A Allma a NO Mari e If A A No c a w Wm m zw abeudf quot OJ 445 1 lg M gigr WH39L o LOWE fundhj l b W evl wja uf 0quot a 42 A DPQMW W A haw9 6 A v 3 A J T l b NO 8W3 Wm 39p 5 WWWquot W J 1 i mk iq 0Mra w wrliw39mquot Me U 131 0ND 44W l gta lgt M Emwh Pawn 2H 8 A4 39 V A 11 A XISW s39 JM u r5 Effmung m Wm ECPV JC HQ 37 Ar 919 w 244 W1 A A L 1 J SM A A i we hamJ A N A MI W BU 2 I I If v Wc AO V 7ampAHgt a clpg Uu krj 393 011 3quot av 7X4 ik39jel A f 30 W6 QVIf AquotV2 c A JWquot l 1 l EO r 6 W f 21 Opera39bv a Manquot Md quot8 C i39a nm n39 o J v l f m quotme1 x a r r 39UWW 3V wma olr j 4v cflfwemw g l l lalxrs aw oquJ omJ flei A L At Wt Ammhm WEM 0x rm Md lt hngtgmh M Book Bag dd J v v a wml wo ahltdgtmldgthgt MN aim gt GM I 44956 era egrwf gdamg k l wgw 39Suoirywjx g 0w 0 5 am 0 So lr min 4M lt 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