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9/30 Notes

by: Hanna Markezich

9/30 Notes History 110

Hanna Markezich
Western Civilization to 1500

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About this Document

Western Civilization to 1500
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hanna Markezich on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to History 110 at Northern Illinois University taught by Fernandez in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see Western Civilization to 1500 in History at Northern Illinois University.


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Date Created: 09/30/15
Monday discussion of polis Secondary and Primary reading Chronology of Ancient Greece Bronze Age 0 Minoan World 20001600 BCE o Mycenaean World 16001100 0 Named after the Greek city Mycenae View and reconstruction of Acropolis httparthistorytownsblogspotcom2013O9O 1archivehtml Mycenaean World 0 palace economy Linear B script storage areas 0 palaces that had some form of centralized distribution of goods 0 monumentality military ethos forti cations Mycenaean terracotta Krater httpwwwmetmuseumorgtoahworksof art7451966 0 do not know much about the kings during this time because it was all military 0 Internationalization of the elite commercial networks 0 political leaderships wanakes o missionaries for the Mycenaeans O Ahhiyawa territorial state modern day Turkey 0 Achaeans All of this disappeared within a century How do we know this The Dark Ages little writing documents Greeks developed a different form of state after the Dark Ages palaces did not recover like they did in the Ancient Near East Going into the Dark Ages drastic decline in the demographic hard to estimate the percentage though long distance relations failed writing disappeared the Greeks would develop a new form of writing but until 34 centuries later 0 alphabet script What happens in ancient Greece does also happen in the ancient Near East crisis of the palace Iliad and Odyssey Iliad the city of Troy was thought to be a myth Heinrich Schliemann 1 8221890 0 founder of the city of Troy or what is to believe is the city of Troy 6th century BCE the poems were written 0 Mycenaean World 0 12th century collapse 0 8th century recovery Construction continued after this point 0 76th century centuries later Writing of a war that took place in the 12th century theory several wars happened during this time Not sure if the war of Troy actually took place or not Bronze weapons and chariots were mentioned in the poems that do not belong to the 8th 7th or 6th but belongs to the Mycenaean World Poems describing a time between the 12th and 8th centuries O relying on own social categories 0 Example a president ruling during Louis XIV reign to describe a distant past poems were meant to be orally recited 0 they were repetitive for this purpose formal language main event of the Iliad 0 takes place during the Trojan War 0 Rage of Achilles Goddess sing the rage of Peleus son Achilles Murderous doomed that cost the Achaeans countless losses Hurting down to the House of Death so many sturdy souls Iliad I 3 0 To put it simply Achilles best friend or lover Patroclus had worn Achilles armor into battle Hector thought that Patroclus was Achilles and killed him In response Achilles goes completely mad He challenges Hector to a duel and is victor He ties Hector s body to a chariot and runs all over the land Achilles with the corpse of Hector httpsWWWpinterestcompin 5245 990565 7 085 l 3 58 Andromache can foresee the future They both know that Troy will fall soon Hector does not want Andromache and son to become servants or slaves glory Hector prays to Zeus that his son Will be a greater man than him expects his son to be a king Men in this society depend upon the approval of others men head of the households 0 competition Oikos is the Greek word for household 0 woman economy Within the household 0 man reputation of household 0 Echos of female voices 0 very small societies With male ideology Odyssey Odysseus s journey home from the Trojan War 0 king of Ithaca The man sing to me O Muse versatile in his way Who wandered full far after he sacked the sacred citadel of Troy Odyssey 1 13 mm heoi co m Odysseus and the Sirens httpwwwtheoicomPontiosSeireneshtml Penelope wife of Odysseus is pestered by suitors Telemachus son of Odysseus and Penelope decisions were made with an assembly not always the king suitors claimed that they would be the next king if one was to marry Penelope Telemachus was heir to the throne but weak Kingships from wanakes to basileus aristocracies households oikos political community and society self suf cient households political states oikos states T hetes landless peasants in Greek free male members in a household a king would prove his status by military actions


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