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by: Isom Douglas V


Isom Douglas V
GPA 3.71

Huanjing Wang

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About this Document

Huanjing Wang
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Isom Douglas V on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 476G at Western Kentucky University taught by Huanjing Wang in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/216693/cs-476g-western-kentucky-university in ComputerScienence at Western Kentucky University.




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Date Created: 09/30/15
Fall 2007 Hands On Question Suppose that you are the owner of a small hotel which has 3 oors with 8 rooms on each oor numbered as 11 1218 on oor 1 212228 on oor 2 and 313238 on oor 3 Rooms with numbers which are an exact multiple of 5 contain a king size bed rooms with numbers that are an exact multiple of 4 contain a queen size bed rooms with numbers that are an exact multiple of 3 but not of 4 or 5 contain 2 double beds and all other rooms contain a single bed You want to create and maintain a Hotel simulation where the hotel starts off as empty People leave before noon and can check in after 100 PM on the day they arrive Rooms of the appropriate type are filled on the lowest available oor and with the smallest available room number If no room of the requested type is available the guest cannot check in The four command formats for the simulation are described below Read the commands from a file called hoteltxt There is exactly one command per line starting in column 1 and for the I command there is at least one blank between different fields in a given command but there might be more and other white spaces Command formats 1 D denotes the start of a new day at noon Output required none 2 F print current occupancy by oors Output required print the non vacant rooms by increasing oor and room numbers indicating who is in which room If the hotel is vacant print Hotel vacant 3 A print current occupancy alphabetically Output required print in alphabetical order the guests names and the number of the rooms they currently are in If the hotel is vacant print Hotel vacant 4 I name days type person requests a check in where name is a person s last name maximum of 20 characters days is the number of nights the person wants to stay type is the type of room the person requests where KKing QQueen D Double SSingle Output required If a room of the requested type was available the following output is printed Reservation is made for in room of type 7 for i nights where are filled in with the appropriate information If no room of the requested type was available the following output is printed Sorry all rooms of your requested type are filled Here is a sample input file and corresponding output D I Smith 2 K I Jones 1 K IMerci 1 S I Cary 3 K IZiegler 2 K iegler 1 K ee 2 Q F N gtUWUgtHHUWgt Reservation is made for Smith in room 15 of type K for 2 nights Reservation is made for Jones in room 25 of type K for 1 nights Reservation is made for Merci in room 11 of type S for 1 nights Reservation is made for Cary in room 35 of type K for 3 nights Sorry all rooms of your requested type are filled print an alphabetical list see below 1 print a list by oors see below 2 Reservation is made for Ziegler in room 25 of type K for 1 nights Reservation is made for Lee in room 12 of type Q for 2 nights print an alphabetical list see below 3 print a list by oors see below 4 print an alphabetical list see below 5 Printed list 1 Room 35 Cary Room 25 Jones Room 11 Merci Room 15 Smith Printed list 2 Room 11 Merci Room 15 Smith Room 25 Jones Room 35 Cary Printed list 3 Room 35 Cary Room 12 Lee Room 15 Smith Room 25 Ziegler Printed list 4 Room 12 Lee Room 35 Cary Printed list 5 Hotel vacant You can assume that the information in the file satisfies the described format and that no commands or room types are used in the file other than the ones described in this problem The number of commands in the file is not limited and the file can start or end with any of the four valid commands If you are programming in Java you may use the sun java documentation installed on the PC you are using there should be a shortcut on the desktop for it If you are using C or C you may use the MSDN documentation on the PC you are using You may not use the INTERNET N0 emajl n0 web searching n0 instant messaging n0 ftp etc If you use the network for any reason you are cheating


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