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by: Alfonso Considine
Alfonso Considine
GPA 3.83


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alfonso Considine on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ELED 407 at Western Kentucky University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see /class/216706/eled-407-western-kentucky-university in Education and Teacher Studies at Western Kentucky University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
Guidelines for Review of Social Studies Materials ELED 407 Name Carole Chaney 1 Review of software program should include Title of Program The Oregon Trail Publisher The Learning Company Running Time Varies according to user s speed of completion of activities and the computer s speed Hardware Requirements WinMAC computer Game Objectives Student will become an active participant in the westward movement through this simulation they will make real life decisions about their family s needs and the trip ahead How could teachers use this program This program could be used to teach the real life difficulties the pioneers encountered when trying to settle out west 2 Review of Video should include Title of Video PLIMOTH PLANTATION Producer VideoTours Inc Description of clip The year 1627 lives forever at Plimoth Plantation in this Plimoth Plantation Video you learn first hand the stories of the men and women who settled in the New World You also Visit the Wampanoags Whose help was essential to the colonist s survival How teachers could use this program This Video can be used to teach about the rst successful European settler s arrival and living situation in the 1620s 3 Review of social studies textbook should include Title of Textbook 50 Social Studies Strate ies for K8 039 Publisher Prentice Hall Grade Level Kindergarten through eight grade Copyright 2002 How does the text meet diverse needs This textbook helps children make sense of their personal world The strategies are designed for the student to discover social studies from their own perspective What supplementary materials are available with the text The book contains assessment tools for individual grade levels and the National Council for Social Studies standards indicators 4 Review of social studies kit or game should include Describe the pa1ts of the kit or game This is a complete software package which is broken down into manageable lesson plans and activities for teaching social studies concepts Describe publisher date author Population Connection 2003 2005 V39 L V VI V 0 Summarize purpose of kit or game This kit contains interactive simulations of how the world has become populated over time How could it be used in the classroom It could be used to teach how the world has changed since time began or how the world has limited space and resources therefore we must conserve it with great care Review of ve children s books should include o Annotated bibliography for each book Waters Kate 1993 Samuel Eaton s Day A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Boy Scholastic Inc New York NY This book provides the reader with a realistic look at the daily activities of a small boy living at Plimoth Plantation in 1627 It also tells about the family unit and their method of survival in the harsh climate This book can be used to make real life connections about how children s lives have changed and remained the same since the period Davis Kenneth C 2002 Don t Know Much About the Pilgrims HarperCollins Publishers Hong Kong China This book has many tidbits of facts about the Pilgrims It is a informational type book it is written in short clips of informational text The book can be used to teach facts about the Pilgrims It could also be used to teach research skills Hall Donald 1979 The 0x Cart Man Puffrn Books New York NY This book is a great means of teaching economic practices The reader develops an understanding about how goods get to market This could be used to teach goods and services verses the supply and demand for specific products This book could also teach the methods the Mennonite communities work to achieve their financial success Cohen Carson Lee 1988 MudPony Scholastic New York NY This traditional story teaches the Native American s cultural heritage of the earth and the spiritual emphasis they have for the earth It can be used to teach Native American cultural beliefs and expectations for their people to live a humble existence while keeping close to mother earth Bruchac Joseph 1993 The First Strawberries A Cherokee Story PuffinBooks New York NY This traditional children s book can be used to teach the importance Native Americans have for their female members The woman leaves after the man fusses about her daily work She doesn t stop until the earth and sun unite to grow strawberries at her feet The wife is portrayed as strong and self reliant This can teach how females have a more dominant role in the activities of their group s dynamics Review of 10 websites should include History 1 PLIMOTH PLANTATION httpwwwplimothorg 5quot This an interactive website that allows the reader to enter a realistic simulation of life in 1620s at Plimoth Plantation There are both Native American and Eourpean information on this website In the Classroom this can be used to make real life connections with the Pilgrims and Native Americans from the past MAYFLOWERHISTORY httpwwwma owerhistorycomHistoryeXploreSphp This website contains information about the voyage of the ship the May ower There a great painting of the ship and geographical area the immigrants could have seen as they set out on their trip This site has a passenger list historic information genealogy information and historical societies and museums connected to this page In the Classroom this can be used to look at the records of the passengers that perished after setting sail to this new country Geography 3 5 Culture 5 APPLES FOR THE TEACHER This website contains activities for teaching the various cultures around the world There are activities for geography the Presidents of the United States and holidays In the Classroom this site can be used to teach multiple lessons about history and geography I chose to list this site because of the interactive games about geography of the US and the world It can be useful in teaching community responsibility and citizenship It also has the different subjects offered in this page It is designed for both teacher and student use httpwwwappl quot 39 MY COMMUNITY OUR EARTHiC 39 39 Sustainable Development This site offers information about the various studies of geographical use of the land It shows what other groups are doing to help insure the land is being utilized for human needs and what is require to be good stewards of the resources available In the Classroom this can be used to teach geography and good land management examples Ti also can be used to teach what is needed to be a conservationist to protect the world s resources thus insuring future generations of home long after we have perished htt wwwaa or sustainable 39I 1I u I Learning for NATIONAL DANCE EDUCATION ORGANIZATION This site contains information about the physical expression of dance within our culture It has multiple resources of organizations promoting the study of dance as an art form in our culture In the Classroom this can be used to teach dance as a cultural form of expression in civilization httpwwwndeoorgartsedasp 6 KINDRED TRAILS WORLD WIDE GENEALOGY RESOURCES While this site contains all counties in Kentucky I chose this website as a genealogy resource for Allen County and Scottsville Kentucky In the Classroom it can be used to teach ancestry connections and research skills for locating information about the people of the past httpwww 39K39 Allen County 111 cnm KY Allen html genealogy of Civics 7 THE WHITE HOUSE This website provides a look at what is currently being discussed in the United States President s home This site contains links to political issues governmental concerns governmental offices communication and Presidential speeches In the Classroom this could be used to teach government and jobs each office is responsible to maintain for our country It can used to write a journal response about what they read and what it made them think about thus teaching critical thinking skills about government httpwwwwhitehousegov 8 FIRST GOV FOR KIDS This site provides a thorough list of links available for children to learn about the federal government In the Classroom this can be used to teach federal government branches and responsibilities history of government and becoming a political involved citizen httpwwwkidsgovkigovhtm Economics 9 US BULLION DEPOSITORY This is a tourism link but it provides a look at the Fort Knox Mint It list tour information In the Classroom this link could be a fantasy field trip site There are several museum links in this site around the Louisville area This along with other links could be used as a treasure hunt of information about money in the state I httpwwwvaacatinn W 39 listman listin s 10089html 10 YOUNG INVESTOR This link uses interactive activities to each children how the stock market works It also has the capabilities of presenting the information in Spanish In the Classroom this link could be used for teaching nancial gains and losses within the stock market s framework There are multiple activities for children to utilize Keeping a detailed nancial chart of the gains and losses in the classroom will display the groups activities and outcome for all to observe as a classroom community httpwww 39 com kids plavIt 7 Review of a community national or state resources should include A httpwww quot 39 vcom County Judge Executive 270 2373631 Allen County Judge Executive PO Box 115 Scottsville KY 42164 Johnny L Hobdy County JudgeExecutive 39ohnnyalencountykentuc com This site has link to the local camber of commerce tax payer information and forms for local and state taxes and a weather link It also has information about the various city of cers and their responsibilities This could be used to teach local government in the county where live It would be a good resource for teaching the structure of government in rural areas in the state There are links that allow the reader to contact specific of ces in the government B htth lnarks kv MIkSbrlndexhtm Barren River State Resort Park 1149 State Park Road Lucas KY 421569709 800 325 0057 BarrenRiver k ov This website promotes the Barren River State Resort Park It list the attractions and the amenities the resort has to offer patrons choosing to visit There is a link to a directional map for reaching the park This website could be used to teach children about the community in which they live as well as nancial and recreational opportunities ofthe area This site allows students to see the topographical map ofthe park via the interactive GIS map on the Kentucky Geography Network The classroom can also receive a newsletter from the website about the park


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