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by: Hudson Stamm


Hudson Stamm
GPA 3.83

Frederick Grieve

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About this Document

Frederick Grieve
Class Notes
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This 65 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hudson Stamm on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 455 at Western Kentucky University taught by Frederick Grieve in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see /class/216709/psy-455-western-kentucky-university in Psychlogy at Western Kentucky University.




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Date Created: 09/30/15
Module One In traductian to the Clinical Practice of Psychology PSY 455 Rick Grieve PhD Western Kentucky University Clinical Psychology Definition The field of clinical psychology involves research teaching and services relevant to the applications of principles methods and procedures for understanding predicting and alleviating intellectual emotional biological psychological social and behavioral maladjustment disability and discomfort applied to a wide range of client populations Resnick 1991 p 7 Clinical Psychology What sets clinical psychologists off from other people who perform similar functions is a focus on science Scientific clinical psychology is the only legitimate and acceptable form of clinical psychology Richard McFall 1991 p 76 Historical Perspectives f Demonological Model Abnormal behavior caused by demonic M possession Divine will and spirits Treatment for abnormal behavior logic rouows rrom tne perceived causem Early Greek Ideas urlglns DI the lVledlcal lVlOdel Hippocrates Historical Perspectives Four Humours Phlegm phlegmatic Black Bile Melancholia Blood sanguine Yellow Bile choleric Galen Medieval Times Belief in supernatural again k quot Roman Catholic Church influence Exorcism Historical Perspectives Witchcraft 39 More likely to be someone who was not liked as someone who exhibited abnormal behavior Paracelsus Asylums Became storehouse for mentally ill in 15th amp 16th centuries Treatment horrid St M Historical Perspectives Franz Anton Mesmer Reform Movement and Moral Therapy Jean Baptiste Pussin Phillipe Pinel Moral therapy Philosophy that emphasized treating hospitalized patients with care and understanding William Tuke Dorothea Dix Benjamin Rush Historical Perspectives A Step Backward Apathy Calls for mental health care reform Community Mental Health Movement Came about due to the invention of phenothiazines Deinstitutionalization It does have its critics Historical Perspectives v Contemporary Perspectives Biological Psychological DiathesisStress Sociocultural Biopsychosocial Functioning as a ScientistPractitioner Mental hea h professional ngsumer of science 0 thancing the practice luator of science e ermining the ctiveness of the actice Creator of science Conducting research that leads to new procedures useful K V 39 V in practice Fig 12 p 6 MENTAL HEALTH PRACTITIONERS Psychiatrist Clinical psychologist Counselin s chooist Pastoral counselor Social Worker l l Psychoanalyst School Psychologist I l MENTAL HEALTH PRACTITIONERS l Clinical psychologist Counseling psycl loigist Psychoanalyst School Psychologist l Pastoral counselor l W Social Worker K Typical Daily Activities See patients in 15minute increments Manage medication Oversee hospitalized patients Can conduct physical examinations of patients Treat physical ailments MENTAL HEALTH PRACTITIONERS Psychiatrist L l Counseling psychologist Psychoanalyst School Psychologist Pastoral counselor Social Worker Typical Daily Activities See clients in onehour time blocks for therapy complete Intellectual or personality assessments Including diagnosis Consult Supervision Teaching Research Administration MENTAL HEALTH PRACTITIONERS Psychiatrist Clinical psychologist Psychoanalyst School Psychologist l Pastoral counselor l W Social Worker Typical Daily Activities See clients in onehour time blocks for therapy Consult 1 Supervision Teaching 1 Research Differences between clinical and counseling psychologists 2x as many people apply to clinical programs though acceptance rates are similar GRE scores are higher for clinical Counseling programs accept more minority students and students wmaster s degrees Research focusing on minority issues ommon in counseling programs Research focusing on psychological disorders and health psyc is more common in clinical programs MENTAL HEALTH PRACTITIONERS Psychiatrist Clinical psychologist Counseling psychologist School Psychologist Pastoral counselor Social Worker K Typical Daily Activities See clients almost daily for onehour therapy sessnons Also do brief psychotherapy 39 If also physicians can prescribe medications MENTAL HEALTH PRACTITIONERS lssychiatrist j Clinical psychologist l Counseling psychologist Psychoanalyst i l ll School Psychologist I FaSIOI39al COUFISelOl39 J l Social Worker Typical Daily Activities Solve problems in schools 39 Adjustment issues with children 39 Programmatic issues 39 Advocate for evidencebased practices in schools Complete intellectual and personality assessments Team meetings to develop lEPs Meet with students and families and teachers for interventions sometimes therapy What Is the Role of a School Psychologist Assessment Consultation for student and systemslevel change Prevention Intervention Staff parent and student education Hesearcn and program development Mental health care Advocacy MENTAL HEALTH PRACTITIONERS Psychiatrist Clinical psychologist Counseling psycl loigist Psychoanalyst School Psychologist l Social Worker K Typical Daily Activities quot Complete therapy and integrate religious teachings into the therapy sessions MENTAL HEALTH PRACTITIONERS Psychiatrist iii Clinical psychologist Counseling psychologist Psychoanalyst 39l School Psychologist Pastoral Counselor Typical Activities Crisis management CounselingIntervention Group and individual Home visits Field is growing Graduate School What does it take to get into graduate school Recent 2005 survey 1 low 2 medium 3 high Master s Programs Letters of Recommendation 274 Research Experience 204 Work Experience 191 ClinicallyRelated Public Service 194 Extracurricular Activity 146 Interview 230 Personal Statement 263 GRE Scores 236 GPA 275 Graduate School Recent 2005 survey 39 1 low 2 medium 3 high 39 Doctoral Programs 39 Letters of Recommendation 282 39 Research Experience 254 39 Work Experience 187 39 ClinicallyRelated Public Service 191 39 Extracurricular Activity 141 39 Interview 262 39 Personal Statement 281 39 GRE Scores 250 39 GPA 274 Graduate Programs at WKU WKU offers graduatelevel psychology programs in Clinical Psychology MA School Psychology EdS lndustrialOrganizational Psychology MA Experimental Psychology MA Counseling Social Work Graduate Programs at WKU Admission Minimum Requirements GPA 300 GRE 850 Verbal Quantitative 12 hours of undergraduate psychology courses Three letters of recommendation Completion requirements Graduate Programs at WKU Averages for FA 2006 WKU Clinical Acceptees and average for last five years Number 11 51 39 arr I Psych GPA 354 357 GRE Verbal 456 458 GRE Quantitative 565 549 GRE Analytical Writing 42 45 GRE Total 10211008 Graduate Programs at WKU Averages for FA 2007 Fa2006 WKU School EdS Acceptees Number 12 7 GPA 349 361 GRE Verbal 440 449 GRE Quantitative 546 554 GRE Analytical Writing 46 39 GRE Total 986 1002 Graduate Programs at WKU Averages for FA 2006 WKU Counseling MA Students Number 25 currently enrolled in program GPA 339 GRE Verbal 450 GRE Quantitative 506 GRE Total 956 Graduate Programs v Averages for 20032004 Doctoral Level Acceptees GPA 354 Psych GPA 366 GRE Verbal 571 GRE Quantitative 626 GRE Total 1183 Graduate Programs v Averages for 20032004 Master s Level Acceptees GPA 337 Psych GPA 348 GRE Verbal 504 GRE Quantitative 549 GRE Total 1055 What if you don t want to go to grad school Do you have to go to graduate school to get a job with a psychology degree Top 10 Skills Employers Like in Psychology Majors Listening Skills Ability to Work on Teams Interpersonal Awareness Desire and Ability to Learn Willingness to Gain New Skills Focus on the CustomerClients Environmental Awareness Top 10 Skills Employers Like in Psychology Majors Adaptability Critical Evaluation ProblemSolving Sills J Other Skills Gained With a Psychology Major Literacy Statistical Familiarity Computer Literacy Research Skills Perspective Pragmatism So what kind of job can I get with my BA in Psychology 50 of Psychology graduates were employed with a forprofit company 20 public affairs or social services 13 teaching 9 sales 9 state or local government Salary range 2001 survey Range of 21 90040000 39 Management 30488 39 Teaching 25378 39 Counseling 24724 39 Social Work 23988 39 Sales 34451 39 Government 2000029000 Licensure What the heck is licensure anyway Purpose of licensing board to determine standards for admission into the profession to screen applicants applying for licensure to regulate the practice of psychology for the public good to conduct disciplinary proceedings involving violations of standards of professional conduct as defined by law Different Types of Licenses Licensed Psychologist Educa on 39 Doctorate in Psychology PhD PsyD EdD Training 39 One year postdoctoral training pass EPPP pass Oral Exam Supervision 39 One hour per week for one year then none Supervisor 39 Licensed Ps cholo39ist Different Types of Licenses i Licensed Psychological Practitioner Education Master s in Psychology MA MS Training 60 hours of graduate training pass EPPP pass Oral Exam Supervision One hour per week for five years after two years can petition for less frequent hen none Supervisor Licensed Psychologist Different Types of Licenses Psychological Associate Educa on 39 Master s in Psychology MA MS Training 39 48 hours of graduate work pass EPPP Supervision 39 One hour per week for one year after two years can petition for less frequent Supervisor 39 Licensed Ps cholo39 ist Different Types of Licenses Licensed Clinical Social Worker Educa on 39 Master s in Social Work MSW MSSVV Training 39 60 hours of gradua work pass licensing exam Supervision 39 One hour per week for two years afterwards none Supervisor 39 Licensed Clinical Social Worker Different Types of Licenses Nationally Certified School Psychologist Not really a license a certification Education EdS in School Psychology Training 60 hours of graduate work 1200 hour internship pass licensing exam Supervision NA Allows School Psychologists to easily move to a new state that accepts the credential Different Types of Licenses Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist LM FT Education Master s in Family Studies or other discipline that meets Board requirements Training 60 hours of graduate work pass a licensing exam Supervision 200 hours of supervision to be completed in fewer than two years no supervision once fully licensed Supervisor LMFT or other Boardapproved individual Different Types of Licenses Licensed Professional Counselor LPC Educa on 39 Master s in Counseling MA Training 39 60 hours of gradua pass a licensing exam Supervision 39 4000 hours past Master s Supervisor 39 Boardapproved supervisor c th specific courses History of Clinical Psychology Significance is not in names and dates but rather in understanding factors that have shaped clinical psych Most come from outside the field itself Slow and gradual Clinical psychology has emerged as a profession only recently and is still working to define its identity History of Clinical Psychology 2 Early Approaches to Mental Health care Others who have done it 39 Clergy 39 Shamans 39 Physicians 39 Individuals committed to societal welfare History of Clinical Psycholog Demonological Model Divine will and spirits Abnormal behavior cause by demonic possession It is the result of punishment by God Treatment for abnormal behavior loically follows from the perceived causes History of Clinical Psychology Somatogenic explanation Hippocrates 39 Four Humours Phlegm phlegmatic Black Bile Melancholia Bloo sanguine Yellow Bile choleric History of Clinical Psychology Moral Therapy Patients need to be treated humanely Phillipe Pinel Benjamin Rush Ps cholouical Exl lanations of Abnormal Behavior Jean Charcot Hippolyte Bernheim amp Piere Janet Hypnosis Which of course leads us to Freud History of Clinical Psychology v Biopsychosocial Model Biological factors 39 Genetics that contribute vulnerability 39 Dysregulation of neurotransmitters PsyChOIOglCal Tactors 39 Attention 39 Selfperception 39 Causal attributions 39 Emotions History of Clinical Psychology Social Factors 39 Stressful life events 39 Chronic stress 39 Interpersonal relationships 39 Social contexts History of Clinical Psychology It is important to note that the science of psychology preceded the profession of psychology Reverse of what usually happens Wundt begins the science of psychology 39 Though there are arguments for other people The History of Clinical Psychology Lightner Witmer 18671956 student of Wundt promoted the practical application 0 g 39 Coined the term clinical psychology 39 Began the first psychology clinic in 1896 39 Offered lst course In Clinical psycnonogy 39 Began lst clinical journal Psychological Clinic 39 Clinics for Child Evaluation 39 Received referrals for a number of different problems The History of Clinical Psychology 39 Had no examples or precedents 39 So he created his own standardized assessments and treatments 39 Used a treatment team approach 39 But a psychologist was the most prestigious member 39 Had physicians examine kids 39 Originally believed genetics to be the cause of the behaviors 39 Later espoused environmental causes Presented ideas to APA in 1896 to a cool recepti0n The History of Clinical Psychology Books that provided an impetus to the field A Mind that Found Itself 1908 Clifford Beers Psychotherapy 1909 Hugo Munsterberg 1St child guidance clinic established in 1909 b William Healer in Chicao WWI Freud advanced the field of clinical psychology Impact on psychology The History of Clinical Psychology 7 Clinical Psychology within nrn Clinical Psych in the 19303 amp 40s a Clinical psychology remained a small part of psychology until VWVII Testing movement advances clinical psychology Impact of VAs on clinical psychology The Boulder Model Scientistpractitioner The Vail Conference In 1968 design for PsyD Today 60 000 clinical psychologists The History of Clinical Psychology Research that changed the field Hans Eysenck 1952 39 Psychotherapy research Paul Meehl 1954 39 Clinical Judgment Sucks Carl Rogers 1954 39 Personcentered therapy Joseph Wolpe 1958 39 Systematic Desensitization The History of Clinical Psychology Albert Bandura 1969 39 Modeling amp vicarious learning Smith amp Glass 1979 39 Metaanalysis 39 Also showed that psychotherapy was effective Finally refuted Eysenck Elkin et al 1985 39 Psychotherapy treatment is effective 39 Dodo bird effect References Kendler H H 1987 Historical foundations of modern psychology Pacific Grove CA BrooksCole Norcross J C Kohout J L amp Wicherski M 2005 Graduate study in psychology 1971 to 2004 American Psychologist 60 959979 Schultz D P amp Schultz S E 1996 A history ofmodern psychology 6th edition Ft Worth TX Harcourt Brace Publishers Schultz D P amp Schultz S E 2004 A history of modern psychology 8 edition Ft Worth TX Harcourt Brace Publishers


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