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by: Ozzie Altenwerth
Ozzie Altenwerth
GPA 3.78

Daniel Reader

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About this Document

Daniel Reader
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ozzie Altenwerth on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 280 at Western Kentucky University taught by Daniel Reader in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/216728/geog-280-western-kentucky-university in Geography at Western Kentucky University.


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Date Created: 09/30/15
issue Eacn year urban Sprawtime encroacnment otnuman structures tnto naturat areasimreatensme enytronment tn m tttpte a s Oyer t mtttton acres per yea are payed oyer tn tne Umted States remoytng tarmtand thdttte nabttat and green na m nt n tt otttces roads Tne toss otyatuabte agrtcutturat tand tsyety sertous A 1997 Edg by tne Amertcan Farmtand Trust Ant tound tnat 79 ot tts yegetabtes and 52 ot tts datry products are produced tnat ts tnreatened by urban sprawt Tnere are atso negattye monetary consequence study Farth on tne A7 ot tne natton s trutt 69 on htghrquahty tarmtand to t H tu Ht 0f Hmk no r nu h stness teaders are otten met wttn a nude pubttc outcry Hundreds ot restdents may bu Show up at pubttc neartngs but tney are otten tgnore Roads one ottnettrst stgns ot urban sprawty actuatty nasten deyetopment by opentng up preytousty tsotated areas and communmes be tar stower tnan tnose same serytces tn communtttestnat are more compactty destgned Hsktng ttte and property as tne tengtn ot response ttme tncreases What does this mean to you As more and more numans are born tney mustttnd enougn space tor tood shetter tobsy and recreatton Tnts need tor more space comes and spectes tn tne Umted a g g 1 grasstands ptowed up tess resources are ayattabte tor nonnuman States atone nattye nabttat ts betng destroyed at unprecedented teyets and tnts tht cnangtng tnetr tandscapes to proytde shonrterm resources tor tnetr burgeontng poputattons Tne toss ot tand ts ot great concern to peopte tnterested tn presetytng w er purtttcatton or cteanstngtne atr andto t out ot productton tor exempte by betng payed over tt t generaHy constdered tost Peopte make Wtse dectstons about tne best uses parttcutar tand areas tr tney do not tne t at tt ttao otouattt tattu ttt ttt tutut prtces hkety to escatate Achieving sustainability Fighting urban sprawl does not mean that people will not be able to find homes jobs or recreational activities It does mean that people must obtain these necessities while retaining valuable farmland wildlife habitat and open spaces Communities a overthe United States are using environmentally sound planning procedures to ensure that urban sprawl will not consume all available land The American Farmland Trust has set up of ces throughout the country to help regions nd local solutions to unregulated development Technical assistance recommendations and the establishment of land protection demonstration projects eg farmer s markets can all help protect open spaces and farmland Landowners the public environmentalists and politicians must work togetherto protect farmland Land protection initiatives at the state and local levels will maximize the production and conservation ofvaluable land Activity The students will go to their local governmental agency and examine available information to determine changes in land use 1 Locate the agency in your area such as the agricultural extension agency soil conservation service county records building that has records of land use for the past several years 2 Ask the person in charge for any photographs that show the changing land use in this area photos obtained via planes and satellites have been taken for several decades and are often on le at these agencies You may have to select one particular area eg the area surrounding your town or city ifthere are many photos on le 3 Arrange the pictures by date and record the following information What was the land used for according to the earliest photos What is this same area currently used for What is the prognosis for land use in the future What is the ratio ofwildland to humandominated land in your photos 4 fthe person assisting you has the time ask whether the landscape has changed and in what ways during the past several years 5 Ask him or her whether there are any formal development plans for the area and whether they include preserving quotgreen spacequot andor wildlife habitat Questions 1 Has the overall use of the landscape changed during the past several years eg from forest to city from farmland to suburbs etc 2 What do you think the area will look like in the next 10 years 25 years 3 Has your area adopted a regional development plan for this area Does it include preserving native habitat or farmland 4 Do you think your area is representative ofwhat is happening in the rest ofthe United States If so what does this mean for the future of open spaces and habitat for other species 5 What can be done to preserve habitat in a time when more and more land is required for human use The issue There rs no screntrtrc orspute about the presence of greenhouse gases trorn the sun There rs aiso no orspute that the arnount of co2 rn the atrnosphere has rncreaseo trorn 28o pprn in 1880 to 380 pprn in 1988 an rncrease of 25 The past the earth has actuaHy warmed about 1 F Does thrs rnean that grooai Warming rs occurring Nobody knows tor certain but many atrnospherrc screntrsts are oecornrng concerned p rrnportant roie rn reieasrng co2 Desprte rncreasrng controis over emission the sheer number or the rate 19805 mi negate these controis Autornoories contrroute 25 or the co2 rr s ernrssrons no o rnentron ernrttrng other poiiutants anothe env onrnentai danger assocrateo wrth trnorng extracting and exporting petroieurn 39 rt or rt rt has aiready begun rt WiH profoundiy affect hurnan socretres erooai Warming rrra r uurrrr n r peopie Rising sea ieveiswrii threaten peaches coastai crtres and peopie The rnrgratron of rnriirons of peopiewouio strarn econornrc heaim and socrai services ontircts r r Wrth grooai Warming the arnount of 02 rn the atmosphere Thetransportatron sector rs one area that can p r Met a variety of easiiy cheapiy and painiessiy Achieving sustainability Autornoories are at the very heart of Arnerrcan socrai and modem The OH H n NW N h Ft he wrthout the environmentai consequences or current cars Aiternate tueisr such as propane ethanoi and rnethanoi can be pertecteo and used with very irttie engrne rnoortrcatron increased tuei efficiency that rs gettrng rnore rnries per gaiion couio reduce the arnount of petroieurn ourneo FinaHy deveioping aiternate tuei sources such as electrical solar and hydrogen could further reduce the need for burning fossil fuels without depriving people of their cars Activity Students will visit two parking lots in different areas and list the types of cars present to determine the amounts of 002 these cars release 1 Select two areas in your town with substantial parking lots These parking lots can be in different parts of town surrounding different types of stores food stores clothing stores discount stores or can be ofdifferent sizes shopping malls quotmom and popquot stores specialty shops 2 In groups oftwo walk through each parking lot writing down the following information for 20 cars it helps if at least one person knows about cars Car type Be speci c For example Ford F350 pickup truck The condition ofthe car new used but excellent badly used etc The size ofthe car very big large medium compact etc 3 Look through the window at the dashboard ofthe car on the right side You will see a series of numbers called the Vehicle Identification Number VIN The LAST alphabetic character ofthe VIN provides the year that the automobile was built lfyou cannot get the VIN number estimate the car s age 4 Use the NADA National Automobile Dealer s Association book to locate the weight of each car you recorded and the year of the car s manufacture according to the VIN number 5 Since CO2 emissions are tied to the weight ofthe car assume that each car emits as much 002 per year as it weighs Record this amount for each car Questions 1 Were there significant differences in the types and ages of the cars you saw in the different parking lots Why or why not 2 Did there seem to be a correlation between the cars and the type of store 3 Did there seem to be a correlation between the size and age ofthe cars 4 Which parking lot had the cars with the most estimated CO2 emissions Why might this be 5 Look up the weight information for your car What type of CO2 emissions does it have 6 Would you consider emissions ofair pollutants in the purchase of your next car Why or why not The issue Trres trorh cars trucks arrptahes orcvctes ahd Of oad vemdes are ah u oh paved gravet ahd drrt roads and re made to tast rhdetrhrtetv Thrs creates a prob em though What shoutd be done wrth trres Whe ev are ho tohger usaotev Thrs prooterh rs not a srhau ohe Over 240 rhrthoh trres tn the Umted SIates atohe are retrred trorh use each year jommg between 2 ahd4 orthoh used trres atreadv stockphed Over ta dtrus ourh uhcohtrohaotvtor rhohthst tahdtruedtrres atso tehdto rrse to the surtace or the and H are bmkyto drscard and do not decompose Ahothertorrh ottrre drsposat ourhr produces arr pOHuUOn rhtehse heat and nOxtOus turhes Oh v 2 or scrap trres are recyded or recovered each vear h the Umted States 39 attemauve means or drsposrhg or such products ottechhotogv must be touhd Crtrzehs are tess wrthhgto have used trres stored h therr area the WWW svhdrorhe Not th Mv acky ut Want the cohvehrehce ahd easrer htestvte orought oh ov such products as trres Umess other more ehvrrohrhehtauv souhd methods or drsposat are touhd trres a Q 1 potehtrauv recvctaote product 39 39 39 quot drscardrhg used trres Bummg desprte rts drawbacks can turn the rubber rhto ehergv ra a process caHed pvrotvsrs wmch produces OH that can be used as tuet Other uses or scr ptr r r h producrhg how rubber products such as storage toms and newures Ah t r r a o he thh that the 607 100thousahd mHeSthey currehttv tast Newtechhotogv coutd perhaps create atrre fevv vears Activity The student will determine the life of a tire after it is discarded by interviewing personnel who work in various stores that obtain used tires 1 Select two or three stores that sell and receive used tiresie a tire store a supermarket or a discount tire retailer 2 Go to each store and interview the manager or a person in charge of disposing of tires Use the following questions as a guideline to obtain information about the fate of used tires How does this storeestablishment get its used tires Are there any laws governing disposal of used tires Are there any costs related to disposal of used tires How is this cost passed on to the customer How many tires are gathered each day What is done with the used tires Does the store have to dispose of the tires itself or is there an entity that comes by and picks them up If it were up to the employee what would be done with used tires 3 If you have time interview any customers who are in the store Ask them the following questions Does he or she know what is done with the used tires Is the customer agreeable to paying disposal costs for used tires Would the customer be willing to pay more money ifthe tire could be recycled Can the customer think of any other uses for a used tire Questions 1 What were the major methods of disposal of used tires 2 Did all stores do the same thing with their used tires Did the type of store in uence the way tires were disposed of 3 Were the store employees in favor of recycling used tires Did they complain of excessive regulations Did they complain about excessive costs of disposal 4 What do you think is currently the best method of tire disposal Why


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