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Buddhism: Week Two

by: Miranda Seith

Buddhism: Week Two 232H

Miranda Seith
Justin Whitaker

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About this Document

The second week's worth of Buddhism Materials. Entering into the life and death of Shakyamuni Buddha.
Justin Whitaker
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miranda Seith on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 232H at University of Montana taught by Justin Whitaker in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see Buddhism in Religious Studies at University of Montana.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
BUDDHISM ACE OF THE WANDEKEKS WEEK TWO 1 T5e Prolifemati A 55ramanic C5aen3e to Bra5manism t6e set of new Tcestions or proEfems A T6e c affenge 1 EveDone 5 Ryan to responJ to t5is c5aen3e B T5e Emerging Worlli View 1 20 3 4 50 Time anJ space are endless T5e world39 is perilous anJ transientnnreia5e Deat5 is recurrentmnftipfe ives Seff is s5apeJ or determined39fy one s actions especiaiy one s previous moral c oices Escape or i5eration is an alternative 11 s a yamnni BudZiEa His Life and39 Times A Historical Trnt5 1 20 3 4 Biograp icai39ffacts Time and39pi39ace et cetera Cnftnraf Setting anJ Context Age of t5e Wanderers D5arma Teac5in3s T5ree Marks of Experience Mnc5 Contemporazy anJ Sc ofarfy De5ate B th ic ma 1 20 Bgond39 space anJ time universal paradigmatic Universal structure 5irt5 renunciation enf39g tenment teac5in3 career deat a Birt5 w ee tnrning king or a 5nd39dioa 5nman 5nt extraordinazy iveJ a Life of complete sensozy 3W1fl tifi01bj f 5e gave it up 6 Rennnciation Tour Sig ts studied39 meditation and39Joga practiced39 anJ renonmed39seg morti cation c Eni39ig tenment importance of 5is seconJ renunciation Con nest of Maraot5er arc egpal encounters of t5e same sort Mara is t5e personi cation of don5t guift desires d Deatf stiff sufject to fuman fabsicaf fimitations 1 At eigfgjears of age after teacfing r ry vejears 3 Arcfegfaaf Encounters ffour 5i35ts Mara Eartf Goldess et cetera c thf 1 To de ne tfe term of mytf in a fud39dfist sense it is not in tfe sense of wfat is untrue or contraiy to sfeci c facts cfocumentecf in tfe fistoricaf record ratfer in tfe sense of wfat is more true in tfat its universafity goes fgond39 any sfeci c actuaf situation 2 A thf 5as feen saicf to fe Tfat wficf never was fut afwa s is a Tfe fud39dfist fife is a mirror to tfe Dfarma tfat you foo into it directfy wfatyou sfaff see staring fac atyou is tfe Dfarma 3 Some stories are origin rig09s see ing to exfafain 5m tfings came to fe wfereas otfers see to frovide a faraefigm or temffate r 5is tfings MIGHT fe a Historicaf facts of tfe Bucfdfa s career were increasing nytfofogized39 4 Structures ancf events of 5is fife came to fe seen as tfe universaffaradigm ify wficf aff feings can chvaof towasz enfigftenment 5 ArcfeMeExemffar r aff future Bud39dfists to emufate in some way or anotfer D Cfaracteristics of His Life Stoiy 1 Past Lives Encounter witf Difan ara 2 Tfe Rigft Time in osciffating universe to fe forn r tfe fast time a Tfe cosmos engraan ancf contracts in times ideaf r Bud39dfists teacfings afarm tfe imfermanence ancf asfiration ancf timerare f Tfisfrecious fuman refirt5farecious in two wa s 1 Human rigft fife sfan anef opportunity 2 a Bucfcifa 5as turnecf tfe eref of tfe Dfarma 3 Birt ant Mal Early a EmEeffis ecf r imaginative e ct 6 Ta ing t6e story as an arc egpe ant turning it into somet6ing to 6e experience Unti t6e Gear 358 a sniien s6oc mentai39 transformation 6 Recall EanBism as a teac6ing of c6ange 1 Impermanence Life itsef t e rst t6ree sig6ts 2 Trans ormation T5efourf5 sig6t c Mara Appears 6e ignores 6im d Rennnciationsetting rt6 into 6ome essness e Leaving 5is wife and39 c ifd naming 5is c ifd39 Ra5ufa meaning tter or c5ai39n 15 His Two Teac ers 1 20 Mada Kafama taug t 5iquot e ur materialj amas amf ree rmfessj anas Rud39ra a Ramaputra taug t 59ml 50st tojet anot erfourt messj5ana E W5at Gallowed 1 20 3 4 Extreme Ansterito39ese starving 6imsegs 6oeing 5139s 5rtat5 antii tie pain was aniearaiie He geaeeet tteaeee Soon gives up eoeeeemee out 6139s fetteaeee cave Totes a meant opaogfeem a young woman eeeeeet Sty39ata Crosses t6e river to a pipai oodBi tree w6ere 6e Jecicfecf t6at wit 6is new energy 6e woni39cf Jecficate 5imst f to gaining i5tration onasit tiere antii 6e sime anmrstooei He encounters Mara once more W50 sense 5139s tiree sons eac5 of tiem emiogying some form of Jesire a Mara tien comes at 6m anti webaging 6e ins after siagyamani rejects 5139s o erg tie Borodin simpfy refaxes ancf recognizes t6at t6ese are not real t6at t ey are onfy JonEts 7 Caffs nfon tfe goldess as 5is witness w5o fromftfy wrin gs out fer fair anefsends a ffoocf to wasf away aff of Mara s demons 8 sfa yamuni enters into concentration Qfana ancf sees conditionan a Views 5is own fast fives tfe sacri ces 5e 5as made tfe worn 5e 5as done to get 5ere 6 Views tfe causes of ignorance and39sigfering w5ere it 5as arisen wfere i gnorance stiff remains 9 After enfigftenmentawa ening 6045i 5e was openecf to tfe centraf insigft of causation 10 Encounterecf tfe Brafmin iAnyone w5o fasfnri eef 5is mincf anif is fumffe is a frafmin 13y tfis foint 5e was relyining tfe terms of 5is society 11 Uses manifnfation of fangnage anef refigions ideas to cfange tfe frafmanic way 12 Gocf Safamfati rejnested39 r 5im to teac5 5im 13 Girefrom gooef to froffematic tfe fud39dioa detaifs re as greecf anif iffnsion tfe desires tfat furn witfin aff soufs tfe worfcf is on re ancf eveDtfing we see toucf taste ancf do is consumecfify tfree we a m a N IRVAN A means to fiteraf i ffow39ont or extinguisf 14 Ufaya s ifffnf means 5is snifffnf use of fangnage affegories metaffors terms anef terminofogj to graffeoffes attention ancf gain respect from refigions efites anif tfose w5o fisteneef to 5im 15 He encounters tfe na ecf ascetic a JAIN 16 Tfe Two Extremes a Devotion to sensetffeasnres anefseff morti cation 6 4501 Noffe Trntfs c T6e Eggf39fofcf Patf G JAIN 15M Jains fefievecf in tfejiva tfe soul simifar to tfe Atman of Brafmins 1 Karma dirtJust 5ofefin3 tfejiva 2 Goaf was to stop Karma stop action comffete x a stop gifting intentionala i or unintentionala i 6 Stop all consnmftion at t5e emf of Life 3 T5e Girst Teaming D5ammaca affavattana Sutta Da5ma39c5a a39 ava39tana sn39ta5 111 Contrast of meose and39 Pface A Bra5manic Ritnafism 1 Undergone to maintain t5e Cosmic order ootain fersonai39frosferigg attain re5irt5 in Heaven a Atman T6eo3yBra5amanicUfanis6adic View 1 Bra5man T5e A5sofnte t5e essence of all existence 2 Atman T5e Eternal Immutaofe 5on1 essence of t6e seff 3 Tat tvam asi meaning T on art t5at Bra5manaAtman 6 Budiiiia s Resfonse 1 Anatman anatta t5e non39snostantiafist of t5e se t5ere is no permanent nnc5an3in3 essence 2 Won 50 5ow does one account for fersistence offersonaf identity B 55ramanic SeE Morti cation 1 Undergone to separate seff from society trans orm t5e sef free t5e seff from an o structions C Karma anJ Caste and39 Gender 1 Bra5manic View a W5erejon are is entirely determined39fxyonrfast ikjonr Rama 6 Et ical action is equivalent to comffacenti anJ memo continuing t6e ditty ofjonr caste c Ufward39 mooifig can 5e 5ad39 from one life to t5e next t5is incfndes women as it afffied39 to t5eir men most women wont want to 5e reoorn a mate 2 BudiiBa s Resfonse a Karma is on one we of cansafity t5at Karma de ned39 as moral actions is out noe Me of cause andlf ect refations if 6 Et ical action is Jg ined39 as comfassion somet5ing t5at can 5e 5ad39fy feoffe of any caste c Ufward39 moiifity coui39d39 5e 5ad39fy anyway sime fy engaging in t6e Pat D T5e Gour NoiTe Trut5s 1 Du Ma Unsatig actoriness ofsamsaric existence Diagnosis a Not t5at t5ere is no jg or 5affiness out t5at not5ing in t5e worfd39 is going to 5ring us fasting satig action enjgment of Life is oc dfy deep rooteJ sense of discontent 1 Henry David39 T5oreau Most men emf ives ofguiet desperation 2 T5irst Tris5na or craving EtiologyToe sway of Causes a T5e sense of craving underbing us an unguencoaoi39e t5irst clinging to w5at we do 5ave anti yearningfor w5at we do not 5ave 6 Story of t5e Two Mon s A senior mon anti a junior mon were travefing toget er At one foint c 659 came to a river wit5 a strong current As t5e mon s were frefaring to cross t5e river 659 saw a vegyoung anti 5eautifu woman afso attemfting to cross Toejoung woman as ed39 659 coufJ 5d oer T5e senior mon carrieJ t5is woman on 5is s5oufderg rdeJ t5e river anti et 5er down on t5e ot5er 5an T5e junior mon was very ufset out said not5ingT55y 5009 were waf ing anti senior mon noticeoi t5at 5is junior was sud39den x sifent anti enguired39 Is somet5ing t5e mattergjou seem very ufset quotT5e junior mon rttffied 14s mon s we are not fermitteci a woman 6ow coui39dyou t5en carry t5at woman on your snoufders quotT5e senior monk replied I eft t5e woman a ong time ago at t5e 5an 5owevergjou seem to 5e carrying 5er stiff T5e Paradox of Desire t5e sense t5at even we re desiring awa ening desiring to escape from afi39scgfering it can 5e a furt er cause to our su Ering 1 Not a desire c5anJa in Sans rit in every sense 2 T5e greatest froifem is seeing sensory grati cation as a solution to our d39u Ma 3 Cessation of Du MaT e fossiiifiy to overcome it Prognosis a Nirvana i5emtion enfig tenment 1 A cessation of Ju a not of fife 2 Somet ing 65mm word ingfatte inconceivaite 6 Comffetmess of wisifom anif Comfassi39on c T6ree Asfects 1 Pure clear awareness is eanivafent to nowfeege 2 Intense over owing ave ant comfassion 3 Inex austiofe mental or sfirituaf energy a In a nnts ei39l Cessation is a state offeg ect unconifitioneif freeifom from a subjective imitations 4 T5 Pat T6erafy T58 way from 6ere to t6ere a Ei g tntsofef 6 T578840 1 t6ics s ifa 2 Meifitation samadBi 3 W isd39om girajna


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