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by: Ms. Kurt Terry


Ms. Kurt Terry
GPA 3.76

Gary Hughes

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About this Document

Gary Hughes
Class Notes
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This 32 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Kurt Terry on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 145 at Western Kentucky University taught by Gary Hughes in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/216754/comm-145-western-kentucky-university in Communication at Western Kentucky University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
6 2f y A Public v Chapter Four Speaking Adapting to Your Audience and Situation iiitmnim Osborn l lit lmcl Osborn Randall Osborn This multimedia product and its contents are protected under copyright law The following are prohibited by law any public performance or display including transmission of image over a network preparation of any derivative work including the extraction in whole or part of any images any rental lease or lending of the program Basic Assumption of Audience Analysis The more you know about your audience and speaking situation the more effective your speech will be Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2008 Audience Demographics Age Gender Educational level Group affiliations occupational political religious social Sociocultural background ethnicity geographic region urbanrural socio economic status etc Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2008 Audience Dynamics Motivations Comfort Safety Control Tradition Belonging Nurturance Fairness Understanding Achievement Independence Enjoyment Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2008 Audience Dynamics Attitude Systems Beliefs What we know What we think we know Values Moral precepts by which we live Ideals we strive to achieve Attitudes How we feel about something Approval or disapproval Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2008 Challenges to Audience Diversity Stereotypes and Bias Ethnocentrism Sexism Racism Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2008 Adjusting to the Communication Situation Time Place Occasion Audience size Context Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2008 Activity Break out into group of three or four Turn to page 78 in the textbook Complete the Experiment with the Strategies in This Chapter activity Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2008 Copyright Allyn amp Bacon 2008 Public v Chapter Ten Speaking Using Presentation Aids This multimedia product and its contents are protected under copyright law The following are prohibited by law any public performance or display including transmission of image over a network preparation of any derivative work including the extraction in whole or part of any images any rental lease or lending of the program Types of Presentation Aids People Objects and models Graphics Line drawings Graphs Charts Textual graphics Pictures Using a Model Using a Model FIGURE 102 SampleGraphs Murderlvinim Relatianships Donations of oad by Classes Related F 39 a v 7 Stranger quot Acquainted I 51 year Sophomores Junlors Senlars information Please Almanac 1995 SmdenrAFfairs Of ce 1996 39 ht AI n amp Bacon 2008 C ynu csbatPutD tanaa 1956 1964 1972 1980 1938 Y ar Sport Almanac 1995 Line Graph 39 ht AI n amp Bacon 2008 I BLUSTER Explaining Visual Aids Problems with PowerPoint Reading slides Using text too small at least 28 pt Full sentences instead of bulleted points Poor color choices obscure text Moving text or graphics distract listeners Annoying sounds Complex diagrams or charts Principles of Design Simplicity Visibility Emphasis Balanced Principles of Color Use color to emphasize meaning Use color to create moods Text should contrast with background Using Presentation Aids Practice using your presentation aid Stand to the side of your presentation aid Maintain eye contact with listeners Point out what you are talking about Using Presentation Aids cont Display aids only when using them Don t hand out materials during your speech Don t use too many presentation aids Don t become a voiceover for a slide The Ethical Use of Presentation Aids Do not distort information Never alter visual images to deceive Let listeners know if you alter an image Cite the source of data you present FIG U R E 1 o 3 Misleading Ear Graph and Same Material Presented 50 It s Not Misleading Women Partners in Acmuming Firms GrunhA Gmp 1995 HEB 1999 20m 1995 W199 T999 2001 WSMEMWMMI WSMUDWMJWI 39 ht All n amp Bacon 2008 Public Speaking Chapter Fifteen Developing Persuasive Speeches A 39Hmnlw QSbOHl lrquotiit39E1 1L I DSIFDI39H This multimedia product and its contents are protected under copyright law The following are prohibited by law Rmma 35M any public performance or display including transmission of i image over a network 7 397 7 preparation of any derivative work including the extraction in whole or part of any images any rental lease or lending of the program Facing a Reluctant Audience Establish identification Build good will Begin with areas of agreement Borrow ethos from respected authorities Set modest goals for change Make a multisided presentation Show respect for listeners Removing Barriers to Commitment Provide needed information Relate to listeners values Strengthen your credibility Cite respected authorities Demonstrate sincerity and conviction Don t push too hard Types of Persuasive Speeches Speeches that focus on facts Speeches that focus on values Speeches that focus on policy Passive agreement Urging action Designs for Persuasive Speeches Adapted informative designs Categorical Statement of reasons Comparative Comparative advantages Sequential Steps in a plan of action Problemsolution design Problemcausesolution design Motivated sequence design Refutative Design Designing a Refutation State point you will refute Tell how you will refute point Present your evidence State your conclusion Explain significance of refutation Copyright Ally n amp Bacon 2008


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