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by: Judy Christiansen


Marketplace > Western Kentucky University > Music > MUS 155 > PERFORMANCE ATTENDANCE
Judy Christiansen
GPA 3.86


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 17 page Class Notes was uploaded by Judy Christiansen on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUS 155 at Western Kentucky University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/216763/mus-155-western-kentucky-university in Music at Western Kentucky University.




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Date Created: 09/30/15
LIWIQJ Professional Education Unit Program Review Document 3 Program Experiences Version 050708 Preparation Program Certi cation Level Certi cation Option Date Submitted February 15 2009 Link to Undergraduate Catalog Undergraduate Catalog Link to Graduate Catalog Graduate Catalog State Regulation governing this program 16 KAR 2010 The followi WKU facult and staff have contributed to the development of this document I 11 hr 1 quotr quot 4uu3pGaQSzdoc Page 2 of 17 Executive Summary Professional Education Unit Mission e WKU professional education unit recruits prepares and supports school practitioners and education leaders who can facilitate the learning of all children and empower them to achieve at high levels as they become lifelong learners and productive citizens in a global society Professional Education Continuous Assessment Plan The WKU professional education unit shares the following components across all programs to monitor candidate progress toward Kentucky Teacher Standards dispositions and other Conceptual Framework va ues Component 1 Admission Data Component 2 Course Based Assessment Data Component 3 Clinical Experiences Data Component 4 Culminating Assessment Data Component 5 Exit and Follow Up Data Within these components are three major transition checkpoints where candidates are evaluated for continuance in programs I Point 1 Admission to Programs related to Component 1 I Point 2 Admission into Culminating AssessmentExperience related to Components 2 amp 3 I Point 3 Program Exit related to Components 35 The Delineation of UnitProgram Transition Points chart that is part of Appendix B of this document describes unit and program level admission and exit requirements Rationale for the Pro ram v 4uu3pGaQSzdoc Page 3 of 17 Introduction Program Relationship to Unit Conceptual Framework and Continuous Assessment Plan WKU s Conceptual Framework represents beliefs and values that are shared by all programs that prepare university students to enter education professional elds These elds include Teachers in elementary middle and high schools Library media specialists Principals and superintendents School counselors School nurses School psychologists Speech pathologists All these education professional preparation programs are considered by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education NCATE and Kentucky s Education Professional Standards Board EPSB to represent WKU s Professional Education Unit Faculty representatives from each of the education elds in the Unit were involved in various aspects related to the development and approval of the Conceptual Framework An abridged version of the Conceptual Framework is attached to this document as Appendix A It is important to note that during the development of the Conceptual Framework committee members thought it important to delineate all essential beliefs ideas and implications even if they were ali icult to measure or live out Thus many beliefs ideas or implications re ect what the unit aspires to accomplish over time At this point program representatives have worked together in the current assessment cycle of the unit to focus on the following key values Diversity Re ection Knowledge Skills and Dispositions and Technology Based on these values the Professional Education Council adopted the unitwide ContinuousAssessment Plan From this plan each program developed a Program Assessment Plan Appendix B As can be seen from our plan the rst Continuous Assessment Matrix maps out how our program attempts to live out the unitwide assessment vision The Critical Performance Assessment Alignment Matrix describes the assessments that our program uses to measure candidate progress toward the Kentucky Teacher Standards which include technology and re ection Unless noted all these assessments are collected Within the unit s Electronic Portfolio and Accountability Systems and are used to guide decisions as indicated in the Transition Points described earlier The Other Key Data Collection Matrix identi es where other unitwide data related to the unit Conceptual Framework are collected Within our program Furthermore to ensure that all our program candidates work with diverse students we have identi ed the clinical eld placement associated with quotquot 39 r as the designated experience where candidates are placed in diverse settings We determined our most diverse settings by averaging the ethnic diversity of the schools in our service area about 11 and selecting schools as diverse that exceed this percentage The following courses assessments and experiences provide additional 0 ortunities for our program candidates to address topics related to diversity 1 4uu3pGaQSzdoc Page 4 of 17 Finally after the Professional Education Council adopted a unitwide set of dispositions see Appendix A our program has identi ed the following courses and experiences where we or other eld observers coo eratin teachers assess our students display of behavior associated with these dispositions Program Overview 39 Brief Program Description 39 Standards Addressed by Program Kentuck Teacher Standards A Content Standards 1 Course Descriptions 39 Core Education Courses 39 Core Content Courses 2 Standard Alignment Matrices 39 Program Alignment to Kentucky Teacher Standards Appendix B contains our Program Assessment Plan The Critical Performance Assessment Alignment Matrix describes the assessments that our program uses to measure candidate progress toward the Kentucky Teacher Standards 39 Program Alignment to Learned Society Standards v Table 1 demonstrates the alignment of our content courses with our learned society standards 4uu3pGaQSzdoc Page 5 of 17 LEARNED SOCIETY STANDARDS Table 1 Content Course Alignment t0 Learned Society Standards 4uu3pGaQSzdoc Page 6 of 17 B KERA Initiatives C EPSB Themes Our program is committed to graduating education professionals who are prepared to work with diverse students to assess student learning to understand the importance of literacy across the curriculum and to close the achievement gap Table 2 below delineates the courses in our program that ensure that education candidates are prepared in these areas Table 2 How Addressed EPSB Themes COURSES How Course Addresses Theme Code of Ethics Leader ship Assessment Technology 3 a E D Program Faculty See Table 3 below 4uu3pGaQSzdoc Page 7 of 17 Table 3 FillPathquot and Content Fa culty Information Assignment Scholarships Leadership in Teacthhmg or St ustt0 Faculty Name Highest Degree Indicate the roles Faculty Rank Professional Organizations and progessignal ms 181 Ion Field amp University of the faculty Service List up to 3 major member1 contributions in the past 3 years5 expenence m educzlt lson P12 schools unit 1 For example faculty clinical super clinical supervisor department chair etc 2 For example professor associate professor assistant professor adjunct professor instructor administrator etc 3 Scholarship is defined by NCATE as systematic inquiry into the areas related to teaching learning and the education of teachers and other school personnel Scholarship includes traditional research and publication as well as the rigorous and systematic study of pedagogy and the application of current research findings in new settings Scholarship further presupposes submission of one s work for professional review and evaluation Service includes faculty contributions to college or university activities schools communities and professional associations in ways that are consistent with the institution and unit s mission 5 For example three contributions of scholarship leadership and service might be 1 Scholarship article published in a specific journal 2 Leadership officer of a state or national associationand 3 Service an evaluation of a local school program NOTE You WST provide evidence of SCHOLARSHIP 6 Use these codes FTF T 7 full time to the university and full time to the unitprogram FTPT 7 full time to the university and part time to the unitprogram or PTPT 7 part time to the university and part time to the unitprogram 4uu3pGaQSzdoc Page 8 of 17 E WKU Curriculum Contract Leading to the Contact Information Last First Middle WKU 1 Number Street Home Phone Number City State Zip Code Email Address Specific degree requirements with advisement sheets attached 4uu3pGaQSzdoc Page 9 of 17 WESTERNKENTUCKYUNIVERSITY CURRICULUIVI CONTRACT Bachelor of Music Option in Music Education Instrumental Track Leading to the Provisional Certificate for Te aching Instrumental Music Grades P12 MUSIC COURSES 7 MUS 100 Theory 1 MUS 101 Theory 11 7 MUS 200 Theory III 7 MUS 201 Theory 1v MUS 203 Music Technology 7 MUS 407 Orchestration amp Arranging 7 MUS 214 String Techniques MUS 215 Brass Techniques 7 MUS 312 Teaching Music Elementary 7 MUS 315 ClarineUSaX Tech MUS 316 FluteDouble Reed Tech 7 MUS 319 Percussion Techniques MUS 412 Teaching Music Middle School 7 MUS 416 Instrumental Methods 7 MUS 417 Marching BandTechniques MUS 326 Music HistoryI 7 MUS 327 Music History II 7 MUS 328 Music History III MUS 153 Applied Principalquot 7 MUS 155 Performance Attendance PF 7 MUS 153 Applied Principalquot MUS 155 Performance Attendance PF 7 MUS 153 Applied Principal 7 MUS 155 Performance Attendance PF MUS 153 Applied Principal 7 MUS 155 Performance Attendance PF 7 MUS 353 Applied Principal MUS 155 Performance Attendance PF 7 MUS 353 Applied Principal 7 MUS 155 Performance Attendance PF MUS 353 Applied Principal 7 MUS 155 Performance Attendance PF 7 MUS 162 Group Voice or Choir 7 MUS 160 Group PianoI 7 MUS 161 Group Piano II MUS 260 Group Piano III 7 MUS 261 Group Piano IV 7 Ensemble major Ensemble major 7 Ensemble major 7 Ensemble major Ensemble major 7 Ensemble major 7 MUS 318 Conducting II TOTAL 72 INIo H H HonoolootoolooNomomwwwmmmHHHmHHmmwwww PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION 7 EDU 250 Intro Teacher Ed K12 EXED 330 Intro Special Ed 7 PSY 310 Ed Psychology 7 SEC 490 Music Student Teaching EDU 489 Student Teaching Seminar TOTAL 22 Law Lama GENERAL EDUCATION A Organization amp Communication of Ideas 12 7 ENG 100 Freshman EnglishM 3 ENG 300 Junior English 7 Foreign Language 7 SCOM 145 Fund Public SpeakingM www B Humanities 7 Literature Course ENG 200 MUS 120 Music Appreciation majorsfr 7 Humanities Elective nonMusic wwwxo C Social amp Behavioral Science 7 HIST 119120 Western Civilization 7 PSY 100 Intro to PsychologyM 7 Social amp Behavioral E1ective3rd Field wwwxo D Natural Sciences amp Math 9 MATH 109 General Math 116 3 7 PHYS 130 Acoustics DL 3 7 BIO 113 General BiologyM 3 E World Cultures 3 7 Cultural Diversity course 3 F Health and Wellness 2 Activity Course MUS 347 1 7 Activity Course MUS 347 1 PH 100 Personal Health can also ful ll this 3 hrs TOTAL 4445 Summary Music Courses 72 Professional Education 22 General Education TOTAL 138 139 4uu3pGaQSzdoc Page 10 of 17 1 Admission to Education Preparation Programs nitial Preparation Data Reviewed Minimal Criteria for Review Cycle Reviewed By Unit Level Data 39 Admission Application 39 Completion ofapplication 39 Overall GPA 39 25 39 Adherence to Professional Code of Ethics 39 Candidate signature 39 Speech Pro ciency 39 C or higher in speech course 39 Writing Pro ciency 39 25average no course lowerthan C Each Month Professional 39 Test Scores 39 Faculty Unit Dispositions ACT 21 or SAT 990 or PPST 173 M 173 R 172 W or GRE 800 and 35 writing assessment or GAP 2000 and 35writing assessment All positive Education Council Transition Point 2 Admission to Final Experience eg Student Teaching Clinical Practice Cul quotmating AltltAltltm Data Reviewed Minimal Criteria for Continuation Review Cycle Reviewed By Unit Level Data 39 Admission to Education Preparation 39 Admission 39 GPAs 39 25overall 39 25 professional education courses 39 25content courses Each Semester megssmnal Education CounCIl 39 Semester Hours Completed 39 90 hours including 75 ofcontent courses 39 Dispositions Scores 39 All dispositions average At Standardquot 3 39 Critical Performance Scores 39 30overall 39 25per Kentucky Teacher Standard measured Transition Point 3 Program Exit Data Reviewed Minimal Criteria for Exit Review Cycle Reviewed By WI 39 Seminar Course Grade 39 C or higher based on Teacher Work Sample holistic some Of 2 Of ce ofTeacher 39 Student Teaching Grade 39 C or higher based on 7 Kentucky Teacher EaCh semeSter services Standards at or above Pro cient 3 no Standard below Developing 2 AND 11dispositions At Standardquot 3 EPSB Disclaimer Teacher certification requirements are subject to change Before registering for the tests please refer to the Education Professional Standards Board EPSB website at wwwkyepsb net for current requirements or contact Ms Rice at 5025644606 or toll free 8885987667 Student Signature Advisor Signature Date Date 4uu3pGaQSzdoc Page 11 of 17 F Syllabi The following education and content course syllabi associated with this program are available for review at httpedterh wkn 39 llabiepsbhtm 4uu3pGaQSzdoc Page 12 of17 APPENDIX A lilww Professional Education Unit Conceptual Framework Core Beliefs 4uu3pGaQSzdoc Page 13 of 17 Conceptual Framework 03 032008 version Mission The professional education unit of Western Kentucky University recruits prepares and supports school practitioners and education leaders who can facilitate the learning of all children and empower them to achieve at high levels as they become lifelong learners and productive citizens in a global society Vision The professional education unit aspires to become a nationally recognized community of scholars who apply the best that theory research and experience can contribute to teaching and learning and create new knowledge that makes teaching learning and the operation of school more efficient and effective I Beliefs About Children amp Schools BELIEF I All children can learn at high levels BELIEF2 All children have a right to a quality education that empowers them to meet high expectations for learning as de ned by a democratic society I Beliefs About Education I f 39 39 BELIEF 3 Diversity in our schools adds richness to the learning environment and provides enhanced opportunities and possibilities for teaching and learning BELIEF 4 Highly effective education professionals require high levels ofability rigorous training and on going development ofteachingleadership skills that include re ective decision making BELIEF 5 Highly effective education professionals know apply and re ect on the effectiveness ofa variety of theories models and strategies in order to produce maximum learning for all students in all types of school contexts and cultures BELIEF 6 Highly effective education professionals interact with the home andor community oftheir students to facilitate teaching and learning BELIEF 7 Highly effective education professionals have a strong content knowledge sound pedagogical knowledge and skills and essential dispositions for facilitating learning and functioning as team members in schools 0 WKU has adopted the following knowledge and skills as key to the success of education professionals 4uu3pGaQSzdoc Page 14 of 17 jfentuo gb feac w Standard Standard 1 Content Knowledge Demonstrates a current and suf cient knowledge of certi ed content areas to develop student knowledge and performance in those areas Standard 2 DesignsPlans Designsplans instruction and learning climates that develop student abilities to use communication skills apply core concepts become selfsuf cient individuals become responsible team members think and solve problems and integrate knowledge Standard 3 Learning Clilnate Creates a learning climate that supports the development of student abilities to use communication skills apply core concepts become selfsuf cient individuals become responsible team members think and solve problems and integrate knowledge Standard 4 Implements 39 a Y 39 I 39 39 39 that develops student abilities to use communication skills apply core concepts become selfsuf cient individuals become responsible team members think and solve problems and integrate knowledge Standard 5 Assessment Assesses learning and communicates results to students and others with respect to student abilities to use communication skills apply core concepts become selfsuf cient individuals become responsible team members think and solve problems and integrate knowledge Standard 6 T 39 39 a Uses 39 39 to support 39 39 access and manipulate data enhance professional growth and productivity communicate and collaborate with colleagues parents and the community and conduct research Standard 7 Re ection Re ects on and evaluates speci c teachingleaming situations and or programs Standard 8 Collaboration Collaborates with colleagues parents and other agencies to design implement and support learning programs that develop student abilities to use communication skills apply core concepts become selfsuf cient individuals become responsible team members think and solve problems and integrate knowledge Standard 9 Professional Development Evaluates hisher overall performance with respect to modeling and teaching Kentucky s learning goals re nes the skills and processes necessary and implements a professional development plan Standard 10 Leadership Provides professional leadership Within the school community and education profession to improve student learning and wellbeing 4uu3pGaQSzdoc Page 15 of 17 0 WKU has adopted the following dispositions as key to the success of education professionals Candidate vague3 ax Denwmbtated Beamm Attendance Consistently attends class and is on time Class participation Actively engaged and interested in the class activities Class preparation Consistently comes to class well prepared Communication Uses language to express ideas very effectively regardless of the age of the listener ymanal iniquity Emotional control Displays steady emotional temperament is receptive to viewpoints of others and their suggestions Ethical behavior Shows self to be a person of strong character millWily Willingly works with others from different ability race gender or ethnic groups Cometiun Actively seeks out and incorporates ideas of others and willingly works with others to improve the overall environment yw eooianah om Respect for school rules policies and norms Knows school rules and policies follows them consistently understands the purpose of regulations and respects their intent Commitment to selfre ection and growth Actively seeks suggestions and constructive criticism regularly engages in learning through selfre ection Professional development and involvement Makes use of information from professional organizations professional publications and educational resources Professional responsibility Accepts responsibility for own actions and for helping all students learning and actively seeks selfimprovement BELIEF 8 Highly effective education professionals utilize technology for teaching and learning assessment management and research to the greatest extent possible BELIEF 9 Beliefs About A and Accountability Highly effective education professionals hold themselves accountable for their own performance by collecting analyzing and reporting learning results and using this information to improve performance and programs BELIEF I 0 Highly effective education units develop and maintain assessment systems that follow the continuous progress of candidates toward the achievement of high standards based performance expectations that are clearly defined and publicly communicated 4uu3pGaQSzdoc Page 16 of 17 Alignment Matrix NCATE Kentucky Teacher Standards PEU Conceptual Framework WKU Strategic Plans WKU PEU Conceptual Framework WKU Strategic P1 nnjng Documents NCATE Rda onsmp Standafd SOUICS Conceptual Academic Affairs WKU Conceptual Framework StandardsValues Framework Strategic Plan Strategic Plan Beliefs Objectives Goals NCATE ContenUPedagogical Content Knowledge KTSI content KHOWISdge 3gt5gt7 131626 2 E KTS 2 DesignsPlans l357 le l g g3 KTS 3 Learning Climate l37 le l 50 KTS 4 ImplementsManages 2357 le l g g KTS 5 AssessmenUEvaluation l24679 le 1 a NCATE a x Pedagogical Knowledge amp Skills 5 KTS 6 Tedmomgy 5 79 1g 3b 1 3 a KTS 7 Re ection 579 la 1 e l 3 E 8 E KTS 8 Collaboration l36 4b 4 o s 8 KTS 9 Professional Development 4579 3b 3 KTS 10 Leadership l24579 lbd l NCATE Dispositions KTS 24 Dispositions l3579 la c l NCATE Standard 3 E Field Experiences amp Clinical Practice 356 le 1 O NCATE Standard 4 g 03 KTS 24 Diversity l36 lblc2 2h3d 13 1 E g 0 5 1 NCATE P12 Learning 0 LL Impacts P12 Student Learning 589 lb 1 4uu3pGaQSzdoc Page 17 of 17 APPENDIX B


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