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Rock Music Genesis & Devel

by: Yesenia Kautzer

Rock Music Genesis & Devel MUS 1520

Marketplace > Western Michigan University > Music > MUS 1520 > Rock Music Genesis Devel
Yesenia Kautzer
GPA 3.61

Daniel Jacobson

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About this Document

Daniel Jacobson
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Yesenia Kautzer on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUS 1520 at Western Michigan University taught by Daniel Jacobson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 130 views. For similar materials see /class/216768/mus-1520-western-michigan-university in Music at Western Michigan University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
EXAM 2 STUDY GUIDE for MUS 1520 oncampus course only Chapters 4 5 amp 6 55 questions plus one essay questionsee below each of the 55 questions is worth 4 points and the essay is worth amaximum of 20 points for a maximum of 240 possible points toward your nal course grade total The format of the test will be MatchingMultiple Choice match artist to record label group song or style MatchingMultiple Choice match termsconcepts to their de nitionperson TrueFalse from text readings class lectures and videos Short Essay see description below SHORT ESSAY SECTION There are TWO PARTS to this section of the exam PART 1 Fill in the chart List TWO DIFFERENT 1960s events the events can be political social or musical For each event list a SPECIFIC 1960sSONG and the bandartist that did the songthat re ects each event PART 2 Short Essay Topic What did you nd most interesting about rock music and its relationship to social changes of the LATE 1960s Within your essay be sure to mention at least 2 important events political social or musical 2 important nonmusical people 2 artistsbands AND 2 songs from the 19605 to support your topic To review for this please read about civil rightsrock in Chapters 4 amp 5 of the textbook and if you have access to the quotEWorkbookquot you can also review the annotated outlines for TimeLife videos 56 Here are the general items you should study Do the EWorkbook assignments for Chapter 4 5 and 6 and study the WebCT practice questions for those chapters see the quotStudy Toolsquot link on the regular Music 1520 homepage Many terms and concepts will be taken from those assignments Be able to match a band artist to the style they represent 60s folkrock The Byrds The Lovin Spoonful CrosbyStillsNash amp Young etc late 60s quotAcid Rockquot Hendrix Cream Big Brother and the Holding Company etc 60s SoulFunk James Brown Aretha Franklin Sly and the Family Stone The O39Jays late 60s70s orchestral artrock Moody Blues Chicago Pink Floyd Yes Jethro Tull etc 70s corporate rock Elton John Billy Joel Fleetwood Mac etc 70s rock theatre Alice Cooper David Bowie Queen KISS etc 70s Heavy Metal Aerosmith Van Halen etc 70s Disco The Bee Gees The Village People etc Be able to match each of the above groups artists to a brief description For Chapter 4 Know HollandDozierHolland songwriters for Motown Know Gamble amp HulT songwriters for Philadelphia International Records StaX Records and the Memphis Horns Ertegun brothers cofounders of Atlantic Records Know Berry Gordy Jr and Motown artists Supremes Temptations 4 Tops Jackson 5 Stevie Wonder Know Tina Turner Annie Mae Bullock of quotIke amp Tina Turnerquot Should know these songs artists Aretha Franklin quotRESPECTquot Percy Sledge quotWhen a Man Loves a Womanquot James Brown quotPapa s Got a Brand New Bagquot Soul Brother 1 Godfather of Soul Know that Marvin Gayewho sang many songs about peace and lovewas shot to death by his own father a minister in 1984 For Chapter 5 Know these songsartists Jimi Hendrix quotStarSpangled Bannerquot quotPurple Hazequot also toured brie y with the Monkees in 1967 and ended with quotThe Band of Gypsysquot new style 196970 Big Brother amp The Holding Co w Janis Joplin quotPiece ofMy Heartquot Country Joe McDonald quotFixinToDie Ragquot Jefferson Airplane Grace Slick quotSomebody to Lovequot quotWhite Rabbitquot The Doors Jim Morrison and Ray Manzurek quotLight My Firequot Black Sabbath quotParanoidquot Creedence Clearwater Revival quotProud Maryquot quotFortunate Sonquot Mamas amp The Papas quotCalifornia Dreamin quot Cream Eric Clapton quotSunshine of Your Lovequot Led Zeppelin quotStairway to Heavenquotmost requested song in rock radio history Know the following festivals Woodstock 1969 free peacefulJoni Mitchell did not attend but wrote the famous song Major events at Woodstock Joe Cocker Country Joe McDonald HendriX39 quotStar Spangled Bannerquot know Mike Langproducer of Festival and MaX Yasgur who owned the farm site Isle of Wight 1970 NOT free angry crowd harassed performersHendrix39s last performance Altamont free but violentby Rolling Stones as quotpolicedquot by the Hell s Angels Know that Jim Morrison was heavily in uenced by beat poetry Ginsberg etc Know Allen Ginsberg the Beats the quotHuman Beinquot the Fillmore Bill Graham Know the basic major politicalsocial events of the 1960s and early 70s p 44 of textbook For Chapter 6 Should know these songsartists The Village People quotYMCAquot Bob Marley quotGet Up Stand Up Alice Cooper quotSchool39s Outquot Chicago quot25 or 6 to 4quot Blood Sweat amp Tears quotSpinning Wheelquot Stevie Wonder quotSuperstitionquot The Eagles quotOne ofThese Nightsquot Queen quotBohemian Rhapsodyquot ParliamentFunkadelic George Clinton Fleetwood Mac quotGo Your Own Wayquot Rum0urs Peter Frampton his rst quotlivequot doublealbum sold over 15 million copies The Bee Gees the most commerciallysuccessful disco group of the 70s Other general information to know The bestselling artists during the 70s were in order 1 Stevie Wonder 2 Elton John 3 Fleetwood Mac Also know that in 1976 Peter Frampton sold over 15 million copies of his quotFrampton Come Alivequot album a quotlivequot doublealbum the bestselling quotlivequot album of all time Famous Rock Deaths Janis Joplin died at 27 ofheroin overdose in 1970 HendriX died at 27 in Sept 1970 by suffocating on his own vomit after taking overdose of barbiturates Jim Morrison died at 27 in July 1971 ofa heart attack in Paris from his hedonistic lifestyle John Lennon was shot to death at 40 in Dec 1980 in New York Allen Klein was Business Manager for both the Rolling Stones and The Beatles Billy Preston played R amp B keyboards on Beatles quotLet It Bequot album Phil Spector produced the quotLet It Be album with help of Paul McCartney


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