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Digital Design

by: Lizeth Hegmann

Digital Design ECE 3550

Lizeth Hegmann
GPA 3.61

Janos Grantner

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About this Document

Janos Grantner
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 20 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lizeth Hegmann on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 3550 at Western Michigan University taught by Janos Grantner in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 88 views. For similar materials see /class/216776/ece-3550-western-michigan-university in Engineering Electrical & Compu at Western Michigan University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
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39 M Wm Sexka luck 4 Dmhowlyb Ex iuu 3 mMKMJod M TA quot 3E tiff W39k t do 3 mm M COMMAND CONTROL UNIT u DATA OUT CONDITIONS 5 equiv 0 MIA322 dv quot A Mu L Mmmd Loft 39hw W Sedioux by 0 K My 1 Look QW ro ukox Mic Wm M MVL mm 3x cam kMV or m Win ANA owl 13 C212 CNN M wonwuOf 0 Mp3 9 W50 ULde WVLLUN from SecRom K39WH 9 0dm K WP M m39Sewg n mm Ha OLSWgq aa Orgmr Cd AND 011 5 Wwivj hutair cu W 0W 14 wyx M J x5v Mastic or 6 IM mauve cm 00 amok 39 Vigiw CW M QWV 7 m vwofquot RFC y 74 K M hw wc MOHDN 4 Jimcm cm 39HWQ39vegazmnir d 612 OLJLM a PG ABkwquot 4m macaw69 AB39 Edi 8 he 8 W a 5 a EC 339 X a Ao 89 045 Siam FC6ei IICI W Famp AkggMw R Combiu owd cogs age hi m mm Mt sagMW wade in M mwmugl M Mm hawk 5 Rd 40 LN JUWMULA r Combinational logic synchronizers 39 SYNC1 D u 39 39 39 ASYNCIN Ji 39 tanout H Synchronous asynchronous input SYNCZ sygem D I gt CLK CLOCK system ciock y d Wt An asynchronous input driving two synchronizers thr0ugh combinationai logic rlwl M QMW quotquot Must iK WKM hiwa W i39 WM boundary 39 e Janina cum ouch be C V o state memory SynchrOnizer D1 ASYNCIN i p SYNC39N 0 asynchronous input Combinational CLK gtCLK excitation iogic h 02 D O 02 lt4gtCLK CLOCK system clock An asynchronous statemachine input coupled through a single synchronizer M SelE S H ug CLVC MHS C SLC due w k uwwxeeci SW pmHew Cwa uwuueol Ile quotLaha39f Le with or lazy I 6 meta ed 7 mm Whi CII the dvuu U 3 reed t a cudCad R1 3 wlwt a cue 9 L wane 4 WW4 9 emu M m o mum ammo MJ ll Dwng ms ML Mquot d h cam Mdudly W3 30 93 0 H 3m 30 4 Mk 1 W W own 0350630 quot 2 YMK L newquot quot pow it it cowc of 2 H o udderu 4 S r S Ra A wen we wanna d B u ll Mm aces MW H mum Nutw L L Lquot 4 quot quotmm hquot quotmu um H w 9quot Chink Jame t 39 u p O 3 quotquot Etc M Q 3 twl A c x pl calf z a x hut T ml 41 h 0 Q t quotf i x 2 t d L 39 I d 39 i 3 L I K o away 6 x x W a aceF 14 MM We 1 h dQ 394 CamW1 Lt Mr ed mu bwf 4 N pam39EQ Am A skin Hole mm o l YIY I r z YYaY3 Z a 000 00 I o 01 I 0 b 00 W 0 H o c 0 H l 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to gate the clock a citcuit b liming diagram CLKENS SL1 D SIGN moM wow Oewmpnow EL n 39 Z 5 Z 5 SJ i ILANMdeJ M 3 WW ocean WA E Lm mm mm E Lmbukl shah 94 3 tr an WHOrs Om 29 5M quot4quot LE t haw each HuiMd W5 WWh MW W Rim Wigb area Mdg mi w nut3 0 UMWO I dug an wmmm quot WW4 LL 2 Flgun 7 43 Timing diagram for axampio state machine M Tu M I39mcow dch anovumquot Me Ma hd m end 0 5 8 rs so oz kidfn camEm r I FL ePsf F595 rer LTD Alti mgr h a of mg mng Eff 2L Lo quotoffing F a was A2913 ZAKEQGC we 13 014 1 hyprvk a 93 t 8amp5 as 62 Begin a F are 55 18 5 huh 1 5 L F onthu a3 zz or r a 31 in 23 H331 33 r fvmuuh slg A garcf J 213 311 439 p2 r A165 E 13 H 9633quot 9 T341 Sqw hug vl WFE gxmi Naml AA 0L AURVQ LEW em Mm M Mr Kw M a Pow rn vw r smut L a duon39yhm alrkawumen39c dd Mm M K MHQK Go Ikccv Vlbx wk 26801 JMLJ Wil tw EuL 51 M4 JLMJJ Lu aw Awe Rutdt l W Lde ML 339 a scrip 1 GXW wk 3 54 G M ma a M 0 AM u Mmamw M a c 1 a mm w 045 g ampM W M M ma 39oa they Rave Mi caugh39h39ak in H s 0H er l Nz im Low 0 o 61 mm Low Aclive High Pvlanud 20 HEADY HEADV 939 MW 3 EHEDRJ Em ADDRKNL 931501 I A HESET 1 4 i 39 by ENABLE ITRANsMrr mmswm 391 954 a 1 PJN ha e r


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