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Intro To Microprocessors

by: Lizeth Hegmann

Intro To Microprocessors ECE 2510

Lizeth Hegmann
GPA 3.61

Bradley Bazuin

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About this Document

Bradley Bazuin
Class Notes
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This 34 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lizeth Hegmann on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 2510 at Western Michigan University taught by Bradley Bazuin in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/216791/ece-2510-western-michigan-university in Engineering Electrical & Compu at Western Michigan University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 39l imiis le av college nr lnrgineering and Applied memes tn39 ECE 2510 Introduction to Microprocessors J9 TEXps INSTRUMENTS TI MSP430 Notes Dr Bradley J Eazuin Associate Professor Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering College of Engineering and Applied Sciences MSP43O What is the MSP430 The MSP43O family of ultralowpower 16bit RISC mixedsignal processors from Texas Instruments TI provides the ultimate solution for batterypowered measurement applications Using leadership in both mixedsignal and digital technologies TI has created the MSP43O Which enables system designers tu oullultculuuuoly interface to analog signals sensors and digital components While maintaining unmatched low power Typical applications include utility metering portable instrumentation intelligent sensing and consumer electronics ECE 2510 httn39 for ti J t trddrtnil tsnquot quot n7amptab1d15llampfamilvld342 Basic Architecture 0 16bit microcontroller 7 RISC Architecture 7 low of registers simple load store memory access simple instruction that can be executed in a single clock 0 cle smaller bab stel s than the HC12 ECE 2510 Memory Ma A ed Peri herals 0 10 or eri heral devices 7 Both analog ADC and DAC and digital functions 0 Clocking System ECE 2510 MSP43O Memor39 and Peri herals Device Con guration lKB to lZOKB ISP Flash RAM up to 10 KB 14 to lOOpin options Integrated Peripherals lO12bit SAR ADC Watchdog timer 16bit Sigma Delta ADC UARTLIN 12bit DAC 12C Comparator SPI LCD driver erA Supply Voltage Supervisor SVS Hardware multiplier Operational ampli ers DMA controller 16bit and 8bit timers Temperature sensor ECE 2510 httpwwwstic0n sctechlitslab034pdf SLAB034M MSP430 Brochure RISC Architecture 16 full addressable sinvlecycle 16bit CPU registers 27 easytounderstand instructions and Seven consistentaddressing modes ECE 2510 HE HEWIL amt Imam MEL M kI II was mumm Em iw u mr imklmtiammlnw Gammml lme iEiamzard Puma my FMWSE KPH may with shrew IE 39 waist 2 3m n39sr eye39er Hawaiians arm39 3mm addressingquot mad mama s Err hfg mr rnmssfrg a au ey and ends d9 ms fry httpwwwsticomsctechlitslab034pdf SLAB034M MSP430 Brochure MSP43O Family Multiple devices with different numbers of pins and peripherals MSP430X1XX The MSP43OX1XX are Flash ROM based MCUs offer 18V to 36V operation up to 60kB SMIPs with Basic Clock This family of MCUs offers a wide range of capabilities from a simple low power controller with a comparator to complete systems on a chip including highperformance data converters interfaces and multiplier MSP430F2XX The new ultralowpower MSP43OF2XX family increases performance up to 16 MHZ Additional enhancements of MSP43OF2XX include an integrated il on chip very lowpower oscillator softwareselectable internal pulluppulldown resistors and increased number of analog in uts The insy stem A rovrammable Flash has also been improved with smaller 64byte segments and a lower 22V programming voltage allowing the elimination of external EEPROMs in most systems Available in lowpin count options MSP430X4XX The ultralowpower MSP43OX4XX devices offer l8V36V operation up to lZOkB Flash ROM SMIPS with FLL SVS along with an integrated LCD controller for low power metering and medical applications Several devices offer applicationbased peripherals to provide singlechip solutions for ow and electricity metering MSP43 0X3XX MSP43OX3XX devices are an older family of ROMOTP devices offering 25V55V operation up to 32kB 4MIPS and FLL ECE 2510 httn39 fool ti onm men J 39 u ddemil tsn keminnld97amptabldl51ampfamilvld342 Software Development Tools Multiple avors based on price and application Flash Emulation Tools The Flash Emulation Tool FET supports complete insystem development and is available for all Flash devices Programming assemblerCsource level debug single stepping multiple hardware breakpoints fullspeed operation and peripheral access are all fully supported insystem using I TAG eZ430F2013 Development Tool eZ430F2013 Development Tool Designing with the world s lowest powered MCU just got even easier with the new eZ430F2013 complete development tool for only 20 Integrated Development Environments Texas Instruments and third party developers offer Integrated Development Environments IDE to program all MSP43O devices ECE 2510 httn39 f nm ti onm men J 39 u ddemil tsn ker nnld97amptabldl51ampfamilvld342 TI Software Development Tools Part Number Contents Include Devices Price IARKICKSTART Free 4KB IDE IAR Embedded Workbench Kickstart All Free MSPCCE430 Free 8KB IDE Code Composer Essentials All Free MSPCCE430PRO Full Version IDE Code Composer Essentials Professional All 499 IARUPDATE Free Update for IAR Embedded Workbench Kickstart Baseline Full All Free MSP430TOOLARCHIVE Downloads for Previous Software Versions All Free ECE 2510 1 httn39 fOPIIQ ti com um udtuul Wts39nn quot 5amptab1d701131f nmilvld342amptoolTVpeId1 Flash Emulation Tools Flash Emulation Tools ECE 2510 ttn39 fOPIIQ ti on m mm A The Flash Emulation Tool FET supports complete insystem development and is available for all Flash devices Programing assemblerCsource level debug single stepping multiple hardware breakpoints fullspeed operation and peripheral access are all fully supported insystem using JTAG The FET kit comes with a programming interface a target board and a kickstart version of an integrated development environment everything you need to complete an entire project View Tools selection INSERT LINK pages to pick the tool right for your design Flash Emulation tools vary by interface type USB or parallel port and by Which device target board is included 14 pinto lOOpin options 10 udhml Wts39nn n5amptabldl 701szamilvld342amptoolTvpeId1 eZ430F2013 Development Tool eZ430F2013 Development Tool 7 eZ430 F201 3 Development Tool Designing with the world s lowest powered MCU just got even easier with the new eZ430F2013 complete development tool for only 20 7 The platform provides all needed hardware and software in a portable USB stick enclosure The eZ430F2013 uses the included TAR IDE providing full emulation with the option of designing a stand alone system or detaching the removable MSP430F2013 target board to integrate into an existing design 7 The F20xx combines 16 MIPS performance less than 1 microamp standby current with your choice of performance analog converters For more information visit wwwticomez430 ECE 2510 11 Hardware Starter Kits MsHEanvzn MsHEmnu mu Pan canng Include PmCamt Dewcessuggunzd Pnce usa usa suck 1mm mdmgetbaaxd szn usa usa suck mterface andtwa 2 40H wrrelesstaxgnbaards ul s49 usa 1mm mum mgetbaaxdw sacket 14me pwassop my usa 1mm andZXVplnmgetbaazdwsacket znrzxrpm rawsow my usa rpm my usa 1mm mazxrpm mgetbaudwsacket 22me DA TssoP my usa 1mm mmm getb mm 42me DL 550 my usa 1mm md Apnmgetbaaxdwsacket 541m mume my usa 1mm andXElrpln Largetbaardwsacket 21me w em my usa 1mm andl rpmtargztbaardwsacket mum 12me my MD PC Interface Module Board ECE 5m USB Stick MSP430xlxx Familv Kev Features Ultralowpower architecture extends battery life v139lyLA RAM retention 08uA realtime clock mode 250uA MIPS active 0 Highperformance analog ideal for precision measurement 12bit or 10bit ADC 200 ksps temperature sensor VRef 12bit dualDAC Comparatorgated timers for measuring resistive elements Supply voltage supervisor 0 16bit RISC CPU Large register file eliminates working file bottleneck Compact core design reduces power consumption and cost Uptlmlzed tor modern h1ghlevel programmmg Only 27 core instructions and seven addressing modes Extensive vectoredinterrupt capability Ins39 stem A rovrammable Flash A ermits exible code changes eld u grades and data logging ECE 2510 httpwwwticomlitvpdfslau049f 13 slau049f MSP430xlxx Family User s Guide Memory Ma A ed IO 0 Memory and IO Byte and Word access Dedicated peripherals in 1 addresses RAM Flash Memory and ROM Interrupt Vector Table Srrmlar to the HC 12 ECE 510 my wwwt1 cumumgdaslaumr slan04 f MSP430xlxx Farmly USEr39s Gums Figure 172 Memory Map Access urrrrn mm m m5 mm nm mashm 4 3 m mm mm a 3 WM MW u r m mm mm mm mm mm m 5pm Mm new a warnva u JamlElE Memorr Access Bits Br tes and Words gure 17 ans bytes and Woldsln a H sorgamzed Memoy Bytes are located at even or odd addresses Words are only located at even addresses as shown in Figure le3 When using word instructions only even addresses may be use The low byte of a word is always an even address The high byte is at the next odd address HC12 1 does not force even boundaries for Words and 2 ECE 25 m Wu camW airgammy high bytes is 10west address 5 Registers and ALU Frame 371 CPU Block DIaQram Register sources to the ALU 7 General purpose 7 PC SP and Status Registers Register destination from the ALU 7 When two sources are used one must also be the destination The ALU provides normal condition codes for branching 7 Z C V and N Completely Different than HC12 167nm ALU MCLK ECE 2510 httpWwwticomlitvpdfslau049f slau049f MSP430x1xx Family User s Guide Addressing Modes Table 371 Samoa0552171321017 Operanu Aauressmg Modes Mum Seven addressing modes for the source operand and four addressing modes for the destination 0 erand can address the complete address space With no exc 39ons The bit numbers in Table 373 describe the contents of the As source and Ad destination mode bits mm m n m H mm 1117 Different but easier an the HC12 mg 25 m wwwu camhw arsiaumr mqu Mspmxixx Family Us in my 4 quotmile mueyea mace symbnhc mote Ahsmuie made nurrea regxsxer node direct oincreme39 lmmsdxmp rmdn Hm nu mm a s Guide w Rn XRn mm swam nwnmmn lev ulvlenumeuwmud Rn 0 points in the 092mm x S smrea m we nan ward Rn ls useu a a Wimerm ne Derand Rn Is used a a Domier in he Derand Rms incmmenlzd may is us Thinkinv RISC Addressinv Simplistic View Move data om memory to a register Perform operations om register sources to a register destination Move data from register to memory Indirect Addressing Used for sources and not destinations Result of opcode stored in a register Indexed Symbolic and Absolute UpCOClC IOllOWCCl by values absolute addresses 0139 oIIsets See Section 33 ECE 2510 18 Instruction Set The complete MSP43O instruction set consists of 27 core instructions and 24 emulated instructions The core instructions are instructions that have unique opcodes decoded by the CPU The emulated instructions are instructions that make code easier to write and read but do not have opcodes themselves instead they are replaced automatically by we usscmblm with an mluivalent core instruction There is no code or performance penalty for using emulated instruction There are three coreinstruction formats Dualoperand Singleoperand Jump ECE 2510 httpwwwticomlitVpdfslau049f 19 slau049f MSP430X1XX Family User s Guide RISC Instruction Opcodes RISC uses single word instructions ECE 25M 7 Limits addressing mode selection and jump range Figure 379 Doubfe ODSand Instruction Formal FIGURE 3710 qule operand Instruction Fonnar 5 am Dual Operand Instructions table 3771 Double operand Instructions mum SReq operanan SatusE1Ls mug 7 Nov m mus L7ua 7 7 7 7 mum 51mm sruasmm v mum dt src7m 7c7m 7 r r s mas 7157 um 7 7 7 Smart 2 srcdsb 7 nusm7c7as cum mm avg 7 7 mm x As 52dst Sr 7 651 c 7 ast demmawy B tor byte Wme urn m 577177 7 m m n 7 m7 5 an sr and 7715 7 7 7 7 Pmcessmg Erslt s 5rcds Sr or was 7 7 7 7 a I xenm 3 rr7 7 7 1 smas x u V a sun but 5 aha The 5 ms bquot is not a emed my wwwt1 cmmlltVE dfsl mom 0 The status bn Is dearer slau04 f MsP430x1xx Farmly USEr39s t The smus bvt us s21 Gums Now lnsnucliuns cur and 5m ECE 510 The Instmcnnns cm and sun are Idenucal except for me Stefanie of me resusL The same 15 me or me an and my mslrucnons Sinvle O erand Instructions Tab3 37725mgle Upeena InsIrLcIIons mama v u z macquot 2 may u V ms a 7 7 7 7 ast sp 7 2 7 3p FC39Z 7 sp 7 7 7 7 c7r c m1 TDS7SRSP7275P t TnsaPr mug 531 as Banana Elna u The sums tau 5 affected J m 39A E w m g a 7 s a my wwwu camhwgdfslauOAM39 The 5939 b 5 5539 quot04quot M 330 My Au addresslrg modes as posswble for me CALL Insmmmn Nthe symbnhc quot59 5 GW nude ADDRESS me Immediate mode sm Ihe abwhte mode stat w mm chow tank ms me address m Indexed mode gt412st used the ward m urination ECE 251 Jump Instructions ECE 2510 Table 3713 Jump In slauO snucnons Vlnemumc 54m DrRea DDera nn Tuew mm mum Lang Lane ma L254 m Lane as Label 1 12m Jumpmlahsl m xmz v My Lane Jumu u Inlul uand uHAHY anamanauumpa upparl program branching relamelo Ina PC a do na a eu me s alus ms The possible Jump range is frurr 5 u 512 words relawe in me PU vame annejump msuucoon he I b pmgrzmltaumey a set 5 treated as a signed 1mm value um Is duubled and acded to me Wugram Enumer Pcne quot PooYd 2 Pcmax 2 h g wwwu camhwgdfslau049f 23 y u u AngSFAKOxlxxFamd sa39sGmde Subroutine Calls CALL Subroutme Synmx CALL ds Operation dsl gt mp 5p 7 2 7gt SP PC 7gt 512 mp sgt PC Exznples for 3H nddresslng mc es all given cu on um exec y Immedu e sumss a g uMh SPJ 7 sp poo a sP gPCvgx pc ALL CALL EXEC Call on me address Contamej m EXEC sP 275m Pc 2asr racpr c Inmrea address CALL ampEXEC Caquot on me address camamej In absoh e addres EXEC 5P 2ASP was sy qupvc CALL 4mm address CALL n5 as m ms sddmss mums n as Swz 7 SH MHZ s 5H us a H MM 2 CALL RE Call on the address cantamej m the Wmd ZDCWIIed 390 bv m 5124 sa nos 52 RE 7P0 quueu muueu R5 ECE 2510 d5 15 evaluamd and stated PC updzlgd m TOE dsl saved to PC X0151 hug www u comhwg dfslau049f can an me addre contained Ir me word pam39ed o n R5 and ncremgntpolmerln R5 e m sw now uses R5 palm e 390 n a mbc pumicd m by RE P71 A SH Pun gt sy hty gt w lumen marsm R5 Wm zummcremgm Ca on the address summed m the andress acm ed Io by R5 x e 9 table mm adcress sIamng at x x can be an ddress or a la 9 P 2 a SP Pod a 322 xmsH FC nd stt lncireck R5 x slau049f Msmzcmm Famny User39s Guide Full Instruction Set 1 0f 2 Table 3717 MSP430 Instmcnan Set Mnynun Descn m a mm Enate mm m m 2 txs m desnn c39u uxm an m cum magma mquot n 1 2 M W late m mn h nhivvsint ECE 510 my wwwt1 cmmlegdfslan049f slau04 f MSP430xlxx Farmly User 5 Gums Full Instruction Set 2 0f 2 ECE 251 my wwwu camhwg ars auom mqu Msmzoxxxx Famuy Usa39s Gmde Interrupts There are three types of interrupts System reset Nonmaskable NMI Maskable The interrupt priorities are xed and de ned by the arrangement of the modules in the connection chain as shown in Figure 2 4 The nearer a module is to the CPUNMIRS the higher the priority Interrupt priorities determine What interrupt is taken when more than one interrupt is pending simultaneously ECE 2510 27 http wwwt1comlltVpdfslau049f slau049f MSP430X1XX Family User s Guide NonMaskable Interrupts Nonmaskable NMI interrupts are not masked by the general interrupt enable bit GIE but are enabled by individual interrupt enable bits NMIIE ACCVIE OFIE When a NMI interrupt is accepted all NMI interrupt enable bits are automatically reset Program execution begins at the address stored in the non maskable interrul t vector OFFFCh User software must set the required NMI interrupt enable bits for the interrupt to be reenabled A nonmaskable NMI interrupt can be generated by three SOUI39CGSC An edge on the RSTNMI pin when con gured in NMI mode An oscillator fault occurs ECE 2510 An access violationhtgtltat1a htwp fiagmf 2 slau049f MSP430X1XX Family User s Guide Maskable Interrupt Maskable interrupts are caused by peripherals with interrupt capability including the watchdog timer over ow in intervaltimer mode Each maskable interrupt source can be disabled individually by an interrupt enable bit or all maskable interrupts can be disabled by the general interrupt enable GIE bit in the status register SRI ECE 2510 29 http wwwt1comlltVpdfslau049f slau049f MSP430X1XX Family User s Guide Interru t Processinv The interrupt latency is 6 cycles starting with the acceptance of an interrupt request and lasting until the start of execution of the rst instruction of the interruptservice routine as shown in Figure 2 7 The interrupt logic executes the following 1 Any currently executing instruction is completed 2 The PC which points to the next instruction is pushed onto the stack 3 The SR is pushed onto the stack 4 The interrupt with the highest priority is selected if multiple interrupts occurred during the last instruction and are pending for service 5 The interrupt request ag resets automatically on singlesource ags Multiple source ags remain set for servicing by software 6 The SR is cleared This terminates any lowpower mode Because the GTE bit is cleared further interrupts are disabled 7 The content of the interrupt vector is loaded into the PC the program continues with the interrupt service routine at that address ECE 2510 30 http wwwt1coml1tvpdfslau049f slau049f MSP430xlxx Family User s Guide Interru t Stack O eration Since there are so man registers the are not automatically pushed onto the stac I Only the PC and the status register are pushed 7 If you Want more do it yourself Flgu39e 277 Interrupt ProcessHg sum ECE 251 my wwwu camhwg ars auom mqu MSFAKOxlzm Famuy Usa39s G was Interrupt Vectors Table 27lnerTUDt Sources ags and Vectors 39quotERRUF39SOURCE rue m rEnnurY Amnass 10 warms km Rese VFFFEH 15 mgnest um oxc iatorramt umer Mn rmsakabve rasn memorv access owe nanwmasxzbte BFFFCH 14 malatmn cows mnHwasXable camcupacmc nFFFAh 13 cevlcsspecmc umsn 12 cevlcsrspec u up Fan 11 w t Mug um I wonre maskak a man 1n evlcksnecm um 4 cevvcesp m a mum 7 cevxcespecm 5 my wwwu camlxtvgdfs aumgf Avvcespecmc 5 mqu MspAzoxxxmexy A Um de v cwsvac m wcwpacmc J evmspecmc 2 ECE2510 ewce specmc DFFEUh DJowest 32 Clock Module gure 471 Basic mock mock Diagram mm m 05am Jaax slau049f MSP430x1m Famny User39s Gmde E c 2510 33 5m 55 cm Clock Module Ca abilitv The basic clock module includes two or three clock sources LFXTlCLK Lowfrequencyhighfrequency oscillator that can be used either with lowfrequency 32768Hz watch crystals or standard crystals or resonators in the 450kHz to 8MHz range XTZCLK Optional highfrequency oscillator that can be used with standard crystals resonators or external clock sources in the 450kHz to 8MHz range DCOCLK Internal digitally controlled oscillator DCO with RCtype characteristics 0 Three clock signals are available from the basic clock module ACLK Auxiliary clock The ACLK is the buffered LFXTlCLK clock source divided by l 2 4 or 8 ACLK is software selectable for individual peripheral modules MCLK Master clock MCLK is software selectable as LFXTlCLK XTZCLK if available or DCOCLK MCLK is divided by l 2 4 or 8 MCLK is used by the CPU and system SMCLK Submain clock SMCLK is software selectable as LFXTlCLK XTZCLK if available onchip or DCOCLK SMCLK is divided by 1 2 4 or 8 SMCLK is software selectable for individual peripheral modules ECE 2510 34 http wwwt1com litvpdf s1au049f s1au049f MSP430X1XX Family User s Guide


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