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Fund Elctronics

by: Lizeth Hegmann

Fund Elctronics ECE 1010

Lizeth Hegmann
GPA 3.61


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 23 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lizeth Hegmann on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 1010 at Western Michigan University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/216793/ece-1010-western-michigan-university in Engineering Electrical & Compu at Western Michigan University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering College of Engineering and Applied Sciences 9 RFID 101 Demonstration Distance Material and other effects Dr Bradley J Bazuin Assistant Professor Western Michigan University Electrical and Computer Engineering RFID Users Group WMU BTR BlueGranite 4 August 2004 Abstract Demonstration System and Capability x a o MBG Trial Preliminary Results Video Matthew Mace and John Conner o WMURFJD Laboratory at 0 Alien Technology RFJD Development Kit Factors Effecting RFID system performance o General Distance Materials Interference o Speci c Systems Reader transmit power andreceiver sensitJVity Tag operating power thresholdreceiver sensitJVity and transmit power Antennagain o RHDInstallation Antennalocauondirectlyityandpolarizauon Tag attachmentandposiuon EnVironment Demonstrations 7 September2004 MBG RFID Trials RFID Installation 7 lastweek a 1I RFID Tests 7 yesterday 0 GBFMBG J Conner amp C McMillan 0 Bluthanite Matthew Mace amp Ron 0 WMU RED Lab Brad Bazuin 7 Septemberl A WMU RFID Laboratory Established as an outgrowth of the RFID Action Group Startup RFID equipment funding provided by the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences CEAS Dean s Of ce Dr Michael Atkins 1 Principal Investigator is Dr Bradley Bazuin WMU Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE Department vi WMU RFID Laboratory r RFID Research and Development Laboratory Goals 0 to provide an RFID resource center for Southwestern Michigan 0 to provide technical and theoretical training for RFID users implementers and developers 0 to de ne and develop RFID system solutions for nonmainstream challenging environments and implementations and o to research critical technology to improve the accuracy reliability and performance ofRFlD systems Longterm Research Areas 0 RFID signal propagation multipath and interference effects 0 RFID communication signal structures and formats 0 the application of soitware radio techniques and realtime signal processing to RFID systems and o the application of smart antenna and adaptive signal processing technology 7 Septemberl A RFID Lab Portal 5 Veisatruss BoxTruss Portal 0 Modular construction for recon gurablity 0 Four columns for stability 0 Suf cient height and width to accommodate a singlewide garage door MW Antennas and RFID readers will be mounted as desired on the structure 0 Two independent readeis may mounted and active at the same time 7Septemh812004 RFID Development Kits Alien Technology 0 Reader with four antennas Matrics a Reader with four highperformance area antennas Additional Antennas 0 Two Maxrad vertically polarized directional panel antennas 0 Two Cushcra RH circularly polarized panel antennas 7September2004 7 i Agilent 4396B Spectrummetwork Analyzer 2 10Hz to 18 GHZ r Optional higher precirion time hare K Agilent 4395B Spectrummetwork Analyzer 10Hz to 500 MHZ 1 Wavetek Signal Generator i 02 MHzto 22 GHZ K HP Signal Generator gt 01 MHzto 990 MHZ Miscellaneous Equipment Orcillorcoper Power Supplier Low Freq vefonn Generatorr e c c RF Ampli err Filterr Attenuatorr Switcher SplitterrComhinerr etc 7 Septemberzom Alien Technology Corporation Demonstration Kit One of the leading RFID suppliers developing systems compatible with EPC Global standards ht www alientechnolo ComIndex html hnnlngym Hinduares up AllEnTEE at GuldE ALRWBO ALRWSOVA v02 00 00 2003 7 September 2004 RFID System Elements it RFID Reader gin 0 An RF Transmitter and Receiver o Amplitude Shi Keying ASK c 5 Al Communication Signal 3a 0 Frequency HoppingTimeDivision Duplex TDD rm j V 0 Backscatter i W 0 Embedded Microcontroller executes mmmm mm 8 me all opermions Mme mama voz m m A RF Antenna 0 Directional Panel Antennas 0 One to four antennas operated as timedivisionmultiplexed TDM elements 7September2004 ll RFID System Elements 21 RFID Tags 0 SquiggleTag ITag and DTag 0 Patterned Antenna and an Integrated Circuit 0 N0 Battery power is derived from the RF Signal EWJU E Examples afAiien NanaBIock tag and antenna esigns AhenTeuhmlngymiImdwm My Guide memo Amman men on 2003 RFID Interfaces Command and Control R5723 m Reader Coirigcnor Conneclor eeririicmr email 0 RS232 Serial Interface 0 Ethernet lObaseT MAC for TCPIP network connection RFID System Host Computer 0 PC Com Pott Interface 0 TCPIP network connection Alim Technology Hardware Setup Guide a ALRVWBO ALRVWSOVANOZ 00 00 2003 0 Command and Control of RFID Reader Operation 0 Send software application required setup commands Diagnostic LEDs LAN LEDS 0 Receive message when RFID tags are read 0 Read RFID Reader tag buffer and store 0 Provide visibility into RFID Reader operation 0 Provide a User Interface 7 September 2004 12 Factors Effecting System Performance Distance free space signal propagation o Transmit Power Transmit Antenna Gain Frequency Range Receiving Antenna Gain and Receiver Sensitivity t Material 0 Signal Attenuation in Path 0 Change in Antenna Gain due to nearby materials ground plane 0 Multipath Re ections A Interference o Other Signals in the Environment 0 P Md to 39 erference 39r 39 o Adjacent Channel Interference strong signals in nearby frequencies 1 7Septemher2004 RF Signal Propagation f v w v G G P P R 4 D 5 Transmit Power regulated maximum ti Transmit Antenna Gain antenna design Frequency and Range signal attenuation in free space R Receiving Antenna Gain antenna design 1 Receiver Sensitivity weakest signal that can be received 3 7SEptember2004 14 Friis Transmission Formula Z V Z R Gr G 391 4 r 7 R where PM is the received or transmitted signal power Gm is the effective antenna gain R is the distance between the transmitter and receiver and l is the wavelength Wireless Range Equation 1 B39GI39GV c P 24 P 4m where c is the speed of light and f is the frequency 339 7SEptemher2004 15 Visualizing Friis Two Range examples 5 Shon Range R1 SigmlPWer Long Range R2 mm Rim 39 Power in decibel millivmlls dBm logdomain malh Emmi i Known as RSqumd summer signal loss dBm Rim Dislance m 3 7Septembei2004 15 Friis with Additional Factors No Lam 3 7SEplembeI2004 0m Rm Additional RF Transmission Losses o RF cable losses andRF opaque mateiial in the path Materials Added Attenuation in the Signal Path 0 Cardboard Boxes 0 Windows or shields ti Conducting Planes in the Signal Path Absorb RF Signals o ElectroMagnetic EM Field can not propagate through the material 0 All Electrically Conductive Materials 1 Conducting Planes very near the Antenna 0 Changes in Antenna Fields 0 EM active materials must be considered as part of the antenna Conducting Planes near the Signal Path to the Antenna 0 EM Waveform Re ection o Coherent Multipath adds or subtracts from direct path 0 Noncoherent Multipath acts like inband interference 339 7September2004 is RFID Applications RFID Reader Antennas o Installations will be in close proximity to metal objects Wallr rebar in oorr door milingr vehicler etc 0 Operation very close to the antennamay be required Antenna near eld pattern 5 RFID Tags 0 Tags must be placed on or in items to be tracked 0 Tag location may vary signi cantly top side bottom 0 Item contents may effect antenna performance Metalr uidr etc 7September2004 19 System Engineering Approaches Deal with RFID as a complete System 0 Analyze Why Where and how RFD will be applied I technolouie and39 quot 39 39 uptimicd each part of the RFID System item packing tag location tagreader type reader antenna locations number and type of antenna tag ID value limits etc 0 Will What you achieve be good enough nr 3 RF and System Engineering for RFID 0 Previous research areas body mounted antennas antenna propagation studies antenna directivity near and far eld effect signal propagation etc 7 how do they apply to RFJD 0 Engineering tricks limit reader search range precharge RFJD tags place tags in optimal locations add isolation or shielding for tags 0 Provide Technical Advise on RFID System application and installation 7 Septemberl lM 20 Demonstration htt Wwwaientechnolo comindexhtml V ME SMART AIEl COMPANV httpWwwargent1abelcom 7 September 2004 1am amp Labs Inc Acknowledgments College of En ineering and Applied Sciences cmnwv muammu smurm htt Wwwwmicheduen ineer httpwwwbluegranitecom Bbeal y httpwwwhortifrutcom C a httpwwwblueberriescom MBGMHREETING m Mum camquot 39m h pJwww argentlabel com httpwwwwmicheduece 7 September 2004 22 Questions amp Hands0n Time Dr Bradley J Bazuin Assistant Professor Western Michigan University Electrical and Computer Engineering bradbazuin Winichedu homepageswmicheduJoazuinb RFID 101 Demonstration Distance Material and other effects 7 Septemberl lM 23


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