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Wastewater Treatment Systems

by: Valentina Reichel

Wastewater Treatment Systems PAPR 3531

Valentina Reichel
GPA 3.86


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About this Document

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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Valentina Reichel on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PAPR 3531 at Western Michigan University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see /class/216794/papr-3531-western-michigan-university in Chemical Engineering at Western Michigan University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
Aerator Field Capaciy Design parameter Design Parameter Designer s must choose equipment based on O2 requirement capital costs operating costs noneconomic factors Therefore shehe must know the field oxygen transfer capacity Usually expressed as 9 02 hp hr 0r Kg 02 Kwh Manufacturers usually supply transfer capacity for their equipment under standard conditions 1 atm air 20 C 00 in tap water Designers must correct this stated capacity to that expected in the field conditions MampE presents Eqn 562 p 447 for this correction N NOM1024 T4005 917 Where N lb 02hphr in the field N0 lb 02hphr in water at 20 C C O B salinitysurface tension factor Cwalt 02 saturation conc for tap water at temp alt 820 02 saturation conc for tap water at 20 C CL operating 02 conc T temp0 C d 02 transfer coeff for waste MampE Table 532 However 02 saturation is outdated so NN0 1024T 20a 520 C820 908 from MampE App D Equation 562 is derived as follows dC A EZKLVCS Ct KLaCS Ct Where Kla overall mass transfer coeff C8 saturation cone in soln Ct cone at time t Correct standard KLa for waste composition K La 2 K Laa denotes standard test conditions K La waste K La test Correct standard Ka for temperature KLa KLaeT T20 Correct 08 for temperature using Henry s Law Correct 08 for altitude pressure using Fig 568 p 447 Corrected C S C wait water temperature aHHude Correct for difference in saturation between tap water and wastewater C S waste CS rap 8 same T P NZN M102le 20a 0 520 Eqn 562 p 447 A more sophisticated equation Eqn 555 p 429 AOTR SOTRMJI 024T 20aF 320 Where AOTR actual oxygen transfer rate under field conditions kg02h SOTR standard oxygen transfer rate in tap water at 20 C and zero dissolved oxygen kg 02h B salinitysurface tension correction factor typically 095 to 098 see Eqn 554 CsTH average dissolved oxygen saturation concentration in clean water in aeration tank at temp T and alt H mgL T operating temperature C or oxygen transfer correction factor for waste Eqn 531 F fouling factor typically 065 09 However students should use Eqn 562 for this class Software Demonstration GWBASC OTCOMP


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