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Professional Selling

by: Nathanial Mosciski

Professional Selling MKTG 3600

Nathanial Mosciski
GPA 3.97

John Idema

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About this Document

John Idema
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nathanial Mosciski on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MKTG 3600 at Western Michigan University taught by John Idema in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see /class/216805/mktg-3600-western-michigan-university in Marketing at Western Michigan University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
Professional Selling Examl Study Guide 0 Selling and Salespeople 0 Important Sales Person Personal Traits Tenacity Integrityethics Persistence Selfmotivation Listening Flexibility Time Management Product Knowledge I Communication Skills 0 How Sales People Allocate time during the week Service calls 10 ReportsMeeti ngs 15 0 Channels of Distribution I Manufacturer 7 I Manufacturer I Manufacturer 2 l end user 0 Manufacturers agent I Represent two or more noncompeting product lines from different manufacturers Does not take title to the goods 0 Missionary Salesperson I Represents manufacturer and does not take orders acts as m n l l39A39 lul m 39 getkeep key accounts 0 Trade Rep I works for either a 39 2 i in w ml H mm ii39 u u 39 or for a n mwr will o Emotionalintelligence l ll39l o with whom you interact ti w ill 39 quot 61quotmg o Controlling you emotions and having empathy for customers 0 Using your customers emotions against them without them knowing it Professional Selling Examl Study Guide 0 Building Relationships 0 Evolution of Personal Selling 4eras I 11 JUNO Pre 1930 0 Demand exceeded supply 0 Salesperson simply took orders 0 Supply now exceeds demand 0 High compensation o Salesperson seen as persuader often using aggressive tactics 0 Supply exceeds demand 0 Satisfying customer needs 0 The marketing concept is born 0 Salesperson as a problem solver 39 1990Present 0 Supply exceeds demandhigh competition o Emphasis now on building long term customersupplier relationships 0 Salesperson seen as a value creator 0 Marketing Concepts 0 Marketing exchange Um without much thought of future interaction I Short erm low concern for the other party low to medium investment low risk low potential benefits bargaining 0 Functional Exchange 39 between buyer and seller with open and honest communication but 1 39 I Medium Concern for t e other party High trust High investment cooperation medium risk medium potential benefits 0 Strategic Partnership mm re lsiirol39cl mi w l a ywl39l uli m lily p34 Mimi uii sill quotlgi39 l i lnm u ii u v a ii to improve the profitability of both companies and jointly achieve strategic objectives I High concern High Trust High Investment collaboration High risk High potential benefits 0 Credible Commitments w l vlCl l39 u e rn llwm sii rm to forward the market position of both parties 0 5 stages in the development of strategic partnership Andy Eats Every Coochee Dirty I Awareness i 1quot seek out buyers 0 No transaction has taken place 0 Profile potential Buyers Professional Selling Examl Study Guide I Exploration 0 Search and trial for both parties A I Expansion LiLl39Jl af f 0 Growing dependence on one another I Commitment 0 Customer and supplier have pledged to continue the relationship and both parties make plans and goals 0 Ethical and Legal Issues in Selling 0 O O O 0 Ethics vs Legality I Some things are legal but not ethical Ethics are not enforceable by any federal or state institution Deception 39JQ no The UCC Unifor I The legal guide to all commercial trade in the US and affects us as follows m Commercial Code w to goods 0 m 1 quot2 3 m Sales Contract occurs when a sales person s offer receive and mm H m ii air o FOB Factory buyer takes title the moment goods leave the sellers loading dock O O O n v ur 7 1 0 Business defamation mm iui 1 ilsi39imi39 damage reputation o Reciprocity when two firms 2 Lth 0H Pl 0 Tying agreement Agreements where the buyer is required 9 mo lil ii f Lubrication 39 3m ill Li n w v 9 ii iTl le made to lower ranking officials or subordinates to get a job done faster Professional Selling Examl Study Guide 0 Subordination or look the other way 0 Ethical relativism 0 Ethical Imperialism 0 Business Marketing 0 OEMs Original Equipment Manufacturer 0 39 eii i l quot 39V 0 Business demand elasticity and equipment Business Product types 0 I Major Equipment 0 Capital Goods I Accessories 0 Shorter lived capital goods I Raw materials 0 Unprocessed expense items I Component Parts 0 Processed expense items I Supplies 0 Expense items that do not become a part of the finished good 0 Buying center components I nitiators I Users I Influences I Gatekeepers I Deciders 0 New task I Where a customer is buying a relatively complex and expensive product or service for the first time o Modified Rebuy I Purchase decisions where a customer is interested in modifying some terms of the agreement and is willing to deal with other suppliers in order to get what they want Professional Selling Examl Study Guide 0 Straight rebuy I Where a customer is repurchasing an item it has purchased many times 0 What Annoys Buyers I Lack of preparation I Lack of follow up I Lack of knowledge about customers business I Failure to keep or even make appointments 0 What mpresses Buyers I Willingness to fight for customer I Thoroughness following up 0 Communication Principles 0 Closed ended questions I Questions answered in few words 0 Open ended questions I Questions answered in long form 0 Speakinglisteningdifferentials I Speak about 120160 wpm I Process about 600900 wpm o Nonverbals I Body angle 0 Slow back and forth movement interest 0 Side to side movement doubt insecurity o Sudden change in body position wants to end conversation either agrees or disagrees I Face 0 Looking straight ahead passive not listening 0 Eyes positioned left or right customer involvement I Arms 0 Folded across chest defensive shut down 0 At rest or hanging down open or comfortable I Hands 0 Fingers crossed tension 0 Hands open relaxed 0 Hands on hips dominance I Legs o Uncrossed open cooperative o Crossed away from a salesperson closed off from sales person Distance zones for Interactions o 02 intimate o 24 personal 0 4 6 social 0 12 More public Professional Selling Examl Study Guide 0 Social Styles Less Responsive TaskOriented More Assertive FasterPaced Less Assertive S lowe rPaced AMIABLES More Responsive RelationshipOriented n In 0 HSSCI uvrrgtgt I I Assertiveness the degree to which people I Responsiveness the extent to which 11639 0 Drivers I High assertive low responsive I Task oriented impatient risk taker quick to decide 0 Amiable I High responsive low assertive I Likes close relationships slow to make decisions shuns conflict avoids risks loyal 0 Analytical I Low assertive low responsive I Drawn to facts and logic suspicious of power seldom shows emotion likes details 0 Expressive I High assertive high responsive I Warm Approachable enthusiastic flamboyant snappy dresser


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