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Modern Soc Problems

by: Giovanna Casper

Modern Soc Problems SOC 2100

Giovanna Casper
GPA 3.71

Richard Macdonald

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About this Document

Richard Macdonald
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Giovanna Casper on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 2100 at Western Michigan University taught by Richard Macdonald in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/216810/soc-2100-western-michigan-university in Sociology at Western Michigan University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
New facts Red states republican Blue states democrat blue tends to be along coast lines Red states tend to me more rural blue tends to be more urban Where are these tea partiers from People who are fond of the founding fathers is more republican More cosmopolitan might be more democrat Rural vs urban poverty usually the face of poverty is a poor person living in the inner city Its also in rural Look at child poverty 30 cities were poor 22 rural areas suburbia 13 urban traffic congestion wastes about 37 billion hours a year 23 billion gallons of gas due to traffic congestion total cost of all this was 63 billion quotwhite flightquot whites fleeing to suburbia Block busting Block busting real estate agent sells a black family a home in a white neighborhood Wants to create panic Then the white home owners will sell cheap and flee to the city Because there are limited housing for black middle class You sell high to black middle class Gentrification when developers come in and make neighborhoods more upscale This also displaces affordable housing When you gentrify neighborhood stores might go out of business This is an issue because you can39t buy food at a reasonable price Slum or absentee landlords owns rental property in the city and they refuse to fix anything up because that would be a cost and would lower their profits This is why property can deteriorate in urban neighborhoods Slum landlords benefit by the problems of enforcing zoning or building codes Cities can39t pay these inspectors so if the inspector does even come out it might be difficult to figure out who the landlord is Why fix it up if there is a demand Warehousing buying up large amounts of land and keeping it in hopes that a shopping mall will eventually want to buy it When they warehouse this stuff the property declines Public housing was okay when the jobs were in the town but now the jobs are moving to the suburbs so there is a dislocation between where the poor people live and where the jobs are How do you get from downtown Detroit to auburn hills The biggest subsidy in America is your mortgage Most segregated cities Detroit Chicago Cleveland Lease segregated cities Albuquerque Orange County Tulsan Phoenix Las Vegas Obama wants to increase money for education make American workers more attractive to American companies Spending on education is NOT decreasing the deficit 20 billion dollar stimulus package for Urban education This was an easy target for tea partiers and republicans because it was urban DuncanquotChicago renaissance programquot make district more efficient Close failing schools sent kids to other schools Problem gangs When you bring in kids from other areas you create tremendous tensions They have had a lot of school violence A lot of gang violence makes kids anxious about going to school Urban density Americans live in 300 metropolitan areas Because we are so concentrated this creates a lot of strains on our infrastructure Schools etc 25 of bridges are in serious trouble We are cutting taxes because we are broke where in the hell are you going to get money to fix these bridges Police housing vs handcuffs Urban homelessness Many cops have to deal with loitering homeless people Why is this a priority Because businesses tell the cops to come and get them Where do you put them You take them to jail The police are a mental institution Cops are on the front line dealing with people who have mental problems In 2009 Kalamazoo was ranked as the 6th meanest city toward homeless Urban healthcare systems are overwhelmed with dealing with diseases AIDS substance abuse immunizations hell just providing kids with shots n metropolitan areas 85 of manufacturing is in urban areas But cities only receive 56 of highway funds Urban vs suburban 2002008 Poverty was up 15 Suburban poverty was up by 25 13 of poor Americans live in suburbs today Urban Native Americans there is poverty on reservations 6080 Many NA migrate to cities rates of obesity smoking diabetes remains across all incomes For most other groups the higher the income the less chance of diabetes smoking etc Get the people to live at the jobs Mayor Bing selling homes for 1000 and letting them fix it up If you drive where the hell are you going to park Parking is at a premium in cities 2010 not a single grocery store chain within the city limits of Detroit 2010 Urban charter schools are more racially segregated than public schools Poverty Schools 2006 40 of black kids in America Urban attended schools that were 90100 nonwhite In 208 it went to 46 Black areas are having a higher rate of foreclosure Redlining where it is difficult for blacks to get house mortgages With the same income are twice as likely to be turned down for a home mortgage Many of the foreclosures are in affluent communities and they are foreclosures on second homes It wasn39t just poor people but affluent people as well


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