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Community Hlth Ed Planning

by: Liam O'Kon

Community Hlth Ed Planning HPER 3310

Liam O'Kon
GPA 3.88


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Liam O'Kon on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HPER 3310 at Western Michigan University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 593 views. For similar materials see /class/216834/hper-3310-western-michigan-university in Health Sport And Exercise Science at Western Michigan University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
HPER 331 Midterm Review 1 2 E 4 V The basic steps that most planning models have in common are outlined in the Generalized Model for Program Flaming Name these steps Give an example of a type of question that could be answered in the following phases of the PRECEDEPROCEED l a Social Assessment b Administrative Assessment c Educational Assessment List the five phases of the MATCH Framework Name at least four key elements that best characterize the practice of Social Marketing Name the seven phases of the SMART Model Which phase of the PRECEDEPROCEED Model seeks to subjectively define the quality of life of those in the priority population Disability discomfort fertility fitness and morbidity are examples of data derived from which phase of the PRECEDE PROCEED Model Determining what resources are available for a program would occur during what phase of the PRECEDEPROCEED Model Which planning model is designed to be applied when behavioral and environmental risk and protective factors for disease or injury are generally known and when general priorities for action have been determined thus providing a convenient way to turn the corner from needs assessment and priority setting to the development of effective programs O N L 4 V H 0 gt1 so O Which two planning models focus on priority audiences rely heavily on consumer data for decision making and attempt to continually return to the consumer for feedback and program improvement capturing the critical characteristics of health communication and social marketing What is the first step planners should take to gain the support of decision makers List four methods for determining the values and benefits to be emphasized in a rationale List in order the first four steps to include in a rationale What are three of the six questions Peterson and Alexander suggested that a needs assessment should answer Explain the difference between primary and secondary data and give three sources for each Explain the difference between single step and multi step surveys and give an example of each Which refers to consistency in the measurement process a Vali 1ty b Consistency c Sensitivity d Reliability Samples that provide an equal chance for all people in a population to be selected are a Probability samples b Nonprobability samples c Reliability samples d Self reporting The ability of the test to identify correctly those who do not have a disease or condition is Specificity Unbiased Culturally appropriate 906 N O N r N N N L N 4 N U N O N gt1 N Go N O Name three advantages and three disadvantages each of data collecting through written questionnaires telephone interviews and group interviews Define bias and give three steps that you can take to minimize bias during data collection Write an objective for an exercise program and label the four elements that make it an appropriate objective What is the difference between a mission a goal and an objective What are three questions that should be considered when writing objectives Not letting an employee use the employee lounge because they smoke is an example of Positive reinforcement b Negative reinforcement c Positive punishment d Negative punishm ent The behavior change theory that suggests the frequency of a behavior is determined by the reinforcements that follow the behavior is the a Stimulus Response Theory Social Cognitive Theory c Theory of Freeing d Theory of Reasoned Action A group facilitator that provides positive verbal feedback to a participant is an example of a Selfreinforcement b Vicarious reinforcement c Direct reinforcement d Behavioral capability With regard to the Stimulus Response Theory the terms positive and negative carry the meanings of a Helpfulnot helpful b Goodbad c Surplusdeficit d Adding totaking away Perceived susceptibility is a factor in the Health BeliefModel Social Cognitive Theory c Stimulus Response Theory d Theory of Reasoned Action O L L N L 4 L V 0 gt1 00 L 0 If people are to exercise aerobically first they must know that aerobic exercise exists and second they need to know how to do it properly This is an example 0 a Behavioral capability b Expectations c Selfcontrol d Selfefficacy Exercising to achieve weight loss prevent heart disease and lower blood pressure could all be considered which component of the Health Belief Model a Perceived Barriers b Perceived Susceptibility c Perceived Threats d Perceived Benefits In what stage of the Transtheoretical Model does a person actively plan change a Precontemplation b Contemplation c Preparation d Action For Janice to lose weight she must believe both that she is able to lose weight and that the weight loss will benefit her health These beliefs are examples of a Self esteem b Efficacy and outcome expectations c Positive reinforcement d Positive punishment Using pamphlets to spread information about health is considered what type of intervention activity a Communication b Political c Regulatory d Educational Field trips health fairs and health museums are examples of what types of intervention activity a Social b Communication c Environmental d Educational The posting of nosm oking signs and the elimination of ashtrays are examples of what type of intervention activity a Environmenta b Behavior modification c Economic d Political Which intervention strategy generally has the highest penetration rate a Health policy b Health communication c Health engineering d Health education For the general public writing at which grade reading level is usually best a h 6t b 8th c 1 0th d 12th The route through which a message is disseminated to the priority population is a Health educator b Communication channel c Communication rate d Health risk appraisal 4 O 4 4 N 4 4 4 Lquot 4 O Personal visits to educate or lobby key people a community rally and telephone call campaigns are examples of Community education activities b Community advocacy activities c Community outreach activities d Community development activities The process by which community groups are helped to identify common problems or goals mobilize resources and in other ways develop and implement strategies for reaching the goals they have collectively set is a Community organization b Community building c Community advocacy d Community fundraising The culture of an organization can be thought of as its Behav1or Goals Success Personality 9 57 incentive can Increase perceived value of an activity Motivate people to get involved Remind participants of their goals An a b c d All of the above Charging higher health insurance rates to cigarette smokers is an example of a An incentive b A health engineering strategy c A disincentive d A social activity Name five types of health intervention strategies and give an example of each Give five examples of Why communication strategies are useful in reaching health promotion program goals and objectives


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