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Planning School Health Progs

by: Liam O'Kon

Planning School Health Progs HPER 3120

Liam O'Kon
GPA 3.88


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Liam O'Kon on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HPER 3120 at Western Michigan University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/216835/hper-3120-western-michigan-university in Health Sport And Exercise Science at Western Michigan University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
Spring 2006 Dan Gilford s observation report Introduction This spring semester Dr Frauenkencht unleashed her HPER 3120 class upon the high school health education classrooms of the Kalamazoo and greater Kalamazoo areas The stipulations are that our class is to observe multiple schools complete 20 hours of observations complete two of each of the five observation types and write an observation report Though Dr Frauenkencht gave our class her stipulations along with her goals for us I made a few goals for myself The goals I came up with for myself are observe different technique teachers use to keep the attention of andor handle students causing trouble in the classroom without kicking them out of the classroom interact with students and help with their assignments when it is possible network myself to professionals already in the health education field and enjoy the time I have in the classroom while taking in any new information I can Purpose This report will summarize and explain the data collected from Vicksburg High VHS and Niles High NHS that was collected using each of the five types of observations Included in each teacher s classroom summery will be the data I collected along with any recommendations I have that may help the teacher improve their classroomteaching methods Schools and Teachers I observed two high schools along with two teachers The first school I visited was NHS where I observed Mr Robert Galvin The classes I observed of Mr Galvin s were freshmen wellness classes The second class I observed was VHS where I sat in on Mrs Terri Secord s classroom which at the time was being taught by Ms Alex Wenson a WMU student completing her internship Mrs Secord39s class is a health education class that has a mixture of sophomores juniors and seniors NHS Being that Mr Galvin39s class is my first set of observations the data I collected is less ref1ned Spring 2006 Dan Gilford s observation report then that of my VHS data Never the less the data is good data and gives a sold overview of what is going on in the classroom I observed three classes the first class ran for a period of one hour twenty minutes and each of the second two for one hour and ve minutes all totaling three hours and thirty minutes All three of the observations are verbal ow The first and third simply tracked which students have been called on or are asked to answer a question The second observation is the ow of comments between teach and students First Class The first class was made up of 26 students 15 female and 11 male This being the first class of the day not many students were up for any educational discussion Participation was minimal and for the only time during the day female and male participation was equal and not male dominated During the first session Mr Galvin called on 5 female and 5 male students During this class period the area that had been called on the most by Mr Galvin is concentrated to the front row of the class and down the far right hand columns to the back of the classroom the pattern looked like an upside down backwards L Second Class The second class was made up of 26 students 9 female and 17 male This observation tracked verbal ow between students and the teacher it does not track the times that teacher called on a student In this class Mr Galvin engaged in discussion with one female students two times she began the dialog Mr Galvin engaged in discussion with 7 male students for a total of 13 times which 2 of the time he began the dialog The discussions appear to have been taken place more so towards the left half of the classroom Third Class The third class was made up of 26 students 15 female and 11 male In this observation Mr Galvin called on 4 female students and 10 male students that is a almost a 11 ratio of times the males were called on compared roughly a 15 ratio that the female were called on Recommendation It is obvious that during these sessions Mr Galvin engaged in more Spring 2006 Dan Gilford s observation report interaction with male students than female students The date collected shows that Mr Galvin is a little over 2 12 times more likely to interact with male students than that of female students The data does not show how often female and male students raised their hands to be called on As I remember the male students did attempt to participate more but all that means is that Mr Galvin needs to find a way to get his female students more active and feeling more of a part of the class I suggest that Mr Galvin make a larger effort at calling on the quite students getting students involved who do not have there hand up and or who have not participated in answering questions or discussions and keep better track of his female to male ratio when he calls on students VBH Being that most of my observation hours have been completed at VHS I am not going to go through each and every of the observations I will however go over an attask observation a selective verbatim observation student movement pattern observation and review my two anecdotal records At Task This attask observation took place on February 15 during the VHS 1155 7 1 10 block The class is made up of 19 students 14 female 5 male Students were checked every ten minutes to see if they were either attask out of their seats talking about non class subjects or sleepingday dreaming Table 1 is the record of what students were doing during ten minute intervals The only time that data was not able to be collected was at 110 and that was due to the Table 1 Feb 15 1155 110310ck BehaviorTime 1200 1210 1220 1230 1240 1250 100 110 AtTask 17 14 14 10 17 17 16 NA Out 0fseat 1 2 1 1 NA Talking 2 5 4 6 1 2 2 NA S leepingDay dreaming 1 N A class being let out Table 1 shows the highest point during the class period 17 or 89 students were at Spring 2006 Dan Gilford s observation report task working and at the lowest point 10 or 53 were not attask The smallest amount of students talking not attask was 1 and the largest amount of students talking is 6 that is 32 of the class Sleepingday dreaming along with students out of their seats is not a big issue this class period This chart helped me realize that more students are attask than I would normally think in a classroom It also shows how long students attention spans are good for Looking at 1200 7 1220 the students were still fairly attentive and once they took a small break from paying attention at 1230 Most students got right back on track for the remanding class period after their break Seeing that the student took their own break would lead me to recommend that Ms Wenson give the students a short break instead of them taking their own when she is either trying to teach or when she needs them to be working A break will clear their minds let them get a drink of water get energized and ready to start back up The break will also give Ms Wenson a chance to get ready for the second half of class Selective Verbatim The selective verbatim observation is also from February 15 but this time it is the 115 7 235 block The purpose ofthis observation is to record questions Ms Wenson asked her students I was able to record 24 questions 10 questions directed to the class and 14 to individual students The majority of the questions are designed to facilitate more discussion about the subject in class Few of the questions are asked to get a feel of where the students are in their work A couple of the questions are off the wall and the remaining few are asked to get the class back on task when talking One of the questions Ms Wenson asked to keep discussion going was in response to a students comment about what they thought should be done with homeless people Ms Wenson responded with Do you think that will help the problem the question is a good question for a few reasons rst the student now has to explain their reasoning behind their thinking second Ms Wenson is not forcing on the student her opinion but instead is directing them to look at the situation from different angle I believe that Ms Wenson does a good job of asking a diverse arsenal of questions to direct her students Spring 2006 Dan Gilford s observation report in the direction she wants Student Movement Pattern The particulate movement pattern I have choose is one that I feel represents what I saw most days that I was in Ms Wenson s classroom The observation was taken February 8 during the 1 15 7 230 block period I have attached to this report a page labeled March 8 VHS movement chart The chart is a digital conversion of my original data The attached page shows the seating chart if a female or male sat in the desk it displays where the door teacher desk and pencil sharpener is as well it shows were the students sitting have moved about in the classroom In red I marked the movement arrows and student who was out of their seat the most times The chart shows that three students left the classroom at some point during the class period and one student left twice The chart also identifies that during this particular class session males were out of their seat 25 times more than the females Students moving around is a major distraction to their own education and to the education of the students who they are walking around disrupting Anecdotal Record Sadly my anecdotal records are not very extensive Most days I was not able spend much time with the students or I ended up stopping some of my data recoding so that I could get a chance to work with the students I did appreciate the time I did get to spend helping with the worksheets of students who are in special education and are in the classroom for their inclusion time I recoded two anecdotal records on March 63911 and 15th On march 15111 I helped Ms Wenson by recording her teach so that she can turn it into Dr Frauenkencht I though it was fun other than the fact my arm got tired form holding the camera for a good 45 minutes It was interesting to see the dynamics of the class change because the camera was on Students who usually act up made in effort not to cause a big fuss that Ms Wenson would get a good grade On the other hand Arron a student with learning disabilities had a hard time with the distraction of the camera he became an instant performer My march 15Lh anecdotal record is much like most the days I go in The the 115 7 230 block has a group Spring 2006 Dan Gilford s observation report of students who have learning disabilities I liked to take any time I could to sit with the para pro and help with their worksheets and just talk about general health topics like smoking and drinking I like working with kids that have learning disabilities it is the reason I originality went into health education I started health education as a minor because my major was special education and I knew many kids in special education had heath issues Recommendations VHS I spent most my hours at VHS with Ms Wenson39s class and I liked the fact that I was able to see someone who is only a few semester ahead of me at work in the classroom I though Ms Wenson did a good job being a intern especially with the way she handled inappropriate classroom language My recommendations to her is limit the amount of times students can leave the classroom I believe a lot of the trouble she was haVing was due to students leaVing the room multiple times My next recommendation is in some instances she needs either take a rmer grip on the students that are talking The students in her class are continually bombarded by distractions form a few students who talk most of the class period The talkers of the group take away large parts of the classes work time


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