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Geog Of Michigan

by: Dr. Cristopher Deckow

Geog Of Michigan GEOG 3110

Dr. Cristopher Deckow
GPA 3.64

Michael Gutowsky

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About this Document

Michael Gutowsky
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Cristopher Deckow on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 3110 at Western Michigan University taught by Michael Gutowsky in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/216839/geog-3110-western-michigan-university in Geography at Western Michigan University.


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Date Created: 09/30/15
Final Exam Review Sheet GEOG 3110 Fall 2010 Mr Gutowsky The upcoming Final Exam is worth 100 points or 20 of your grade You are responsible for all material assigned from the reading handouts and class sessions whether it was speci cally covered or not If you understand the terms and concepts from this review sheet you give yourself an excellent opportunity of scoring well on the Final Exam The Final Exam will include multiple choice trueandfalse short answer and fillintheblank responses The Final Exam may include but is not necessarily limited to the following terms concepts and people Who was the original chairman of the federal committee set up to divide and organize Michigan s land What was the purpose of this committee By what method was land described and allotted before 1785 What are longlots ribbon farms and where may they be found in Michigan How did the first surveyors of Michigan s land describe it How did these descriptions affect the settlement of Michigan Describe the meridian line Where does it begin and end What useful purpose does it serve What is the Geographers Line Where does this surveyed line begin and end What is a unique aspect of this line Township and its normal area Sections and how it relates to atypical Township Range Correction Lines Fractional Sections Charter townships where they are located and examples General Law townships where they are located and examples Combine townships where they are located and examples Describe the school sections and what the proceeds from the sale of its sections were used for What is the usual difference between Michigan lakes 2 25 acres and Michigan lakes S 25 acres How did Michigan develop over the 19Lh century that set itself up to become one of the great states for manufacturing in the US and the world in the 20Lh century What characteristics made Detroit such an ideal location to become a prime manufacturing center in the early 20Lh century What caused Flint s population to balloon from about 9000 in 1890 to over 150000 in 1930 From what country did the Dodge brothers get most of their labor in the early 20Lh century Who invented the moving assembly line at his automotive plant in Highland Park near Detroit in 1913 Where did this inventor s workers come from What did Henry Ford do with most of his massive pro ts What did Henry Ford do that was instrumental to America s victorious World War II effort How was this action important to Michigan When did manufacturing employment peak in Michigan How were Michigan s manufacturing workers geographically distributed at this time What were the reasons for the decentralization of manufacturing in Michigan beginning in the mid1950s How did this decentralization of manufacturing affect Michigan Why did manufacturing corporations move plants and employment from Detroit to the suburbs Describe the movement of manufacturing plants and jobs in the 1970s and 1980s In what county did manufacturing drop precipitously at the expense of neighboring suburban counties Compare the percentage rate of contraction of auto and auto parts employment in Michigan in the 1970s and 1980s to that of the Us as a whole Which entity actually lost more manufacturing j obs Describe the general trend of manufacturing and autorelated employment in Michigan from the 1980s to today Name four counties where private employment and population has more than doubled since 1969 Name two counties that have actually lost jobs since 1969 Which of those two counties has lost 23 of its population since 1970 What fraction of manufacturing jobs does Michigan have now compared to manufacturing s heyday in 1953 Where has much of this factory work gone to Name four other major manufacturing industries in Michigan aside from Transportation Equipment and its primary counties of operation Which developed faster from 19702000 the amount of developed land in Michigan or its population By how many times What percentage of Michiganders live in the suburbs of some of Michigan s largest cities What financial staple left with the businesses and people from Detroit to the suburbs beginning in the 1960s What city has the lowest median middle income among the largest Michigan cities What county did Genesee County Flint residents ock to for their jobs beginning in the 1990s Describe the environmental costs of lowdensity suburbanization in Michigan What percentage less land would have been used for recent new developments if they had been created at the 1990 average of 115 housing unitshectare Describe the economic costs of lowdensity suburbanization in Michigan Describe the social costs of lowdensity suburbanization in Michigan What type of economy are America s largest cities best suited for today What organization is trying to improve the economic competitiveness of metro Detroit What has New York and Boston received that Detroit generally has not over the last 25 years to make a successful transition from a manufacturing to a hightech specialized service economy What are the characteristics of metro areas with weak urban centers like metro Detroit What development was closely linked to strong investment in the auto industry in Detroit in the rst half of the 201h century What were the reasons for this development What year did Detroit reach its peak population Describe the spatial mismatch with Detroit and its suburbs in terms of their respective populations racial makeup and income disparity What are the outcomes or results of this spatial mismatch Describes the characteristics of Michigan s population in the northern part of the state Up North and southeastern Michigan What are its differences What two decadal time periods has Michigan s population grown faster than that of America in general From 19952000 what Sunbelt state did Michigan lose more of its population to In what age range does Michigan s population pyramid indicate a bulge Is Michigan s population getting younger or older Is this trend likely to help or hinder Michigan s economy in the coming years What county s median age of over 47 years has earned it the label of Michigan s Retirement County Which area has younger residents southern Michigan or Up North Where are blacks and minority populations concentrated in Michigan Where and with whom do we see exceptions to this development What city has the highest proportion of Arab population of any city in the nation Why did this ethnic group originally come in the 1920s Why do they continue to come to this day What regions of Michigan have predominantly older homes What region of Michigan has an unusually large concentration of mobile homes What is the 2quotd largest industry in Michigan behind manufacturing Is this industry growing or declining What region of the country Midwest Northeast Northwest Southeast or Southwest do almost half of Michigan s visitors come from What state makes more trips in Michigan than any other Which county gets the most visitors Name Michigan s three national parks Which one gets over 70 of the visitors Name Michigan s three national forests Name Michigan s three national wildlife refuges Fact Michigan has the largest state forest system in the US What are two kinds of tourism have gained traction in Michigan since the 1990s and promise to contribute to the state s economic prosperity moving forward Name a public event that you like to attend or participate in Michigan What is the 3rd largest industry in Michigan behind manufacturing and tourism What part of Michigan produces most of our field crops What are the reasons for that What are the four categories of field crops Give examples from each category What crops take up the most land area in Michigan What kinds of products is com grain used for What wheat type and class is almost all of Michigan s wheat made up of When is this wheat harvested What type of products is the starch from wheat used for In contrast to most Michigan crops what regions of Michigan produce the most barley What consumer products use barley In what regions of Michigan is the production of dry beans concentrated Where does Michigan rank in the nation with its production of black navy small red light red kidney and cranberry beans In what regions of Michigan is the production of sugar beets concentrated What is the only eld crop not sold on the open market Describe the arrangement between the growers and the Michigan Sugar Company regarding this eld crop Where are potatoes grown in Michigan What action is always done with potatoes in Michigan What are the bene ts of this action when timed with computers What is the end product of most of Michigan s potatoes What two counties raise the most pork What product comprises about 23 1 billion of the total eld crop industry in Michigan How is 90 of Michigan s milk and dairy products distributed Has the amount of Michigan s land for vegetables increased or decreased since 1985 Give reasons for the location of Michigan s vegetable production in the western and southeastern LP Where are almost all of Michigan s sweet corn onions and radishes sold Do these vegetable come from larger or smaller farms What are several actions farmers take to maximize the yield of their vegetable crops What is plasticulture Name vegetable types that may be handharvested multiple times annually What is Michigan s rank among the states in the production of pickled cucumbers Fresh carrots and celery What vegetable grown in Michigan may be stored in bulk and sold through the winter What fruit crops are Michigan tops in the nation in production What do the four counties with the most fruit acreage Van Buren Berrien Leelanau and Oceana have in common geographically Who was the rst person to of cially document Michigan s fruit belt In what year was his work published and presentation made to the state Horticultural Society Describe Michigan s fruit belt geographically Is the production of this fruit belt uniform What factors affect fruit growth What temperature characteristics are farmers wary of regarding their fruit crops Why does Michigan s precipitation lend itself to bountiful and varied fruit growth How does snowfall especially a long and deep season prepare fruit to grow the following spring In what ways does Michigan s lake effect help fruit grth along the fruit belt How does topography affect Michigan s fruit growth Where are the ridges that facilitate the idea of cold air drainage the best What soil type is best for fruit growth What can farmers do with their fruit trees in the winter to promote a healthy crop the following season What are the reasons for the relatively inland location of Kent County producing the most apples in Michigan What are the reasons for the northern location of Leelanau and Grand Traverse Counties growing the most cherries in Michigan both tart and sweet Name the general weather and climate hazards to fruit growth


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