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by: Destin Paucek
Destin Paucek
GPA 3.99

James Butterfield

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About this Document

James Butterfield
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Destin Paucek on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSCI 3440 at Western Michigan University taught by James Butterfield in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/216854/psci-3440-western-michigan-university in Political Science at Western Michigan University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
Russian and Central Asian Politics Announcements 0 First writing assignment due Saturday midnight TIp pay attention to all instructions 0 No quiz on Tuesday movie Finishing Political Parties i m u EU TL mm Just Fair Russia formerly Rodina 77 POM nsncuaNEPN mum Motherland Pensioners Life Sergei Mironov Seat Allocation in the Duma Where are the liberals Union of Right Forces SPS can I39lllllll Yablokp Where are the liberals 0 Under the 7 threshold 0 Weakening performance throughout ninetis in elections defeat in 2003 amp 2007 elections 0 No social basis of support for liberal policies Consider Liberal Public Opinion 78 considered humarl rlghts and democratic freedoms39 to be verv important 40 agreed tnat competition among parties makes Russla39s svstem stronger 66 agreed tnat competition among rms makes socletv stronger 39 agreed tnat it is rlormal39 for an owner to get ricn from em lovees39 labour 50 preferred market reforms it less palrlful ones to a socialist svstem 1999 Where are the liberals 0 Association with quotcrony capitalismquot o Factional infighting 0 Failure to unite behind common presidential candidate to build party organizations 0 Charges of quotintellectualismquot o In sum selfdestruction E E a How to Weaken a Party System 1 Reduce the number of parties through rstrictive registration laws 2 Increase the threshold for parliamentary reprsentation Sn 97 eleven parties qualified to contest four got Sal How to Weaken a Party System 3 Use controlinfluence over media to advanta e Restrict accss of opposition parties Portray favored party positively and often in the new Portray opposition parties rarely and negatively in the news 4 Challenge registration of opposition party candidat How to Weaken a Party System 5 Play favorit 2005 or join a party 2007 Prior to 2007 Russian presidenls had no party affiliation quotabove politi quot 2007 Putin joined United Russia Results 0 Fewer parties fewer opposition partiE minant position for parties supportive of the pr ident o A pliant duma The Future 0 A stable functioning party system is essential to a consolidated democracy 0 As long as presidential politics remain highly personalized parties will remain weak Ok Enough about political structur e Reform Economic Transition 0 The other half of the quotdual transitionquot democratization and marketization Unpacking Marketization Dismantling Stalinism and building the Institutions or a rket economy Economic Parameters of Stalinism 0 Central planning 0 Sociallyowned property in effect stateowned o Collectivized agriculture 0 Controlled prices and wages o No financial markets banks owned by the state 0 Many state monopolies Destalinizing and Marketizing Simultaneous Tasks o Privatization o Demonopolization o Decollectivization 0 Price and wage liberalization 0 Building financial institutions banks financial markets Privatization o Businesses and property gain private wners o Mechanisms vouchers for investment share distribution programs often to wor ers public tenders Key Issues re Privatization o How fast Shock therapy get the pain over as soon as possible 0 Who got assets first workers but then the wealthy and powerful o How much maldistribution of property sharp increase in income inequality o What happens to workers in overstaffed settings either layoffs or massive underemployment and very low wages Post Privatization Support 0 Do new owners know how to manage If employeeowned how are managers chosen 0 Do new owners have access to credit Demonopolization 0 National monopolies for many products Stalinist practice of building one or two factories for each product 0 Localized monopolies eg meat packing dairy production grain procurement 0 Russia set up antimonopoly agencies throughout the country but they were statutorily weak Decollectivization o Privatization of both farms and land 0 Equity vs efficiency equity 9 very small farms 0 Farming is risky what if rural population is riskaverse probably less than 10 of the rural population disposed toward private farming Postprivatization support credit appropriate technology business skills et Price and Wage Liberalization 0 Allow market to determine prices and wages In communist period most were kept artificially low 0 Immediate response to liberalization rapid rise 9 inflation 2600 in Russia in c When wages don t keep up 9 rapid growth in poverty Russian Inflation 19921997 l99l l992 l993 l994 l995 l9 l997 price liberolizolion Jon l l992 Skipped material to be covered next ti Continue9 Russian Wealth 0 100 billionaires 0 Total wealth 522 billion 0 More billionaires in Moscow than in New York A traditional ac a weekend and house 4 A dacha for the wealthy Conspicuous Consumption The Millionaire s Fair Moscow Diamond encrusted cell p one 1 million Bugatti Veyron quotSupercarquot 14 million A personal sportcopter A short video from the organizers of the Moscow Millionaire39s Fair httpmillionairfairruengvideo Public Reaction 0 Conspicuous consumption distasteful 0 Nostalgia for relative equity in distribution 0 Reminder of quotillgotten gainsquot of the 905 0 Contrast with beggars in the streets and subway stations


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