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Systems Prog Concpts

by: Lisette Hodkiewicz

Systems Prog Concpts CS 2240

Lisette Hodkiewicz
GPA 3.83

Robert Trenary

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About this Document

Robert Trenary
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lisette Hodkiewicz on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 2240 at Western Michigan University taught by Robert Trenary in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 68 views. For similar materials see /class/216874/cs-2240-western-michigan-university in ComputerScienence at Western Michigan University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
C8224 Spring 20088 Source Style Guidelines DRAFT This is only a draft version ofthis document Over time it will be expanded and revised Introduction and Rationale The purpose of this document is to provide a short guideline for the stylistic aspects of c It outlines what I consider to be good programming style as such it is a guideline for how to write good code code that will be graded favorably I try to make these guidelines as general as possible I do not want to force you to follow my style for writing code rather I want you to follow your own style provided that your style is consistent and follows basic rules about what is good code and what isn t Some of these guidelines are concerned with solely syntactical matters comments laying out code etc These obviously do not affect how your program runs but rather affect how it appears to a human reader of the code Other guidelines do involve the flow of execution It is important to remember that when writing code in a job you can expect many programmers to modify your code after you have finished with it fixing bugs extending it etc Their job will be made easier if you write better code And you can also expect your employers to have their own ideas about what constitutes good code probably in more strict terms than what you see here You should view your code as a paper written for a literature course Your program working correctly is analogous to a paper that gets its idea across and has good ideas But you would never consider turning in a paper with poor grammer spelling mistakes and unclear and wandering prose Similarly you should not turn in a programming assignment with code that is unclear The code should be formatted indented and commented correctly Variables and functions should have their names chosen with care And the overall design ofthe code should be logical and modular Code Formatting Code formatting involves the general appearance of the code white space indenting etc Guidelines Code should have a consistent indentation Generally subblocks of code bodies of if statements for loops etc should be indented some fixed number of columns from the higher level block While you are free to choose the details number of characters to indent placement of braces etc you should aim for a consistent look across all your code mments should be indented to the same depth as the code they explain When printing out your code make sure that lines do not get truncated at the right side ofthe paper Generally I find it easier to pick a maximum line length based on the paper on which I will be printing and my computereditor combination and then rigorously chop off all lines of code before that length is reached The remaining portion ofthat line of code should then appear as the next line ofthe source file properly indented Commenting This section contains guidelines for the proper placement and content of comments There are some fairly explicit guidelines for including comments read and follow them carefully as they are the basis for some of the grading for the assignments Guidelines Each source file and header file in your assignment should have a block comment at the top This comment should identify the source file by name provide a brief description of the contents of the source file possibly identify the project for which the source file was written eg the assignment for which the assignment was written the author and the creation date recommend creating a template of this block comment and then copy it into each new source file you create and then fill in the blanks Note to Emacs users C x iwill insert a file into the current buffer or use C x C f to load the template file and then Cx C w to save it under a new name Or explore the filenotfoundhook for automatic insertion of text by file name into a buffer when a new file is not found Each function and macro should have a comment at the top This comment should explain what the function does It should also identify and explain each parameter including whether the parameter is an IN and OUT or an lNOUT parameter Any unusual preconditions or sideeffects of the function should be explained In general comments should explain the code not echo what the code does If you find yourself writing a line of comments for each line of code your comments are probably just repeating the code


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