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World Civilization I Week Seven Notes

by: Caspar Snyder

World Civilization I Week Seven Notes 17189

Marketplace > University at Buffalo > University Studies > 17189 > World Civilization I Week Seven Notes
Caspar Snyder
GPA 3.8
World Civilization I
Timothy Boyd

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About this Document

This week we finish up talking about the Roman Empire and start discussing China.
World Civilization I
Timothy Boyd
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Caspar Snyder on Friday October 10, 2014. The Class Notes belongs to 17189 at University at Buffalo taught by Timothy Boyd in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 77 views. For similar materials see World Civilization I in University Studies at University at Buffalo.


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Date Created: 10/10/14
World Civilization I Week Seven Notes Rome pt II The empire strikes back and then it falls at Rome went from a Village to a monarchy to a republic 0 Republic had a hatred of monarchs Cincinnatus 0 Given the imperium as dictator o The right to punish and execute people I Noted by fasces 0 Was a farmer helped the people and the went back to farming o The ideal dictator From a citizen army Rome becomes a professional army 0 Where will the loyalty lie 0 Not a Roman citizen I Attached to the people who pay you In 88 BCE Sulla uses his army to take over the government 0 88 79 BCE 0 A noble man and a general 0 Power is back I Only for twenty years 59 54 BCE The 15 Triumvirate 0 Three man rule 0 Julius Caesar I Southern part of France 0 Marcus Crassus I He s the money I Beheaded by enemies o Gnaius Pompeius I Also known as Pompey I Dealt with the Mediterranean 49 45 BCE Civil War Pompey representing the Senate Versus Caesar representing himself 0 Pompey loses ees to Egypt and is beheaded Julius Caesar dictator for life 44 BCE 0 Not a Very long life o Murdered by lieutenants I Et tu Brute New Civil War 43 really to 30 BCE 2nd Triumvirate 0 Marcus Antonius o Left out of it 0 M Aemilius Lepidus 0 Octovianus 0 Great nephew to Julius Caesar I His heir Conspirators are all dead 0 Those who killed Caesar Not it s down to M Antonius versus Octavion 0 M Antonius gets the east 0 Octavion gets the west Last round of civil wars ends in 30 BCE with M Antonius and Cleopatra s death 0 Commit suicide 0 Octavion now owns the Mediterranean o Pretty much the world 0 Calls himself Princeps 0 Speaker of the senate 27 BCE Senate gives him the title Augustus 0 A religious title Succession a huge problem Tiberius Augustus adopted son Augustus rules from 30 BCE 14 AD Rome s rulers split between good emperors and bad emperors Good 0 Put the state before self and family Bad 0 Put themselves and family before state 0 Usually murdered causing civil War Tiberius 14 37 AD Abolishes the republic 0 Good to bad emperor Adopts Caligula 0 Rules 37 41 AD 0 Bad emperor o Murdered by head of the personal guard Claudius 41 54 AD 0 Good emperor Assimilation 0 To same ify o Incorporated their culture into every culture I Especially language 0 Built bridges I Stone 0 Army I Across Roman road I Intensely organized 0 Army camps were all identical 0 Turned into towns I Mini Rome 0 The theatre I From Greeks 0 Blood sports I Gladiators 0 Race track 0 Bath houses I Social baths I Clubs I Markets 0 Aqueducts I Needed Water 54 68 AD Nero Bad Mother controlled his actions Forced into suicide 68 69 Civil War 69 96 Vespasion and Sons Good Stability gets Wobbly Murdered 96 181 The Five Good Emperors Nerva Trajan 0 Both Spaniards Hadrion Antonius Pius Marcus Aurelius Put the empire before themselves All adopted 0 All adopt successors 181 192 Commodus Thought he was Hercules Murdered 192 193 Civil War 193 218 The Severons Septimus and his son Cara Calla 0 Murdered 0 Good emperors tend not to be murdered 218 235 AD Syrians Elagabalus 0 BAD 0 Tried to move the center of Rome Alexander 0 Good 0 Murdered 235 284 Twenty Two Emperors Emperors ALL OVER Complete breakup 284 305 Diocletion Saves empire 0 Then divides it into four 0 Believed it was too big 0 West I An Augustus I A Caesar 0 Successor I An Augustus I ACaesar 0 Successor Retires 305 315 Civil War Constantine I Moves capital eastwards to Byzantium 0 Nova Roma 0 Constantinople I City of Constantine Recap Rome begins as a farming settlement 9 becomes Etruscan monarch 9 becomes republic 9 goes through civil war 9 becomes monarch 9 loses centrality to provinces and eventual importance 0 As capital 0 As the empire looks eastward Early China Begins 0 1 With its own Neolithic farmers 0 Trend always potential invaders from the north I But China develops originally internally 0 2 In two river valleys 0 Yellow I North I Loose yellowbrown soil 0 Yangtze I South 1500 1000 BCE Zhang Dynasty Typical social structure 0 KingsPriests 0 NoblesWarriors 0 Commoners 0 Slaves These become Bronze Age people 0 But bronze is reserved for ceremonial purposes 0 Possible human sacrifice Literate but as always Very limited 0 Records 0 Religious purposes 0 Talkinglistening to the gods I Reading cracks in heated bones Mandate of heaven Divine approval of the King s rule c 1000 BCE A subject King of Zhang He was the King of Zhou Had lost the mandate c 1000 220 BCE Zhou Dynasty Rebuild the Zhang world 0 Infrastructure 0 Roadsbridgescanals 0 Professional army with camps 0 Some will become cities Clamping down on ruling nobles 0 Provinces given out by contract 0 Nobles get land for swearing loyalty Always worries about 0 1 Internal control 0 You really can t trust anybody the bigger you get 0 2 Invaders from the north 0 Always have to be fought off Began to practice for everything 0 Chariots 0 Two warriors could fit inside and fire arrows as it was driven Used Bronze for everything 0 And later used iron During the later Zhou place began to come apart Era of warring states 400 220 BCE Origins of two forms of philosophy 0 Developed in 6th century BCE o Confucianism o Taoism Confucianism Confucius 6th c BCE 0 Minor bureaucrat 0 Wrote nothing down himself 0 Disciples Wrote down Analects Confucianism hierarchies 0 Complex social structures 0 With mutual obligations at all levels Gods ancestors 6 9 King 69 Nobles 6 9 Father 6 Family 0 Very rigid system 0 But very useful I Within a growing official bureaucracy The opposite of Confucianism Taoism Tao the paththe way No hierarchy 0 The individual center Legalism Created by Renegade Confucianists 0 Everything goes to the King 0 Only hope of stability I Says the King can produce stability 220 BCE Ch in Shi Huang Ti Ti emperor Minor king of Ch in Qin Overthrows last of Zhou Founds a very short dynasty 0 About twenty years Known as the first emperor Organized the Great Wall 0 To stop the Huns from invading 0 Made of many things 0 Stone mud brick compressed dirt etc Standardized 0 A Writing 0 B coinage C Weights and measures D Width of roads Lengthened his life by taking certain drugs 0 Contained heavy metals Left an amazing legacy 0 His army


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