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Digital Photography

by: Wilton Paucek

Digital Photography EDT 5500

Wilton Paucek
GPA 3.71


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About this Document

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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Wilton Paucek on Wednesday September 30, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDT 5500 at Western Michigan University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/216904/edt-5500-western-michigan-university in Education, Science at Western Michigan University.

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Date Created: 09/30/15
Rebecca Allen r39allenremc11k12milus EDT 5500 Summer Video Podcast Worksheet June 18 2007 Video Podcast Worksheet Topic of Podcast Educational Target Audience 7th grade science students Objectives 0 Students will learn the eleven parts that make up a microscope 0 Students will learn what each part of the microscope does 0 Students will learn where each part ofthe microscope is located Podcast Timeline 2 minutes 25 seconds The nose piece is a rotating part of the microscope at the bottom of the body tube It holds the objectives Point amp Script Approx Time ll 39 J f39l M33 if Parts ofa microscope Microscopes come in many sizes and 000012 shapes But no matter the size or shape they all have eleven major parts The eye piece is the part ofthe microscope that you look through 012023 In order to see your speCImen Most microscopes multIple the specimen by ten or fteen times the size ll 16 023030 Typically there are three or four objectives on each microscope Most times they always have a four ten forty and one hundred times power The shortest lens has the lowest power While the longest lens has the greatest power These lenses are color coded The high power objective lenses are usually retractable This means that if it hits the slide the end of the lens will push in preventing the lens for being scratched and the slide from cracking 01301 00 W A w The arm is the part ofthe microscope that you use to carry it It connects the tube to the base 100106 There are two types of adjustment knobs The rst is called the coarse adjustment knob That is for the major focusing of the specimen The ne adjustment knob is the smaller one It is used to ne tune the focus of your specimen 106120 The next two parts work together The stage is a large flat platform where you place your slides The stage clips are the shiny clips on top of the stage that hold your slide in place 121 1 33 Many microscopes have a rotating disk under the stage This is called the iris It has different size wholes to control that amount of light projected upward into the slide 133145 W The light comes from the illuminator which is a stead light source used in place ofa mirror 145150 Last but not least is the base The base is used to support the 1501 55 microscope and keep it up right tow Okay How much do you remember about the microscope Try 156225 to come up with the name of each part ofthe microscope for the letters that are labeled on the picture


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